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  1. Stu, do you have tickets to see any of the games? I ask as you might be comparing distance between Wolverhampton to London based on the scale of Australia which I guess you would consider near to each other, but there's a lot of better locations to stay at if you're planning to travel to London. Travelling between Wolverhampton and London every day would become a bit tiresome.
  2. Before anyone asks it wasn't me, but expect everyone appreciates how thoughtful that was to check emails/passwords against Paypal. Though I am surprised that any member of Tamiyaclub takes the hacking of our site as a good thing.
  3. Hi Stu, Take a look at www.tripadvisor.co.uk http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-...ds_England.html
  4. Totally agree. I just ignore all for sale posts without a price, don't even bother contacting the seller regarding negotiating a price as I'm sure they're expecting more than it's worth. This might not be the case, though am sure items with a price sell quicker and easier than those without. So sellers just remember that when you next list an item up for sale. Just think of what the world would be like without prices, shopping in Tescos would be a nightmare.
  5. Like others, can't get enough Wild Willy's!!! 6 Willy's Wheelers 4 SWB WW1's 2 LWB WW1's 7 WW2's comprising of 2 NIB XB WW2's / 1 NIB WW2 / 1 NIB WW2 metallic edition / 2 WW2's (one Wide Willy) / oh and another WW2 as a runner 1 NIB VW Wheelie plus loads of other things like 5 TRF201's (1 runner + 4 NIB), but I mainly collect WW's.
  6. http://www.stellamodels.com.hk/product_inf...roducts_id=6036
  7. Thanks, had missed this article on Tamiyablog.com So is the Tamiya VW Wheelie the only kit which the artwork is signed by the artist, making it unique??????
  8. Last week I got a Tamiya VW Wheelie and noticed that the artwork on the front of the box is signed -> http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...4&sid=19158 I can't remember seeing any other box artwork signed before so just wondered what other kit artwork is signed? And anybody know anything with regards who this artist is??
  9. This one --> http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...449&hl=wd40 ??? Alternatively there's some new front tyres on Ebay, just search "Tamiya 44021".
  10. Just watched your video, am liking the lights. Nice work. Though am feeling a bit sad, does this mean you've now finished your Wheeler, as I've been enjoying the updates.
  11. Does it really matter, surely there's more to life to worry about rather than how people pronounce Tamiya. Wouldn't lose sleep over it myself. Just think England is a small place, but there's more than one way to say the word "bath" or "grass". If the person you are communicating with understands............... well hopefully you get my gist
  12. Thanks for the extra pics - looks like you'll will need a ladder to get into it
  13. That's looking great - what about adding a photo with a person standing next to it so we can see the scale. Keep it up fellas, once finished that's going to be an amazing looking jeep
  14. WW-nut

    outside eu

    Depends how much it cost?
  15. Looking forward to seeing a video with the body shell on.......
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