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  1. Ok I’ll order one. thank you
  2. Cool any idea how many turns the avante motor is?
  3. Been out of this for awhile. Just built an avante reissue. I want it to go faster. What’s a good brushed motor to upgrade it? thanks
  4. Hi Everyone, Been building my Avante Re and loving it. I some how lost some shims. If you know the car I lost BT3 x 10 and BT4 x 4. No idea how I lost them but I am in the process of building the shocks and need BT4. Any idea where I can get these? Thanks
  5. So my controller came. Wow the antenna is so short on the receiver. Is that the norm now?
  6. I ordered the 3PRKA, a 3003 servo and the 1060 speed control. Now I just need a battery and charger... and paint
  7. Thanks for the advice. I’ll go for the 3PRKA. I figure if I get a couple more cars I’ll want to be able to use them at the same time. This is a good start.
  8. Yeah I was planning to get a futaba just because it's what I'm used to. I also saw there is one model down from the 3PV which is the 3PRKA. So it just depends if the 3PV is worth the extra cash.
  9. Am I missing something, the DX5R seems to be double the price of the futaba.
  10. I’ll look at the spektrum. I don’t need to break the bank on this.
  11. Thanks I was going to get the quicrun so not sure it can do that. Planning to get the futaba 3pv. They make two models (different receivers). Any idea what the difference is? I want to order today as eBay has a 15% coupon.
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