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  1. I have some catalogues going up on the bay tonight and tommorrow http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT
  2. Up for grabs are some Dyna Blaster wheels and tyres, I have listed them on E-bay as i have very rarely used the forum for buying and selling. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=180452147470 **See page for full details** If anybody wants them in Tamiya club, PM me and there yours for £25 posted, as a gift payment through paypal. Thanks for looking.
  3. spudgun is a charecter from the series "bottom" i used this name on "cod uo" other games and forums. I don't use that any more, Losirazor now if your on COD 4 5 or UO say hi! The 666 part was thanks to the wife who informed me "toy cars" were dumb and that i was a child! (said in jest) so the most childish thing i could think of was to put 666 at the end. my showroom avatar is the rear end of my beetle just love that view! no avatar on here as i normally use a dogbert avatar, but that was not allowed
  4. For sale is 1 hornet re-release. Fully ballraced, multiplex servo, and tamiya esc. No radio gear though. Has had 1 run out only so in tiptop condition, box and manual supplied but no other parts. Looking for £80 posted to the UK but open to sensible offers. basic pictures in my gallery. Thanks
  5. For sale are 3 Orion 2400 20C lipo's which are surplus to requirements. they have been used for 3 race meetings =18 races. So they have had no more than 6 charges each. Always charged at 1C Fits perfectly into a mini, Good reliable brand. they will come in 1 box with warrenty card £70 posted to the UK. Less than £24 per battery delivered to your door, Good time too go Li-po!
  6. Use light oil not grease, I use sewing machine oil on my bearings/bushes after a quick blast with motor cleaner.
  7. Hi all, this is my first post, I need some help regarding my Blitzer beetle. My father in law was desparate too have a play..... It did not last long, with a rapid motor and a brick wall and a lack of remembering left from right! Any way the servo horn/saver gave up the ghost, I have tried some horns that i have kicking about and they are all too big.The gap in the chassis is quite small. Does anybody know what other horns fit that are readily available, as i can't find the BB "A" Parts anywhere. Any help will be appreiciated.
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