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  1. I fried the caps on my lathe so not much progress. The rear tower and shocks are going for sure. I had some chewed up drive gears so I turned them down into a custom belt drive. Just messing around with rare Scorcher parts, that should tick off a few guys.... Here's some mockup pics.
  2. Thanks for the compliments everyone. @ OldSchoolRunner Its a runner and will be thoroughly tested.
  3. I finally found a little shop time for the front suspension. The gold anodized aluminum tube is aircraft quality and nearly 2mm larger then stock. The triangular bracing is steel that will be chemically gun blued. Total weight for whats below is 2.14 oz. Next will be the arms with a larger diameter rod and bearings. Shocks are nearly done and use the same gold anodized tubing but Im not sure Ill keep them yet. More soon.
  4. The 6mm x 0.5 sounds about right to me. I have thread gauges and came up with the same but wanted confirmation before ordering a tap. Ill post pic's in my stripped down SRB thread. Thanks everyone.
  5. Sorry to bump. I recently found some gold anodized 6mm aluminum tubes at a yard sale with the same unthreaded ID as the original shocks. I can turn the o-ring stop on the lathe but I suck at turning threads so I was hoping someone here knew the exact size and Ill just order the tap. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
  6. Does anyone know the factory thread size used on SRB shock bodies? Thanks...
  7. Its an old school mod we did back in the 80's. Never had one break on me but maybe I wasn't racing hard enough. Besides this build is more play then race.
  8. Sure but for some reason I cant upload the images. All are optimized jpg with small file size but I keep getting an error message. Ill try again tomorrow.
  9. The goal is to build an old school full race SRB from old parts and up-sourced materials keeping the build cost to an absolute minimum. Lets start...... Below you'll find a new re-re gearbox with stock gears that tips the scales at 7.59 oz and next to it my reworked gearbox complete with suspension, u-joints and torsion bars at only 1.17 oz more. Large photo HERE
  10. Wow, I thought they only made static models. Thanks, Gozone...
  11. Anyone here know what car/truck these fit? How made them and when? The sidewall reads, "Blizzard.7 H45-16-8p . Thanks...
  12. Thanks djmcnz thats exactly what I need. Ill start another thread as the build progresses.
  13. Im working on a new build and I need the stock measurements on the Scorcher fiberglass chassis. Since I'll be making a custom chassis its silly to buy a stock one just for a few measurement. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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