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  1. Police dont want to know as they put it, have you got proof of purchases etc.
  2. You could say that, person who had been house sharing with me for a long time did a runner taking them along plus other stuff
  3. Had some r/c vehicles taken from me http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=110081&sid=19285 http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=109833&id=19285 http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=115304&id=19285 And a thundertiger buggy If anyone gets offered them please let me know. Cheers
  4. Thanks for your replys.. top it all off my computer exploded lol wil have another look at it over the weekend
  5. Just aquired a Bigwig and need some opinions. The front gear box is very notchy and jams some times .. and sounds like it grinding... dismantled it and the c clips are there .. i have new c clips ... and will replace with them .. could the gear box sides that hold the bearings be wearing out .. causing the diff cogs to seperate ? Also the battery cover (chassis support) is missing .. does anyone have one lying about or know of a 3rd party replacement or anyone who makes them ? Thanks for your time on this
  6. Looking for the chassis support (battery cover) that goes on top of the chassis from the front to the rear. not to concerend on condition ie scratches etc as long as it aint broke where it mounts to rear post and front of chassis
  7. Yeap i seen plenty of them avaible
  8. Aye all about what you like and prefer .. thats what i love about the hobby and Tamiya .. theres somthing for everyone. The reason i like the Bullhead is its so old school .. its bold and brash.. simple enginering yet i found tough as bricks, with faults.. but hey everything has faults I jump it off a skateboard ramp and crush old lexan bodies .. just like the 80's Arena Monster trucks... and it just keeps on going
  9. Your right .. photos dont do these trucks justice... there unreal ..and trust me when i say when you get run one .. they amaze even more
  10. Hehe i know the feeling ... i am sure i have proper MB front spring .. if you still need one .. let me know
  11. Great Pics, love those trucks there so over the top its great. Earlier in this post i posted a link to Super Pete pics and if u go to bottom and click on back to gallery .. it shows you most of all the Monster trucks built. I think Tamiya when they designed the original clod all those years ago got it spot on with the RL counterparts, which were giant car crushing monsters, true kings of arenas. I noticed when i use my Bullhead the tyres on landing bounce and baloon like there RL counterparts... and just like there RL counterparts .. in my view, the Clod & Bullhead are car crushing arena kings. I love the Clod & Bullhead for what they are .. and thats a True Monster that was meant to be crushing things, bouncing over earth mounds .. and making the crowd go wow..
  12. Well my TEU-106BK arrived today for my Bullhead and to say it was improvement is an understatement. Even on slippery surfaces i had complete control and the Bullhead did what i wanted.. plus with the sports tuned i got installed .. it was fun fun fun .. and run time increased. For those who ordered a new Bullhead .. your in for a treat.. the mixture of new modern electronics on the classic chassis have made a fun vehicle, even better .. gotta love it
  13. Yeah there seems to be a lot of different opionions on Sports tuned in Clods ./ Bullheads.. but to me made a huge diff.. i got more torque .. and didnt really compromise the run time, plus the two of em brand new only cost me £24.22 or $37.60 for them from Japan.When i get the new TEU-106BK Esc will tell u what it like hehe
  14. Thats a great thought. got the new esc coming for Bullhead .. bring it up to rere specs hehe.. already fitted sports tuned motors.
  15. Cool vid .. I am thinking of putting the new esc into my Bullhead.. as i want to keep it as stock as possible and use just tamiya hopups.
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