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  1. Tamiya Cowboy

    Wifes new truck

    Thanks Man..
  2. Tamiya Cowboy

    Wifes new truck

    Well Boys.... And girls here is my wifes first rc semi truck. We go to 4 truck shows a year and run the trucks around for the promoters as a attraction for the people at the shows we even pull some signage around for other vendors at the show. Well my wife has always supported the rc hobby and has went to meets but last year was her first year to go with us to a show and after about 2hrs of walking around with me and the boys she just could not take it anymore she had to drive and it was all down hill for there. She spent a little more than 6hrs driving one day she loved it so much. Well that day she said she wanted her own truck and from that time she started picking out features and styles out that she liked and i started buying parts $$$ She has spendy taste LOL!! Well I promised that she would have her truck in a year for the first show and next weekend is are first show we are set to be at this year. I did not do a build thread but I have some build picks i will post at the end. I had my great friend Stylin and Profilin do the body and paint since we have been blessed with so much work this year and he is a out standing painter and body builder to boot I just did not have time and I am glad he really killed it! Thanks Jon!! Also there are many many great custom parts on this truck for alot of great parts builders. Wheels/Fuel tanks and Air Cleaners and front box bumper. IHBUILDER Body/paint and Stacks Stylin n Profilin Fuel tanks holders and custom rear bumper Russislouad True Scale Shocks Dreamweaver Light bezel in the back of the sleeper and bumper Tc1cat True Scale Frame Rails Freddygeardrive Peterbilt Style Steps Brian in PA The rest was me. witch was not much LOL!! :eek: Anyways here it is Ill get some out door picks tomorrow I hope we have had pretty crappy weather here. Also there is a matching trailer too. I still have Peterbilt emblems to put on it this week when they come in and sound and light kit.. I would like to THANK Jon for his time and skills and to all the custom parts builders for sharing there skills and parts with all of us in the hobby... Thanks Much Guys..
  3. Tamiya Cowboy

    Tamiya Cowboys Pumper Truck Build

    Thanks very much..
  4. "IMO my Budd style wheels are more scale." Well I am sorry i will disagree that fact I do not think they look more scale then the ones I have. I have been driving semi trucks now for 15 years and I think the shape is off and the hole is off for sure. Now I know you did not build these rims by having a real one right in front of you as you had stated that over on scale. If you are going to build it then scale it right. I know Mike said that he now see's the issues and he will be looking into how to correct it and that is great it is wonderful. These semis are not crawlers they are working master pieces and they amount of money in them is unreal I should know I have 30+ trucks I look for the most scale parts I can find and when I am told by someone that has never driven or has even had a Bud wheel right in front of them that i am wrong in how that look I tend to get a little insulated by that. You guys make some of the best stuff out there in the crawler world and your new semi tires are great and a wonderful price.. Lets get the BUD wheels on the same playing field as the rest of the parts and take pointers from the guys that are around the trucks in real life to get them right..
  5. Tamiya Cowboy

    Looking To Sell My Rig

    Lets see what you got I live in the USA and buy alot of semis.
  6. They look good but the hole is not to be round it is oblong hole the round hole just does not look right. I have a complete set of BUD wheels that are as scale as you can get. I wish they would of went a little further on the detail. Here is a pick of my 2 and 5 hole BUD wheels.
  7. Tamiya Cowboy

    Mfc-01 Help Needed Please.....

    Ok common Issues to have trying to splice in Leds.. I have done this on my truck but the reason why it dont work is that you have the LED wired wrong or I am betting you have the wrong value LED..If this is what it wrong you need to get a matching LED...I am thinking you need to check you + and - again you might have them backwards.
  8. Tamiya Cowboy

    Ih 9670 Trailer Toter

    Ok so last night and today I got the pogo stick finished. I got the winch all set in the truck and I ran the cable threw break line to the back of the truck then up and over to a brass pulley. I ran it on a dead 6 cell pack and it has enuff power to lift the nose off the ground so it works real well I am trying to down load my video off my Black Berry but is not working to well..:mad: I also made a mount for the R2 tranny and mounted it and the steering servo so not some more details and so minor body work and it will be ready for paint I am trying to have it done for the club meet in a few weeks.. Top view of the winch you can see the break line. Under Side you can see the break line and the brass clamps i made to hold it in place. The finished Derlin hitch and ball.
  9. Tamiya Cowboy

    Stretching A King Hauler

    Hello I am here sorry been gone for a bit..OK the reason they stretch trucks in the USA.. Ok way back in the good old days it was to get the drivers farther away from dangerous loads..Ok with that said way do they do it now...Well... Because it is bad ars looking to have a stretched out rig makes them look a ton better and they do ride much nicer down the road but dont turn as nice. I drive for a guy on the weekends he has a new 2010 KW show truck that has a 333 inch wheel base and you measure that fron the center of the front wheel to the center between the drive axles.. Ok a stock king hauler in 1 to 1 scale is 217 inches of wheel base very short! Ok so I stretch all my trucks and I make new rails for all my stretch trucks it is easier to do it that way i think. On the drive shaft I put a hanger bearing in and run 2 drive shafts. I like to Use punisher shafts from rc4wd or traxxas stampede drive shafts with the steal yokes on the ends. Look these threads over.. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54860 http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54861 And here is a thread were I took my stock KH and stretched it out too http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54862 If you need anything else just ask..
  10. Tamiya Cowboy

    Ih 9670 Trailer Toter

    Ok I got some of the trim work done today you can see here Before After..Now it matches the bottom of the cab I also trimmed it out around the top of the sides edge. Also I copyed the way the mirrors were mounted in a pick of a real one and I made them out of brass and they slide out to a width of 16 inches.. In.. Out.. Now I was working on the lift hitch for the back tonight BUT I burnt up my old Dremel cutting some Alum so I am stopped for the night till I get a new one tomorrow but I plan on having the lift hitch done this weekend..
  11. Tamiya Cowboy

    K100 Day Cab Cracker Box

    thanks much!
  12. Tamiya Cowboy

    Ih 9670 Trailer Toter

    Thanks Much.. Yes I build a few at once I have 3 others going right now also whit a 6th in my mind and getting parts together for it..
  13. Tamiya Cowboy

    Ih 9670 Trailer Toter

    Well here is a project I started about 8 months ago after seeing a really nice looking IH 9600 Toter at the flying J so I wanted to build one but since I did not have any picks I did not get too far on the build at the time but a rolling frame and a shorten body. Well after tons of Ball Busting by dear old Dad aka Freddy and seeing Izzy's toter and I also started doing some repair work for a local moble home company this week and got to look over there 4 Fords really close I started into it again. After changing the length of the frame 3 times in one week and MORE Ball Busting by DAD for picks last night and today I got it right I think. So here is were I ended up late last night.. So now I think I am finally were I need to be to get the look right so I started on the bed of the Toter.. Next the back wall and the locker under the tire rack. Next the sides out of .80 and the locker door. Here is a shot of the C Channel I used to make the side stronger. Another shot of the the back with the tread plate on the bed and a hunk of brass C Channel. Other side done. Now the cab is lowered and I also cut down the stock stack and took a stock tank and removed the top step off the tank and mounted them. And in the bed added the 2 lower supports that make the frame stronger for the pogo stick i am going to try to make work. So here is were I finished tonight.. Now I have to do the tank and the stack for the other side tomorrow but let me know what you think...
  14. Tamiya Cowboy

    K100 Day Cab Cracker Box

    picks of a little day cab COE show rig I am putting together. Jon showed me the picks of this little truck the other day and ever since Rouge built his awesome little single axle day cab pete and Travis little day cab knight hauler I have wanted to build a signal axle day cab truck. So here is a pick of the bits and bobs..Going to run a R2 tranny with a 65 turn and a 6 tooth onion/ 645 steering servo/ Verkrik low pro tires/ 11 3/4 frame rails/ Glob cab cut way down and other pieces and parts. Ok here is the built frame with the running geared lowered way down I had to notch the frame in the rear for the axle to travel.. Frame with stock body to the left of the blue tape is where the body gets cut. Ok time to move the wheel well I think.. And I think this looks right.. Ok that is it for tonight!! More to come.
  15. Tamiya Cowboy

    Tamiya Cowboys Pumper Truck Build

    Hey missed these picks of how big this event was.