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  1. I masked up and painted my lexan replica Lunchbox for my wife to use as a basher. It was my first time having to mask things myself and also a bit of an experiment using a translucent paint which I then backed with silver. The translucent was tricky to get even adn I had a couple of splatter dots, but over all Im pretty happy with how it came out, especially with the customised stickers on that replace the "Vanessa" bits with my wife's name. Just need to drill out the body mount holes (it's just resting on a roll of tape, hence the slightly dodgy angle and heigh) and it'll be ready for its first outing. Oh and I've also got a set of black wheels and another set of tyres coming, so when it's on the shelf it can revert back to shiny and new boxart colours.
  2. My first Tamiya was also my first R , although I have got a really vague memory of one of those terrible wired remote control cars that would go straight forward and turn left as they reversed! I think it was Xmas 92ish, and waiting for me on Xmas morning was a Bush Devil complete with a NiCad that lasted all of 10mins! The body didn't last much longer! It got a bit abandoned as I moved on to a nitro Traxxs truck and a boat, then left RC behind for 20+ yrs and bar a couple of parts has been lost to time and the various clean outs of my dad's shed over the last 3 decades. I've now got a few Tamiyas, a Tt01, TL01, Dt03, a Lunchbox that I built this weekend and a Df03 that I'll hopefully build this week and I've got a new Bush Devil body and stickers that I'm hoping to mate up with a chassis at some point so I can hang it on the wall and stare at it!
  3. Built my Lunchbox this weekend. We'll when I say "my", technically I bought it for my wife so she can join in when me and our 5yr old are out playing. I've got another clear replica body on the way that I'm going to do in pink with custom stickers for a running body for her, and keep the box art painted body for the shelf. I've wanted a Lunchbox for nearly 30yrs from going upstairs in D W Models in Bridgend when I was a kid, and I've finally got one! The built was enjoyable, you can tell it was an early model with its simplicity but thats its charm!
  4. Little update... I've now got a pile of stuff in my garage. Most of it is my Dark Impact kit and bits for that, the rest.... Well there's a bit of a story to it. Last Saturday evening I took my 5 Yr old son and my wife to the local beach along with my Dt03 and my sons cobbled together Tl01 running rally wheels and a 80t motor. There's a grassy bit above the beach with sheep mown short grass with humps and bumps that I used to take my rca when I was a kid. We had a KFC looking out over the sea, then had a play with the RCs. My boy was getting pretty good so I gave him a go of the DT with the EPA set at 50% and he was happy enough, but the TL was a bit slow for me so gave it to my wife to have a go while I chased the DT around endlessly righting it. To my surprise, she actually enjoyed it. Not one to miss an opportunity I suggested maybe we should get something that she could use so we could all have fun together as a family. Anything to get us out of the house and off the phones! Long story short there's now a Lunch box kit sit in the garage, that I've got an extra body coming for that I'll paint pink with custom pink stickers that read "Carlys Lunchbox" instead of the usual Venessas. The origianl body with get done in box colours and kept as a shelf body. So I've gained another RC without having to hide it and without the guilt! In other news, I couldn't resist tryinout my new Lipos in my Dt. The 2s gained 2mph on the TBLE-02 with torque tuned, but obviously I couldn't try the 3s, it would fry the Tamiya ESC. So strictly for 'testing' purposes, I put the Max10 4000kv brushless combo in it. It was good fun on 2s.... On 3s in the little lane at the back of the house, it was hilarious! Pulling wheelies at 20+mph and up to 30 before running out of room. I took it back out before I broke the DT, I'm taking it out tomorrow my my boy weather permitting, so I tried it in my old Tt01. That was even funnier. A simple couple of donuts would turn into a pirouetteing flail at the flick of a finger. Can't wait to try that one out on a nice open carpark. I think the future for me is definitely Lipo and brushless though, it brilliant! Once I get round to it, Ill do some updates of the DF, but it may have to wait until after I build the new Lunchbox! 😂
  5. What does does the spring steel bring to the party? Does it take away a bit of shock from the transmission?
  6. Thank you. I'm good pretty good will an iron so I'll get some spare deans. And stick them on the esc. The universal shafts look nice. Are they the same front and back? I'll see if I can get them in the UK, I've never ordered from the US before. And I'll look for some steering bearings. 👍
  7. Soooooo......... The Dt03 kit is ordered, along with front diff joints, a slipper, some silicone nitride balls and a spare main gear incl shaft. I think I'll order the heli gear as well later on or tomorrow. The one thing I wasn't sure of, is whether the Dark Impact kit comes with bearings? I was struggling finding a bearing kit, but downloaded the build manual and it mentions installing bearings and doesn't say anything about bushings. Anyone know if it does or doesn't come with them? Im undecided whether to get turnnbuckles. The stock ones are ball ended adjustable ones (albeit have to remove to adjust), which I didn't notice until I was flicking through the bullpenild manual. On my Tt01 it was a must to replace the fixed length sloppy steering, but this may be OK (at least for now). That just leaves esc/motorcombo, batteries and a servo, but I'll wait until the kit comes to measure up. One last question, the Max10 esc has am XT60 plug fitted, but the gensace batteries I was looking at from Modelsport seem to have deans. Obviously something needs to be chanhed, so am I better r going with XT60? Thanks again for all the tips. I don't know whether I'll be able to wait until winter to build it now!
  8. Thank you. Maybe I'll get the car first so I can measure it properly. I'll do the same with the batteries. What's the difference between digital and analogue servos? I'll be running a radiolink 2.4g radio in it, will either work? I can't seem to find much in the way of low profile servos. Am I ok with a sub £25 metal geared digital servos with 6-9kg torque? Something like this https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/etronix-es092-digital-std-waterproof-metal-geared-servo-378613
  9. OK, so if I'm doing the maths right, if a standard silver can will get it to 18-20mph @14k-15krpm, then a 4000kv on 2s @29krpm should be 35-40mph depending on gearing. So 3s would be 50+ 😜. I'll have a look in to the pinions, I've got a couple with the DT03 if they are the same pitch, if not I'll play it by year (and temperatures! I've got an infrared temp gun on the garage) and get whatever I need. The only other thing I forgot about was a steering servo. I've always just used whatever I had hanging about or what comes with a bundle. I think I've read that the Df is a better fit for a low profile servo, but is it essential? What sort of power servo do I need. My Dt has a cheapy in it, but that's really light in the front and not that quick so doesn't need anything mega. I'm off to do some browsing for servos, I'll report back with some contenders If I may.
  10. Well, rightly or wrongly I've decided to go for the DF003 Dark impact. A hobby shop that I've bought alot of model railway and Lego stuff from has got it in stock and I've got £25 of loyalty points to spend, so I'll get it from there. I'm starting to build a bit of a shopping list.... pretty much everything people have mentioned above. Turnbuckles, slipper, rear cups, steel gear thingy, and any other bits and bobs. The only hopup I'm undecided on is alloy dampers, but thet're an easy post build change so I'll see how it goes with the plastic oil dampers. That just leaves motor and battery. I think I'm going to dip my toe into the lipo world, I think I'll get a 2s for now to see what difference it makes in my brushed DT03 and for normal DF03 driving, and then I may go for a 3s for the DF as well. I've seen on Tomleys RC a Gens Ace one that looks like it'l do the trick, and well as Gensace hardcase batteries. I'll just have to get over the scaryiness of the lipos! As for motor, I've been looking and Modelsport have got 3 different options for the Hobbywing EZrun Max10 Combo. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/hobbywing-ezrun-combo-max10-3652sl-3300kv-brushless-motor-420922 A 3300kv, a 4000kv and a 5000kv. I'm thinking the 5000kv is a bit much, especially on 3s so thats out. If I'm understanding things right, then a 3300kv on 2s would be about 24krpm, so about 50% more than a Torque tuned brushed, and over double that on 3s. So could be a good option for all out speed on 3s in a nice open space, but a slower option on 2s for the back garden. That just leaves the 4000kv, which may be a bit much with both lipos. Assuming Ive got the princples right, and i'm not missing something, then I think I'll go for the 3300kv. That leaves a bit of room for more if I desire, and the 3300kv can always go in the DT or my old drift TT01 that I've got tucked away somewhere.
  11. I'm tied now, because i do like the look of the DF, and it will spend sometime hanging on the wall in the garage. The dragon cars you've mentioned, am I right in saying that they're re-res? Again I'd assumed they were more for nostalgia and not necessarily any good, I thought time would have brought progress.... maybe not. Unfortunately I've got no nostaligic tie to the older Tamiya stuff, other than my old Bush Devil. I'll have a good look through availablility of parts for all the options, as well the upgrades like the gears listed above, and see whether the decision goes the way of my head or my heart! Bettern (in my eyes) modern looking DF, or older stronger re-res. Thank you all again
  12. Sorry for the delayed reply, pesky work and and my nephews 3rd birthday party got in the way yesterday! To answer a couple of questions, I've got not real reason to specifically want a DF, other than it seemed the natural step up from a DT. A part of the consideration is the cost, its not going to be a main hobby of mine, I'm already spending plenty of money on racing dirt bikes for myself, and model trains for my son, so I have to try and keep spending under control. Like others I also find the building part just as much fun as the driving, so RTR stuff doesn't really interest me. The more I'm reading, the less I think I actually need it to do 50+mph. My Nitro Truck I had when I was a kid was supposedly 40+ mph, but as with most IC cars, it took a few seconds for the engine to be at its peak power, so was pretty controllable at slow speed, and didn't get exciting until near max speeds. Even the big buggy in the picture above is a bit underwhelming at lower speeds. I've never had a electric car that does more than mid to late 20mph, and then it was only with stock motors and just longer gearing. So maybe I need to readjust what I actually want/need. With the more instant power delivery of electric, an especially brushless, maybe I want it to be more lively at slower speeds and give up a bit of top speed, because after all top speed is little more than top trumps for the pub. Its hard to judge performance from videos, but I guess what I'm after is something that I can't just pin the throttle and just steer, but something that is trying to slither about the place and even trying to wheelie. Thats probably more excting than the odd speed run in the corner of an industrial estate. What would be a mild brushless setup that I could try in a DF that if its not enough could drop in to my DT or even TT01? I'm also undecided on whether to go NIMH or Lipo. I hear Lipo can be punchier, which is probably what I'm looking for, but the worry of charging them and storing them correctly is ever present. Thank you, and sorry the endless questions.
  13. Thank you all for your replies. I haven't been able to read them all properly yet, but I'll go through it all when I get home from work. To be honest I'd discounted the Tt02 as I, maybe wrongly?, assumed it wasn't a proper buggy just a jacked up touring car. I did for a time turn my old Tt01 into a rally car, but much more than gravel and it git stuck. But I shall do some reading in to it. The Td4 does look nice, but I think may be a bit rich for just a bit of bashing, plus mods itll be knocking on the door of £500+.
  14. Just noticed this post has gone into general discussion. I thought I'd put it in All things Electric. Is it possible for a mod to move it there, or anywhere else they feel it needs to be. Thanks
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