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  1. Fantastic work! Just the missing puzzle piece for my Custom Ford Ranger! I'd also go for option 1, I've just paid much more for one of James' Sand Scorcher drivers. Question: What we see in your pictures, is that the fine detail or the nylon version? Thanks Christian
  2. No, I mean they bind when fully de-compressed. The angle of the universals is too steep. They work when the shocks are compressed. The shock limiters would make sense if it was the other way round.
  3. I've tried the Frog universals on my original MB runner and they didn't work very well. Always binding on maximum shock travel - when compressed they worked fine. So either they reduced shock travel or used different universals. Gearbox seems to be exactly the same as original...
  4. Aahhhhh, good times! I love it when everybody and his son gets rid of the originals when a re-re is in sight. Picked up a lovely original yesterday for EUR 80. Only needs a new nose cone. And I'm stocked to see the re-re nose cone seems to be the exact same as original - with the same problem. First major hit against the bumper and the spots are gone! Looks to be a proper re-re, only differences I spotted so far: - Sponsor decals changed, as usual. - Sand Scorcher body with holes to be covered by decals. - Sand Scorcher glass without rear window - Different CVA shocks
  5. I have the trusted information that there will be a Monster Beetle re-re this year. And also the King Cab. Lets wait and see!
  6. Agreed! But those clearly are drifters, and drift cars need that camber in front, so the outside wheel is flat on the ground at full opposite lock . And the wings are for downforce, as drift cars need lots of grip on the rear wheels.
  7. Right you are, Martin! Quick OT: Hey, du bist aus Nürnberg! Ich wohne im Nürnberger Land (Nahe Altdorf). Vielleicht trifft man sich mal? Gruß Christian
  8. Just had a look, the Martini decals used have to be from an Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti Martini. Which also has just been re-released!
  9. Thanks all for the nice comments! I bought the shell like this years ago, so I can't take any credit for it, apart from adding the shutlines. I really don't know where the decals are from. The only thing painted are the red and obviously the white portions.
  10. Great build! I need to order one of these, I already have a GT2 Taisan and a GT2 PIAA in Martini livery: More Pics in my showroom: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=85575&id=19357
  11. Hi Max, another german shop, but they have everything in stock for best prices AND ship to Italy: Tyres: 2x http://www.modellbau...ya&best=9804577 Wheels front: http://www.modellbau...ya&best=9804559 Wheels rear: http://www.modellbau...ya&best=9804560 Front axles: http://www.modellbau...ya&best=0555059 Regards Christian
  12. I'm partially relieved and partially ashamed to admit this was all a huge mixup. As things turned out, the buyer was serious and just made a typo when putting down his email address. As stated above I was alarmed by learning about the known scammers David and Arina. In the end, it was only a remarkable coincidence. I'm sorry about this, but I think it is always right to be cautious about trades as there are a few who seek only their advantage.
  13. Unfortunately, this has happend many times before with non ebay transactions.
  14. That's what struck me as well. But I'm glad!
  15. Hi all, just wanted to warn you about potential scammers in the TC trade area. I hope this complies with the rules, as I didn't get ripped. But I gathered some evidence which clearly indicates an attempt of scam. I have a trade item up on the TC main side, selling a Boomerang . I've got contacted by one 'David' via the TC homepage, with this email: I tried to contact him back, but his email address Davidarina74@gmail.com was rejected by every mail server I tried. This started to smell fishy, so I did some searching around the net and found a warning about two known scammers named 'David' and 'Arina': 'David comes from the Gold Coast of Australia while Arina comes from Horlivka also known as Gorlovka which is a city in the Donetsk Oblast (province) of Eastern Ukraine. These two lying manipulators are con artists and scammers and should be noted as such for their corrupt practices and deceptive ways against other people. They are people who are full of evil intentions and who cannot be trusted because of their twisted and corrupt minds. They have no shame when it comes to deceiving others and that is why they deserve to be reported about here and be completely exposed so that all can see what kind of lying lowlife scoundrels and shysters these two actually are.' See full article here: http://www.ripoffrep...s-dec-3b072.htm So please be aware when contacted by them!
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