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  1. Can’t recommend TS-101 highly enough - it’s a great base for TS-26 and often only requires a thin coat to ‘neutralise’ a darker colour already down. It is really good and means that only a thin coat of TS-26 is required thus reducing the risk of any runs.
  2. Suggest a white base for red although if you can find it I think the Tamiya pink primer is superb - even for small areas. Suggest a white base for yellow - definitely don’t use black. I find the Tamiya fine white primer is dry enough to sand in ten minutes and ready to apply another coat at room temperature. I found my model making career made a huge leap forward once I had discovered water based paints. I find water based coats are easiest for the details - easier to fix mistakes and easy to build up with thin coats without clogging the details and don’t bleed (giving you that grey). I too have just painted and detailed a Hotshot driver that you can’t see with the body on 🤣; you can see the paints I used here in my showroom - hope it helps: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=136304&id=18923
  3. PS-53 lamé flake (please don’t be put off by the name - it is awesome) goes down first - I found that 2/3 coats gives a good sparkle. I can’t tell you how superb this is in sunlight. Don’t know why Tamiya have used a dark coloured paint cap because it works on all shades - all their other ‘clear’ paints have clear caps. Pictures never do it justice - I have promised myself never to paint a polycarbonate body ever again without PS-53 - it even transforms metallic colours. (I will only break this rule if ever the 959 gets re released!) The picture shows the 2/3 coats of lamé flake - excuse the extra masking tape but after I’d had the scissors out the protective cover was lifting in a few areas but hope this helps. When spraying multiple parts - like the body and spoiler - I taped the parts to a board in the proximity they are on the model before spraying - that way both parts receive the same amount of sparkle, you don’t want to paint them separately only to reunite them and realise that one sparkles more than the other. For fun non-scale models PS-53 is an absolute MUST - just like having bearings. One can did both my Hotshot and Avante with a dribble leftover. Then PS-18 - metallic purple - goes next and I probably did 3/4 coats. The PS-41 - bright silver went last - probably only gave 2 dusting coats because it provides good coverage and is enough to take away any translucent nature of the purple. Usual rules apply - gently and evenly scuff the surface first and make sure it’s dry and clean - the PS paint is very flexible and sticks well so this number of coats is not a problem. As long as the coats are even and nothing runs it’s hard to make a mistake - especially with the Hotshot where there is no masking required - the Avante was a bit trickier because the masking has to line up with the trim decal. Looking at the time stamps of pictures taken before and after - on a warm day - the painting process only took half an hour from first coat to pulling off the protective covering - couldn’t be easier.
  4. I’ve got a new set unopened if still interested. Have just completed a BS but used the original stickers.
  5. Just posted purple in a showroom: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=136304&id=18923
  6. Success! Going through the password reset process using a different email service to hotmail did the trick - many thanks for the perseverance.
  7. I’m struggling to understand how Microsoft will interpret my request; “I’d like you to make sure I receive all emails from info@tamiyaclub.com - every other email is blocked but the others come through just fine.” What are the defining characteristics of the emails that your server sends that don’t get through? Also, I can’t be the only user of tamiyaclub who has registered with a hotmail account so am especially curious why I only receive every other email. Can someone with admin rights change my hotmail address to another non-hotmail address? Or, can someone with admin rights close my current account and allow me to open a new one? I’m genuinely keen to pay to contribute to the community but am baffled how we got into this special situation and how someone with admin rights can’t make an override to fix a situation that has persisted for weeks.
  8. Have added tamiyaclub.com to the Hotmail white list but sadly the first request for a password reset email never arrived! Have tried at 20:40.
  9. Is it technically possible to assign a different email address to the account?
  10. How can we get around the Hotmail issue; just bought a new computer (for other purposes) and tried the process again with no luck (promise, I'm only hitting the request button once)? Consistently the first password request does not arrive but the second does!
  11. ok understood - are you able to change the email address tied to the account? I could share an alternative email address here and then go and edit/ remove it straight after its worked.
  12. ... and yet the emails alerting me to the fact that these posts are hitting the forum get through just fine - just not the first password reset email
  13. oh dear - after gingerly hitting the reset button once I'm yet to receive an email in my inbox/ junk folder - grr
  14. Should I make another attempt and/ or change any settings on my end?
  15. How curious - clearly I'm doing this just in Chrome - do you think an alternative browser might make a difference? Or could I have some silly setting inadvertently set my end?? Although it is a new installation of Chrome.
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