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  1. inot carry this thread on but my point as been made just beware
  2. proof of sending money easy paypal 10 or more emails to him 2 replys then nothing back from him payment sent nearly two weeks ago as for proof of postage i cant get that as he doesnt reply so no im in the process of fileing a disbute with ebay maybe he will reply to them if not its off to the small claims court maybe that will get this sorted out
  3. well he wants to send it then as hes had my money and not sent the truck
  4. heres the proof [ebay link removed - just a completed auction] now check is show room he boughtit off twinset then sold it on ebay to me
  5. guys watch out if you buy anything from forum member ****** as this guy cant be trusted as far as i could spit and thats not very far you have been warned guys ****** now weres my tlt ****** im still waiting
  6. pm sent m8 i await ur reply
  7. does any one know were to get a new one from in the uk or know of one fore sale modded or stock
  8. come on guys some one must have one
  9. tamiya tlt wanted roller or rtr must be cheap or may part ex brushless mini inferno with hop ups fitted plus standered parts as spares
  10. iv got here my old vintage tamiya astute buggy it is crying out to be restored back to it/s forma glorry iv tested the electronics and they all work as they should all the buggy needs to get back running is a drive shaft and about 6 missing screws and a body it even comes with the old style period charger i did test the car with a tempry made drive shaft and all was well the diff still feels like new with that all out the way may i say this car is listed eles were with a buy it now price of £40 so i may with draw at any time without prior notice p.s i seen one go just to day at over £40 so this is a bargain so dont miss out if you need any more info or pictures plz just ask as i dont bite paulfoster0@hotmail.com it/s also listed on ebay item number 230100340849
  11. make it 14 and u got a deal as postage is hight as they go on the weight of the parcel
  12. yes mate there sanyo 1700mah n_scrc 6 cell packs packs i have 2 in total wich could be made into 3 packs open 2 offers on them as i have no use 4 them now
  13. got some old 6 cell packs that could be made up into 4 cell pack still have good punch it just i run better packs now due 2 useing brushless
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