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  1. Wanted: Frint lower alloy arms Rear lower alloy arms flont and rear suspension blocks (blocks and front plate) Carbon shock towers if anyone has one, or can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Here is my New In Box Tamiya TLT-1 Rockbuster This was purchased to make a rock-crawler and ended up in the loft for a decade or so. The kit has only been removed from the box for the purpose of taking the photos for this advert. [items for collection from Exmouth, Devon] I am looking for £300 for the tlt-1 kit which was purchased with the correct battery, however I have not charged or tested this battery. I would note that there is a mark on the box which is included on the photos which I would rather point out now. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please see the mark to the outer sleeve of the box. Note: Battery is untested I am looking for £75 for the crawler kit, which includes the wheel widener, and the heavy duty steering rods Junfac Conversion kit, and Heavy duty steering rod kit Wheel widener Junfac Crawler Conversion Kit for TLT-1
  3. I’m mainly trying to get the cars I had back in the 80’s which had a hard life back into workable condition these include Rough Rider Boomerang Porsche 959 Nissan King Cab there were others which came and went such as the lunch box and the monster beetle but the ones above have all been in the loft for 30 years and are now slowly being repaired and restored to runnable
  4. Are the hubs handed of are they universal? I May have one in the spares box which I will look for tomorrow
  5. This post isn't technically a for sale / wanted, but a pre-cursor to ask for assistance as to how to value Tamiya kits. Whilst sorting out the loft I have uncovered the Tamiya kits which were purchased when my godson was young, along with some which I put to one side in the hope of their values going up. The issue I have is that I'm stumped for some of them as to the values to advertise them for. the pictures below give an indication and I am looking to see which ones to sell or if it worth boxing them back up and putting them back in the loft. The New kits are: Ford F150, BMW M Roader, Stadium Raider, TT01 Escort Cosworth, TT01R chassis, TT01 Ferrari Enzo, and a TLT-01 Little Gear Any advise would be welcomed. ian
  6. Just a quick note to say that the information in this thread was great. I was looking to restore a monster beetle which I purchased on Ebay several years ago to get the parts to build a good beetle. In looking at the information above it appears that I have both a beetle and a blackfoot which was a big surprise. Below is the chassis which were in the bundle
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