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  1. hmmm he has them on photobucket, i can see the icon and URL for that site
  2. It was down for me to, but look on the bright side, you earned brownie points with christmas being so close, lol
  3. lmao, thats the harshest description i've ever heard of when it comes down to that car, lol
  4. I had a chat with the guy in the LHS about the cost differences between Canadian dealers and Eastern ones, basically they buy at the same price we can from the eastern ones on ebay from their official dealer, then have to stump up customs and brokerage fees (As they are supplied from the US) and then add 40% on for their profit. This made their DF-03 $230 CAD instead of the $110 (plus 35 shipping) we could all buy them from on ebay. Its not just the Brits getting stung by buying locally.
  5. lol, i agree, if your handy and do things your going to get a little cut or burn here and there. I've also discovered that if your doing a project and dont bleed you've not done it well, lol
  6. I've had 2 of these and both had the same issues, i think its down to the slop the steering has and the sensitivity that comes from the turning wheels being at the back of the car when its reversing. I guess you could try the hop ups to reduce slop but not sure how much it can help bearing in mind the steering system it uses. I just learned to counter stear the car when reversing and basically ignore the problem, as you say its fine forwards which is where i spend most of my time, lol Mark
  7. LMAO, i did a smiliar thing and ended up smashing my front tooth, had to have a cap at 15 yrs old, lol. Sucks to be a young easily led guy eh!!
  8. Fun cars, good for on road laughs, not so good offroad but they often go for less than $80 RTR. I guess it all depends why you want one really!
  9. LOL!! I love it and im assuming 12Mph is silver can?
  10. Its definately a size issue more than a weight issue, pack it well but as small as you can. Im guessing as an indicator you could try Canadaposts website to get price ideas for the size you can get it down too. You have to be careful with UPS type carriers as the receiver could get charged a fortune in Customs costs similar to stuff we get from the US via UPS ($60 just for customs charged to the receiver or no package even if its value is only $30). Canadapost may the be the cheapest route!
  11. The forums username and password differ from the main site, well for me at least, maybe i am "special" lol. Your sure your using the right login info for the main site and not the forums??
  12. If your battery is a NIMH battery you can charge it at anytime you wish to top it off, if its a NICD then its advisable to flatten it all the way then charge it as they develop a memory effect and will shorten the life of your battery and its runtimes. I have an RV15 and have never noticed a noise from the ESC so i cant say if this is normal or not but i have a duratrax that likes to sing to me, but never loud enough to hear it over the car. Im not sure if all ESC's have failsafes for loss of signals but i believe all M.troniks ESC's do, this would prevent issues of it continuing when you go out of range.
  13. Exactly, having experienced the DF-03 meshing issue personally i would say 90% that thats the noise being heard but starting the car some ESC's do make noises but usually barely audible ones and never heard over the motor and gear noises. Just hold the car off the ground and plonk your ear near the gears and all will be apparent. BTW i love that gear meshing Gif, pretty cool.
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