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  1. Hi there shock length I can't remember, these are the original TA01-02 shocks, extended to the max. What you can do to "estimate" how long they are is to measure them on the picture, then measure on the same pic a part that you can physically measure at home, do a bit of trigonometry to cover for the shock angle, and voila, with a calculator you're done! Sorry but don't have my car anymore, so can't measure for you Paul
  2. TT01 rallye is a viable option... proof here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46261 Paul
  3. nicely detailed cars there, mate - great job! (time to shorten these ugly body posts now ) Paul
  4. CAR NOW SOLD - ON ANOTHER FORUM! Guys, not to be rigid, but the least I expect when pix are posted at a member's request is an answer from the latter about whether he/she is interested... Paul
  5. Welcome to the club May I step in and give a perspective here before this gets out of hand... I have a trick for you to try - take an IC motor, and instead of running 25% nitro fuel, try 50% - "look ma, almost double the rev!!!" Seriously - cranking the timing up on a fixed timing motor is indeed a extremely classic way to get more revs, but one should conside the following: - you gain rpm but typically at the expense of torque - you'd be better leaving the timing where it is at gear up instead - MOTOR WEAR increases exponentially - that means both your brushes and your comm will be shot waaaaay sooner - heat will kill the magnets sooner, etc... Keep in mind these motors have fixed timing for a reason - so that people can't tamper with them (initially for "stock" races, today for the recreational hobbyist). If you need to time them higher, buy a hotter motor. Typically what I do with some of my fixed timing motors is timing them DOWN for recreational use as I know they will only loose a bit of power but will retain their shape much much longer between rebuilds (unless Darcy swallows water - private joke). Other readers - Try the above described, decade-old trick at your own (and your motor's) risk. Paul (oh yeah I have another one like that - make that 2L turbo impreza blower crank out 2psi instead of 1 - 50bhp more, just like that, hehe)
  6. Hi guys thanks for the interest - the track is the MBLR near lausanne in switzerland... it's an 8th scale track but as you can see a well-prepped TT01 can cope (although I have to admit that not all landings are as nice as this one The body is a bit battered and has been stitched with quite a bit of duct tape, but is perfectly fine for a runner. The thing is, the lexan is so thin that the first hit crackles it anyway! Internals' pics as asked. Please lmk if interested. Check the raised ride height - no standard TT01 can do this
  7. hi there thanks for the interest - let me snap a few pics and post them here - give me a couple of days please thanks! Paul
  8. usable on anything you can think of, buddy - people who've tried it say they're fantastic in sand dunes too... and tracks are solid as a rock. the chain will jump of the sprocket way before the track risks anything. It's a blast, I'm telling ya! Paul
  9. I've already heard about rtr blizz's but I have to say I never saw one offered at a shop... then again it's assembled in the box already, except the electronics and the body that remains to be painted and to receive the lil' add-ons like lights, rails and such... Ditch the mechanical 3-step speedo and slap an ESC in there. Racing them? The thing is, they can ride over pretty much anything and climb any steep slope, but they have a tendency to turn on a dime or not turn at all... it takes a lot of fiddling with the braking linkages (which actually control the steering) to get them to turn right, ie with a radius you can control with a radio... you can ride two together nonetheless, just don't expect these nice plastic rails on the DF300 version flatbeds to remain there long haha! It's an awesome toy though... puts a massive grin on my face the rare times I pull it out! highly recommended Paul
  10. Forget about anything on wheels... think trax instead!!! Blizzard in the snow is incredible, not only does it look absolutely fantastic, but it also runs everywhere, where even the most harcore rock crawlers can't survive as they dig in the snow while the Blizz' floats on it... Here's a pic of mine - for info, it's about 3degC here and it rains like crazy, which means I could be taking the Blizz out of its summer break sooner than expected, woo-hoo!!! Paul
  11. er... it's a 2wd pancar with a low-downforce body... what else to expect? Yes one has to feather the throttle, but that's what makes driving it interesting! Paul
  12. Hi there That's the beauty of the fine prints... you can't say you haven't been warned even though the outcome sometimes is very unfair :/ When I lived in the US, I used to order from Tower all the time, as their online shopping system was (and still is) second to none, stock availability wa/i-s amazing, and customer-service was incredible (I once ordered three P2K Pro's from them, when I got them I didn't like the numbers on the labels (rpm/torque), I sent them back, and they sent me three ones back with the most freaking incredible numbers I have EVER seen on a 27T... which means they sent a guy to the warehouse sorting through probably hundreds of motors to handpick the best he could find, and boy they were incredible at the track...). Plus at the time they still carried Kyosho, a lot of yokomo stuff, and even niche US racing brands like race-prep, racetech, and the likess. I then moved to Europe... it started going downhill from there. Ridiculously high shipping prices, RRP listed on the invoices (yes it's legal, but c'mon), wrong orders, shipment delays, and so on so forth. I gave up ordering from them after a while... I think their business model is geared towards being best-in-class in the US, and squeezing the overseas consumer. Remember that 10yrs ago, when the commercial internet hadn't reached the point we know today, if you lived in Europe, there were more or less only two regions in the world you could order RC gear from, Europe, or the US, with a massive price difference... so European consumers were still way more than happy to leave a bit more money than optimal with Tower, compared to sourcing locally. I think TH hasn't understood that the european customer now has the choice to order from Asia, which offers even lower prices, and above all, MUCH better service levels. And TH being the behemoth than it is, ie naturally resistant to change and risk, its natural reaction to recover from the loss of business from its european consumers base is to try to squeeze the loyal ones even harder. It's a shame, really. However, If I ever go back to the US to live there, I will order from them again though, little doubt about that. Paul
  13. Guys Ezrun is "just" a motor/esc brand... any equivalent product would be just as good, it just happens that these are cheaper than most of the others. And by "equivalent" I mean brushed motors too. I have the 35A/9T combo and I'm perfectly happy with it, don't get me wrong, but it's just "a" motor/contro combination. Btw mine is slapped on a Losi XXX that I run on a proper track. Plenty fast for me, but then again not much different from a good "mild modified" brushed motor. If the car bottoms out on acceleration you need to use thicker oil and springs in the rear (ideally you'd need smaller holes in the pistons too to control pack but afaik this gen of CVA shocks wasn't using this possibility in the piston choices). Paul
  14. Taking offers... it's a one-of-a-kind car, talk about realism!!! Paul
  15. Man if Tamiya had decided not to re-release anything due to poor handling characteristics, I think we would have zero reissues today, barring maybe the MantaRay-based cars! I too lean towards the financial unatractiveness of releasing the SRB's as being the main reason for their never-to-happen reissue in the form that so many of you (I purposedly say "you" as I personnally am completely hermetic to the renowned charm of that ill-handling metal brick) absolutely adore. I just hope they don't rere the MB as suddenly I would look at my own three with a lot less emotion in the eye! VW group, please don't give the baja beetle license back to tamiya, thank you!!! :D Paul
  16. Paul, the CR01-bashing-police is pretty active on this board as you can see Paul
  17. Roby I didn't know you were the mastermind behind this... I'll look at it more closely from now on Paul
  18. Hi guys Rallye TT01 for sale... a bit of a special one this one - TL-01 transmission metal parts to allow more ground clearance without binding these cheapo plastic axles --- Diff gears to allow the ... --- ... mounting of splined diff outdrives --- Dogbones --- wheel axles - Cut bumpers to allow even more ground clearance - Full ball bearings - Aluminium prop shaft - tamiya - Aluminium motor mount - tamiya or GPM, honestly can't remember :/ - Proper kimbro-style competition-level servo saver - Modified steering with proper steering links, either counterthreaded or made from threaded rod, with real balljoints, etc... - Tamiya aluminium shocks (the purple ones) - Rallye block tires on lancia rims - will give the stock tires too, new unused. - and then some I'm prolly forgetting The car was run about 10 runs at most, but the lancia integrale body is battered due to the thinness of that lexan marvel. Will come in the lot, it's usable but the wing is gone (in the package too) and it has many cracks. Great rally adaptation - carefully executed by experienced modeller (me ) would like to get GBP70 shipped. Selling because no interest to rally anymore vs. other projects. Thanks, Paul Pix
  19. oh well... never mind! Please post pics in your showroom so I can drool over it!!! Paul
  20. the beauty of the durga and its HUGE advantage over the 501X is that its transmission is fully enclosed. Will be just as durable as a DF03 from the beginning, and even more once you fit the additional slipper on. Paul
  21. interested for a trade vs. NiB 58206 (golf V5 FF02)? Thanks! Paul
  22. backing out, no remorse the shipping rules changed in the meantime... oh well. thanks, Paul
  23. Make sure you pick the proper ones - Tamiya uses metric pitch for the TA05 spurs as opposed to "standard" pitch. Tell your LHS. if they look at you with wide open eyes, change LHS Paul
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