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  1. Brooklyn here. NY State is great. When I start thinking about the sport teams in NY i always forget that Buffalo has 2 teams as well... they seem sooooo faaarrrrr away! :-)
  2. Park Slope. Love looking at the grill. good looking car.
  3. There's a Golf GTi in my neighborhood that looks incredible. looks like it's tuned too.
  4. Hey! What no New York representation here? I might be down at FBF tomorrow. Not sure yet. I'll be at Coney Island for the Mermaid parade and could swing by FBF for a run. Just got all my parts and lipo for my buggy and took it for a run lastnight. the thing is fast.
  5. Got a set of TRF Aeration shocks for my Durga in the mail today From Stella. 10 days in transit. A very fun build. About to go out and test them out.
  6. Funny you should post this. Just yesterday I was at the local bookstore and saw the recent issue of Make Magazine had a how-to on make a buggy with camera. here's a link to the online pdf. it's only the opening 2 pages. http://www.make-digital.com/make/vol14/?pg...y&cookies=1
  7. I'm not sure if i'll be at FBF this weekend. I'm waiting for a lipo to be delivered and the balancer next week. Also waiting on some Upgrades for the Durga. Have some shocks coming in. The kit shocks are surprisingly bad. Ones I have seem to leak. I've rebuilt them and they still leak. Didn't have this problem with my touring car stock dampers. very flexy.
  8. When I ran my nitro(kyosho RRR) I ran it on the track at floyd. I don't run it anymore because it's too much money to maintain with buying nitro/foams/and spares... Now with the stand down racing seems to be on hold. I used to run my tb02 on that track till the nitro guys started to give the stinkeye at my electric. I have a couple places where I run my Tamiyas. I live a few blocks from Prospect Park and ran my TB01 on the baseball diamonds and ran the tb02 on the paths in the middle of the park where they repaved last year. I retired the tb01 because of bad clicks coming from the gear boxes. Instead I run the Durga on the diamonds. really great. I've also taken the Blackfoot out for a spin a few times in the park. At Floyd, I just look for a wide open spot at let 'er rip. Last Week I went to the end of the runway past the ryan center and past where the Pow-Wow was to test my Brushless. It was here where I saw all the great rocks for crawling. I don't know a lot of other areas to run off-road there. I assume there's a beach area to run? Maybe we were watching the planes at the same time. I was there around noon. i had my Mountain bike(my only mode of transport) with me.
  9. Hey man. I'm in Brooklyn. In fact, i was out at floyd this past saturday test running my durga/sidewinder 5700 buggy all over the place. the thing screams. I also caught a nice deep sunburn! haha. Gotta love heatwaves. anyway, the spot I ran my buggy also had tons and tons of small rocks built up into small mounds which looked like would be perfect for crawling(if anyone in nyc is looking for a spot). Of course after running the durga i went over and checked out the RC Flight guys. incredible stuff there. Unfortunately, over at the the nitro track was a different story...they had their drivers stand taken down, so they wont be running for a while until they get a new stand. will
  10. hehe... I have a few nicks and scratches from rc. Recently, while I was soldering a new pack I forgot that what I had in my hand was about 600-900 degree iron and grabbed the shaft with my thumb and forefinger. haha. wow did that hurt. it was a split second touch but enough to give me painful burn on my fingers. never solder late at night! haha. It's all healed now but the area still feels a bit rough but new skin is coming in.
  11. I have always wanted a Lunchbox. have fun with it. I started with a grasshopper and blackfoot and still have them 20 years later. It's a fun and rewarding hobby.
  12. wow! that really looks rugged! I want to step in behind the wheel and take it over the rough stuff! really great.
  13. I love the new TB03. I like that it will allow a new range of bodies to be mounted. the Garaiya looks great! My tbo2 is solid but can see that the 03 will be a vast improvement over the previous model. Just the motor mount alone makes it for me. I'm sure there will be hopups to allow standard upright suspension. I can't see them not doing that.
  14. YES! Liquid Threadlock! That's the smell that takes me back to the 80's when I helped my brother build his Bruiser. So much metal on that car and I still have these brief flashes of the build even tho it's soo long ago now.
  15. also think of 'quid' in the same way we have different words for american money. dollars bucks greenbacks lettuce bread dough simolians moolah at least that's how I always saw 'quid'. anyway, here's a fun link(hope it's not a repost).. http://www.fun-with-words.com/money_words.html
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