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  1. I have a GP 3900 battery pack that had been lying unused for a while, have taken it into use again and have charged it and discharged it several times, but i can't get it charged more than 1500-2000mAh before it peaks or the temperature gets to high and the charge stops (temp cut-of set at 50 degres celsius). Does this mean the battery is damaged due to the long time storage? Think it was only partially charged when i stopped using it 4-5 months ago
  2. Wow, this is great! Thank you for posting this link. I have been searching a long time for pictures from a Tamiya factory, very interresting photos. Answered a lot of questions.
  3. One problem i hadd whith my TG10 that was causing low pressure in the fueltank was that the pressure line between muffler and the tank was clogged with oil, probably caused by a too rich mixture, combined with the bad placing of the pressure outtake on the muffler. Don't know where it is placed on the tgx but it could be worth checking.
  4. I'm am planning on painting my ABC hobby CR-X in a silver/white two-tone, lower part silver and the rest white, like the silver/red one on their website. So, in what order will it be best to spray the colors, if i spray the white first will the silver shine trough or will it act as a "basecoat" for the white making it look more solid? My first thoughts where PS-12 silver and PS-1 white, but i am also considering PS-23 gun metal instead of the silver, bit darker, but maybe too dark? any thoughts? http://www.abchobby.com/productimg/genz/shots/crx/01.htm
  5. Hi Mark, i have the exact same motor and esc as you, the mamba max 5700 system. But i also have the same problem as you. Tried the motor in my top force and 10 minutes in to the first run my rear diff said godbye. The splines in the pressure plates hadd been eaten away by the outdrives. But that wasn't the first time, it also happened when i was running a 17turn brushed motor. So this isn't only unique to brushless power, and it's a shame because the top force is a beautifull piece of work and a great buggy. Have been thinking about converting to bevelgear diffs since the splines on them is a bit longer, but not sure what that will do to the handling. Trying one of the 2wd's didn't seem like a bad idea though. Looking forward to seeing more suggestions from helpfull members. And by the way, the mamba max brushless is awsome
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