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  1. It's very cool to see your Super Hornet time machine straight out of the 90's! I have a 4 year old and an 8 year old driving my old Blitzers, and let me tell you they can do some real damage! After they gained some driving experience I let them drive my dear old Falcon once and they really enjoyed it and appreciated it... And now they're back to snapping off their servo savers on the Blitzers. So I totally agree with the idea of giving your kids something that you don't mind them bashing to bits. Modern radio gear is a blessing for me. I always resented my glitchy equipment back in the day and now I just marvel at what a great radio and ESC you can get for under $100. But I keep the old Futaba Attack stick radio and manual speed control installed the Falcon because that's how I remember it.
  2. Drove my Falcon with MSC and 3000mah NiMH battery... Wow, I was not expecting that battery to get so hot!
  3. I was beginning to think the DT03 was indestructible but then the front shock tower broke. I decided to go with these JazRider parts from China. I must admit, they're my favorite parts on the car now.
  4. Kyosho Raider. Mine could be a decent runner with oil filled shocks and some decent tires, but I would rather spend that money on another used Tamiya model.
  5. My son's Blitzer was in rough shape with the front bumper broken off and the typical chassis cracks. I'm trying some free repairs before I throw money at it. Replacement bumper is from a Kyosho Raider. The aluminum piece on the bottom looks like a skid plate but the idea is to spread out the force that is normally concentrated on the corners of the chassis. And the top support struts are made out of left over parts I found under my bathroom sink. I know it's not pretty but I'll be happy if it works!
  6. Finished my "Super Hopper" which is an ebay Super Hornet chassis fitted with a Grasshopper 2 body. Photo taken after 12:00 am, so I guess that counts as something I've done today!
  7. Nice work - that looks great! I just finished a DT-03 as well. It's satisfying to see it finished, but don't you wish you had another kit to build now?
  8. Painted this thing while feeding and bathing my kids. And my wife says I can't multi-task! There is a powerful connection between memory and the sense of smell, and man, Tamiya spray paint takes me back!
  9. Savoring this build... This is my first new-in-the-box Tamiya RC car since my Stadium Blitzer, which was an original, not a re-release (so it's been awhile)! It's the 'black edition' of the Racing Fighter. Comes with ball bearings, oil filled shocks, torque tuned motor and a 19T pinion gear. Also has turnbuckles for upper control arms.
  10. It still looks great, no flaking whatsoever, and the Brat gets plenty of use!
  11. It's always motivating, visiting this thread!
  12. Did a little work on our backyard track. Needs more dirt, berms, jumps, aesthetics, etc. Already lots of fun though! Barriers were made from free material left over from our old fence, held in place by electrical conduit 'fence posts'.
  13. DrewZ

    Budget Brat Basher

    This old ORV is really growing on me. It's everything I hoped it would be and more. Gave it some low cost upgrades... Fresh silver can motor with cool gold sticker (from a Fox kit, I believe) HobbyWing Quicrun 1060 ESC Black shocks instead of yellow (swapped from a Blitzer) New servo saver Gold chassis
  14. That name sounded familiar. I looked back at my receipts and found that he sent me parts for my Falcon and Brat. Sad news, but also cool to think how many old cars are still running thanks to him. Favorite thing I've read today!
  15. DrewZ

    Budget Brat Basher

    Thanks - it's Duplicolor wheel 'coating': https://duplicolor.com/product/wheel-coating They say it resists cracking, flaking and peeling... I will put that to the test :-)
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