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  1. The Reversible Suspension set was actually released for the TB-02 and TA-04.
  2. Hey guys, got a TRF415 on ebay. It's in good condition and starting bid is $170AU. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...p;rd=1&rd=1 Thanks, Brent
  3. You got a **** good deal then. I thought it'd be worth more than that. Here it is at Jason's Store on ebay for $94USD. Which equates to about 47 pounds.
  4. Hey everyone i've been into r/c for a fair while, not so much the vintage side of it, but I have managed to pick up some things that people may be interested in. I have: 53036 - Tamiya Hi-Cap Damper Set Mini - Does not include stock standard springs - Includes Instructions 53053 - Mini Hi-Cap Damper Spring Set - Fiited to hi-cap dampers 53391 - Tamiya Formula Super Low Friction Dampener Set 49567 - Tamiya Acto-Power TRF Tuned Motor (12 Turn) All items are in great condition, absolutly no damage to anything. I have an alright idea of how much these items are worth. Is anyone wanting to take these off my hands for a good price? -Brent
  5. Yes they do look like that. Here they are. With the red ones, Here are the "Damper Cylinder Type", the ones where you buy it in the AO packets. I think they might be different to the "Fluorine Coated Red" TRF Shocks. 49294 These are the AO ones. And here are the TRF Fluorine Coated. Thanks, -Jimmy.
  6. Hello, I am in Australia, but will buy from worldwide if the price of shipping is not ridiculous. I don't really care what model it is, but just not a R-S or F-S (shorter wheelbase I believe?) TA03F would be most wanted, but as I said just generally speaking I'd like a cheap TA03. Thank you. -Jimmy.
  7. Hello there everyone. I'm from Australia. I just won myself some nice Tamiya TRF Green Damper cylinders on eBay. I believe they're rare, can anybody tell me what they think they're worth, how rare they are, who's got them, what the part number is, etc? That'd be great I paid $31.00AUD for mine, STOKED to get them for that much. I also have the TRF special blue dampers, and TRF Blue fluorine coated dampers too (discontinued now I believe, I love mine). I'd love to get some Red ones and gold maybe one day. Anyway, I'll be posting on here a bit hopefully more throughout visiting this forum Thanks, -Jimmy (Brent's twin bro)
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