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  1. I have this motor still NIB and never used. Comes with cardboard box with gear ratios for TA01, TA02, FF, TA03F, TA03f pro, F-1 and C motors. I will ship anywhere worldwide as long as you are willing to cover shipping costs. Price for motor is $40 US and shipping will be whatever is costs to send it to you. The weight on the motor and box is 6.4 oz so it shouldn't be too expensive.
  2. So I think I know a lot about this chassis but someone asked me a serious question and I said they are the same thing. Then he asked if they are the same thing then why have different chassis names? He stumped me but I said to revamp the product line by giving it a new name. Am I right or wrong?
  3. We've finally put a club together to get out and run what you brung type racing. Nothing too serious just getting the ball rolling on the scale scene. So here is schedule into to 2012. #1 Calico Basin Calico crawlers Dec 10th-complete #2 Rock in the new year January 15 sunday (monday the 16th is MLK day) #3 4 the love of rock February 19 sunday (Monday 20th Presidents day) #4 Get lucky on the rocks March 10 SATURDAY (st patricks day 17th) #5 No Foolin around rock crawl April 1 Sunday #6 Mayhem n metal May 5 SATURDAY #7 School of Rock June 3 Sunday #8 Judgement day July 1 Sunday #9 HOT Shot rock tournament August 5 Sunday #10 What happens on the rocks, stays on the rocks... September 1 Saturday-2 sunday (monday the 3rd is Labor day) #11 Creepy Crawler Comp October 7 Sunday #12 Suspension, Tires and Gears Rock Feast November 11 Sunday-SERIES END...
  4. Hey Skottoman you should drive over to Vegas for one of our crawling events.
  5. At least with the threadlock you are able to fix it. I still have the wiggle in my wheels from the plastic parts I think. Maybe I should start modding it like the gpm parts.
  6. You can make one yourself. That's what I did way before there was a kit and I've heard bad things about the GPM kit.
  7. What do you need? We got plenty out here in the West. I'm sure I can ship stuff to you cheaper than you can buy.
  8. Oh I thought the skid plates would help, oh well saves on weight as my pajero weighs almost as much as it's 1/1 scale big brother.
  9. I'm glad I've modded my own Pajero but these look sweet. I'd like the skid plate for sure.
  10. Funny enough all of the MRAP vehicles came from designs from South Africa. With all the fighting that has happened there, they needed a way to transport the children to school safely so they came up with the armored bus design which turned into the V hull shape that protected the best out of all the designs. It started back in the 70's.
  11. A fighter would be cool but I'll never be in charge of one. You have to have a degree to do that and I don't plus too old hehe. Got to play with a new one today called the Caiman. Another big dog to drive tomorrow.
  12. I have a 1960's stingray jr that I will restore when I get home. Pics on bmxmuseum.com
  13. Well as most of you know I am in the Air Force and will be doing a very fun tasking. I've been tasked to go with the Army and proud to do so. Well here is the part that will make you jealous. I'll be either a Troop Commander or Driver of the new military MRAPs. If you don't know what those are, go to google and look them up. So far I've driven just 2 of the versions. Both huge diesel engines and either 4x4 or 6x6. All I can say is climbing at a 60% slope has to be the most scary thing I've done with a minimum of $750,000 machine. I would take pics but they won't allow us for some reason. Let's just say a tad over 400 horses and over 1200 ft lb of torque means she'll get up and go and climb a mountain. I can't wait to test this in the terrain of the middle east.
  14. Man you guys are making me jealous!!!!!!!!!!! When I was there 2 years ago I always ran Monday nights in Risby and they did start micros and mini racing there too. I love my Mini, I still got it too. It needs to be fixed and reoiled shocks for sure but it's still there. If I didn't race at Risby so much I would have gone to race my Mini there. All you guys enjoy what you have, there is no "racing" on road here in las vegas.
  15. You need to get a lot of the old members who live in the area to come back and do a bash. They were fun when I was there. Also going thru thetford forest with crawlers was a blast too. You should try that with xc's and 3 speeds.
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