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  1. Steve, again thanks for the info. I was aware that higher turn does't mean higher torque, but does equal lower rpm, it seems odd doesn't it that you need to have a lower turn count for a higher torque output, due to less resistance. It's all very interesting, it would seem that a geared down 27T- 35T would indeed be a better option in a crawler than a 55T not geared, but you run into higher consumption and shorter run times. My interest in all this is due to an experiment with brushless in an XC for crawling. I want to use an inexpensive brushless out runner, without gearing down through a reduction unit. I'm working on the idea that a 1050KV motor will have close to the right speed with 7560rpm@ 7.2 volts. Which should be about equal to the 55T lathe motor, but with more torque hopefully(i went with the longer can for the higher torque), and more importantly no brushes to get jammed after lengthy river running I've ordered the motor & esc, so we will see what happens on the test run once installed.
  2. I make it different to you? lathe 55T= 4.9 ounce inch = 352.838 165 77 gram centimeter RS540RH= 5 ounce inch = 360.038 944 66 gram centimeter Johnson540 27t= 4.8 ounce inch = 345.637 386 87 gram centimeter
  3. Steve, thanks buddy that's a help, all i could find was a 6 volt rpm of 6100 for the 55T which i equated to 7320 rpm at 7.2volts. I know that the TZ and RZ have a bag of torque at 500g -cm but know nothing about the torque of the 55t, so 4.9oz/in@10A eh? Now to convert that to metric... Adam i have quite a few of these motors in use, but that doesn't give me the facts, thanks for your input though. Ben.
  4. Can anyone tell me what the specs are on the integy 55 turn lathe motors? Specifically i'm hoping to find out what the max rpm is at 7.2 volts. It would also be nice to know roughly what torque these motors have. Thanks in advance for any help, Ben
  5. The little washer was most probably from the end of the main shaft (armature), just on top of the commutator, as a spacer shim.
  6. Very nice scouting sir! what a great find
  7. Let's hope it shows up the issues, only just been able to get back on to the forum now, it said "IPS database error" or something like that.
  8. Yep i can see the pic, i'll try the main site again.
  9. Yep just to add that i'm unable to get the main site still, hope this info helps.
  10. Flippin eck! he's good! that paintwork looks fantastic. I feel this is a good deal for anyone who isn't skilled with paint and wants a Beauty shelfer, nice touch.
  11. Not sure who i met yesterday, or how many of you were from TC, but was good to see so many turn up on a rainy day. Let's hope we get better weather for the next one, good luck with the clean up Ben.
  12. Yep should be a good meet if people aren't scared away by showers.
  13. A photo of it http://www.asiatees.com/pic_loader.php?siz...1296&html=1
  14. What something like this? http://www.asiatees.com/display.php?id=889...uster&pid=1
  15. I think you've got a dodgy set up buddy, as over here in the "sub arctic" UK, during the summer we had 30 degree c days too, and these were the days that Chain Driven and the rest of us (Mud-Plugger, Munchkin Rebel and myself) were out abusing the slash's with ten or so battery packs in a row and no heat issues at all, apart from sun burn! I would take a look at the placement of your esc, and the connections between the motor/ esc / battery, the other area to check would be the setup of the "punch" maybe you need to reduce the aggressiveness of it? Or it could be you just got a duff?
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