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  1. Thanks guys, the only reason I am not getting a Tamiya is because they are out-of-this-world expensive and I am not too good a camoflauge painting. I probably won't be doing any really hard core running, just going around shooting trashcans and various stray cats LOL (not really) so I think it will perform okay.
  2. Thanks "TA-Mark", I think I'll go for the Panzer III it looks pretty neat.
  3. I am kind of going through a tank phase right now and I want to know, are the 1/16 panther tanks on EBAY for real? I mean priced under $100 is kind of wierd for a tank that shoots BBs and is as big as it is there must be a catch. Is this a rip off or just a good deal? Thanks, The soldier bug
  4. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with nitro "backtomyroots". I am going to wait untill october just to learn a few more tips.
  5. Good call "Shodog" Tamiyas might be a little on the speedy side even with the ancient 540 installed. A toy store car or truck would be a little better for handling and front yard running.
  6. I occasionally like a complicated build but I really like quick builds. I could never bring myself to build an 80's model unless I could find an extremely reseved place on my shelf queen shelf.
  7. Has anyone here bought a rare Tamiya only for it to be re-released after you pay a huge ammount of money for it. I'm not saying this has happened to me but I used to see Hot shots go for about $900 and I can imagine some people were pretty ticked when Tamiya re-released it.
  8. All I have ever made was about a 30ft track in my back yard once when it was made of 99.9% dirt. Eventually I had to put grass down...
  9. I feel your pain "Badboy" I must have had the same thing happen to me like 8 times, you figure I would have learned by the second time.
  10. What can I say other than "excellent job".[] I feel kind of bad that you put all that work into it and that it won't be run just once.[]
  11. Sure thing, I keep you posted on any skills I pick up along the way when I get my nitro.[] I have probably watched at least an hours worth tuning and maintenance videos so I am prepared for just about anything.
  12. Thank you so much "backtomyroots"![] I would have made one huge mistake if I had bought that thing. I think I will go back to one of my original choices an Associated MGT 4.6SE. If the MGT is as invinsible as my RC18MT then it will be a superb truck.
  13. I have never abused any of my RCs I don't know if I can say the same for my dad but the servo issue on my mini LST was a radom issue that happened once every so often.Same for the diffs, one day I heard a buzzing noise coming from the truck and a week later the rear diffs became completely stripped! Personally I think I just got a lemon.
  14. Alright as some of you may know I have decided to get a Team Losi Aftershock as my first nitro, no problems there. However, every Team Losi product I have seen has somthing that goes wrong with it, such as my mini LST had 2 busted servos and striped diffs, and my dad's brushless XXX-T's skid plate ripped in half, and the rear suspension arm broke appart. Would it be a stupid idea to give Team losi one last chance on a nitro of all vehicles?[:S]
  15. Great idea! Just make sure not to get any grime or moisture inside of the battery.
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