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  1. Hey everyone. I'm sorry to say that there won't be any more of these kits for now but I'll update this topic should the situation change. Thanks for your interest though! Mike.
  2. Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence. This summer has been madness and I've been working 16hr days since late July. I'm going to get back to everyone awaiting a reply this week. thanks for your patience!
  3. Fantastic, glad it arrived safely. Thanks for doing the step by step build guide, I probably should have done that myself earlier Here's to a stronger gearbox!!!!
  4. Your mod set is in the post and should be there tomorrow with any luck. Sorry again for the delay, work is owning me right now!
  5. Hey chaps. Yeah I was plauged with issues with these CV's from day 1 and ended up swapping them out for my re-re Brats back end. That worked a treat and it hasnt missed a beat yet. Why on earth Tamiya are supplying these parts instead of the brat parts I have no idea...wait...I do have an idea! They do because they know gullable fools like us will buy the kits AND the replacement parts Regarding my side plates mod, yes, I still have about 5 sets left I think, 3 of which belong to people who've PM'd me and I've not replied yet (sorry if that's you). I've been busy with work this past few weeks working from 9am to 2am...6 days a week! Anyway yeah, good luck with the fix, just bin those god awful CV's and buy the brat parts. Instafix.
  6. Ahaa, ok cool, I'll try that, thank you!
  7. That's a lovely job you've done man! I'm starting mine on Monday and will definetly be blacking out the grill too. Couple of questions for you... 1. Did you brush the grill or spray it? 2. Did you need to sand down the chrome finish for the paint to adhere ok? 3. Also, is it matt or gloss? Looks really well done! Thanks man!
  8. Clicking? Really? ****. Is this on a new gearbox, as in a re-re or is this on an original gearbox with existing mileage on it? I'm guessing and also hoping the latter as you mentioned the pinion was already worn. I can't see how the gears could push this mod open as its clamped down hard with 6mm's of ABS plastic. Regarding the threadlock, always worth adding but mine has held tight with the lock nuts and its been on since the release of the re-re MB. Hmmm. Please let me know.
  9. Fusion Hobbies with the TC discount
  10. I'm going insane obviously lol, I could have sworn I read something about driveshafts...I'll put this down to working night and day for 4 weeks
  11. Snapped? Ouch, I'm guessing you tightened these up VERY tight and possibly didn't use the outer washers? Having the outer washers allows you to tighten this up super tight without putting too much direct pressure on the screw hole. One golden rule of RC, hand tighten to a point where you're nipping it up, never tighten to a point where you have to put any serious effort in. This mod can't over pressurise your gearbox either as the screw pressure is directed into the screw holes of the gear casing so its actually impossible to put additional pressure on the gears themselves. You're simply stopping the gears flailing out and forcing the thin metal casing push outward. Regarding the driveshafts, I thought you'd already bought those?
  12. You're not having a lot of luck with this geabox are you Ok, so the screws I send out are technically too long by a couple of mm, but they are the best fit available. So as far as them being too short...I have to admit that I'm lost in regards to how you're trying to put it together. There is only one way that the first plate can go on (the one with 1 screw hole) as it matches up with the shape of the gearbox, plus the bumper takes up the bottom two screw holes so there is only one screw hole left and that is the hole that goes with the one screw hole in the first plate. Please see the very first post in this topic to see how it all goes together. A picture speaks a 1000 words
  13. Glad to hear that people's kits are arriving around the globe and that they are being well received again. So happy that everyone likes the mod so much! I did go the extra mile to make sure it looked pretty as well as performed well. According to Fusion Hobbies here in the UK the Blackfoot hits our shores on Wednesday and may even be in store and shipped out by Friday (but more likely next week), so I'm glad that I've kept myself a mod set to one side for this beauty. Oh, there's still a few left for anyone still interested! Thanks everyone.
  14. Well you have two options, you can go for the full tree and get a nice new fresh bumper or if you like, you could go without a bumper and I send you out the two inner plates you need to use the mod without a bumper. As you've already got all the screws and the other plates I could send these two out for £6. Its entirely up to you. I'd personally get the bumper though as its nice to know that the backend is safe!
  15. No worries about the questions! You ordered the 'with bumper' option which only has one screw hole on the plate as that design compensates for the two mounts of the bumper that take up the other holes. When you put the second plate on (with three holes) over the top it sits neatly on top.
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