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  1. Thanks to each of you for the response. Thinking its an old school truck, my latest thought is old school twin stick radio - but changing wire leads to work with old connectors, etc, pain.... I don't have any of the 2.4G setups, so I'm only familiar with the old (FM?) style and crystals. The latest radio I bought was a Futaba pistol and was amazed at how small the receivers are now - I know I've been out a while. I'm here in the US and have been shopping Tower Hobbies for units. Would like to be lazy and just get something out of the box and put in. Hmm.
  2. Looking for suggestions for simple 3 channel to install in a Bruiser rebuild. I have an ancient 4 channel, and am thinking a simple FM unit like the Futaba 3PM-FM deal. My question is, how do you "normally" control the gear shifting servo in a pistol style transmitter? Maybe a dumb question, but figured I would ask before plunking down money for a radio that won't work.
  3. Sounds good - thanks for the info. I'm thinking of just an aluminum solid rod, drill for through hole and then set screw/ball stud. I was wondering if the arm reaching over to the other post was a stablizer of sorts - like if the gears were likely to jam if the shift rod gets cocked. I'll see what I can come up with - thanks. I found one for $18, but time can be cheaper than dollars (at least in my mind). Thanks
  4. Just picked up a project truck - Bruiser. Looking to re-activate the 3 spd selector - but need the arm - set screw on one hole, guide hole in other end. I've never seen one in person, so I don't know it it is metal or plastic. It connects to the shifting servo with a ball/socket connector. I've looked online at a site and found one "used" but never got a response when asking. If someone has one that can give me dimensions, I can just make my own (not restoring, just re-building). Found an image of what it looks like online Thanks
  5. Thanks, I totally forgot about that. I'll have to try that and see if I can adjust enough to center them. Good stuff.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions - I was thinking about tilting the body more, but then it makes it looks more like an air-shocked/shackled stance... Of course I ditched the trimmings, but I think I have another body to be trimmed that I can get some more from. The tough part is the rear posts which are in the back window opening (clear area). I'll mock up some alternatives and see what can happen. I like the idea of modifying the posts themselves, but then the other bodies (correctly cut) would be off the offset amount. It is a Subaru TB-02 chassis. Maybe that's what I do - find a second set of body posts and mod them to adjust . . .hmm.
  7. Yup, after spending a lot of time on making the paint nice, I managed to misalign the body to the chassis, resulting in the wheels not centering in the wheel well openings. The body is painted, and the holes only need to slide a bit to get back to center - approx. moving the offset equal to the radius . . . Patches ? New/old back to RC fun. Thanks, Detroit, MI
  8. Yup, lost another. The battery cover came off the "C" parts tree (together with the side nerfs). Wondering if anyone has one to get the sting back in the Hornet. I know it is a small item, but figured I would start small and grow from there. Thanks - Kevin
  9. I am thinking about an on-road car next, but am lost in the the TA vs TB vs TL, etc. I searched for an FAQ site on the topic, wondering if anyone has a handy dandy comparison chart or the like. Was thinking BMW Mini, but am not a fan of FWD, now maybe an Impreza or Focus WRC. Thanks all.
  10. Cool - I just found that on towerhobbies.com website. Looks like it is only available in the pre-finished variety. I guess an old 959 or Celica would be too much $ for my budget. Thanks
  11. I have been out a while, getting back in a bit. Just built a Twin Det, but I realized that I really don't like the Lexan bodies (I'm not a good cutter or painter) so I am thinking an ABS solid body - but I want to do an on-road car next. Suggestions. I don't know anything about the chassis numbers and their relative performance. 4wd would be nice, but not mandatory. Thinking of something to run inside while it snows outside. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks guys - I am full bearing'd from the git go. I think the spiked tires on concrete are probably not the best for handling tho'
  13. Hey all - recent reconvert from 20+ years away - and I just finished my first new build, a Twin Detonator. Good stuff. Question though, as this is my first 4WD RC, is the significant push (understeer) common to the 4WD RC set? The build is totally stock out of the box. Thanks, Danke, Gracias, etc. -Kevin
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