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  1. For those interested, I've cooked down a Km/h formula: km/h = (Wheel diameter in mm x 3,14 x motor rpm x 0,00006) / ((main gear / bewel gear) x (spur gear / pinion gear)) Note that motor rpm often are referred at no load. Batteri output, weight, surface etc also affects. Normaly you can take this formula and reduce teoretical km/h with 10 - 15 % to get close to the actual km/h. /Tim
  2. Gear ratio = (main gear / bewel gear) x (spur gear / pinion gear)
  3. Hi! Normally, 6,44 is not problem for drifting with an RZ motor. Drifting with ABS tires my RZ handles 6,28 just fine! Go for high rpm, then you have more to control with. Good luck! Tim
  4. Hello! I can't find out how to vote.. Could anyone tell me how? Tim
  5. Hi! I concider to buy a brushless system for my DF-03. Its already upgraded with new shocks and the slipper clutch is on the way. I've been running it with Super Stock TZ and with 4600 mah Intellect it really moves. However, I feel ready for the next level. Was think about brushless NOVAK or LRP systems and Li-Po batteries. I'm looking for more acceleration as well as increased top speed. Any suggestions? Or would you say that the DF-03 is not fit for the job? I think it handles quit well. Two of my friends are running Durgas without outperforming my DF-03.. My 20 year old Thundershot and my re-re Lunch Box makes great bashers, so I was hoping to use the DF-03 for more competitive racing.. /Tim
  6. Great! Thanks for all the advice! I've now ordered the TT-01D Supra and TZ motor pluss the new Intellect 4600 mah and a proper charger. Have tested my friends intellect 4200 and it seems the punch is approx 30 % more than my own batteries. So, I hope it will make the TZ do a decent job. Paint job will be gold/black combo and gold wheels. Very bling bling, but thats how i picture my beast from the east.. Would be very interesting to get a TA03f though, maybe for next time.. /Tim
  7. Many thanks for your inputs! Very nice to have your confirmations that I'm on the right track! My platform will for sure be a Tamiya TT-01, TT-01D or TB-02D after reading your posts. I see that the TT-01D has a few hop ups, but I guess taking a standard TT-01 and adding ball bearings, Super Stock motor and drift tires makes it just as good for drifting..?? Or does the TT-01D come with oil shocks also? The thing is, I really love the Skyline body and they don't come as TT-01D.. Was thinking about painting it racing orange or red and fit gold rims with the drift tires. Maybe I'll also extend the light kit with some strobes or inner leds for lighting up a figure made of maskings in the body.. TheLordOfHoard; Your iridescent Skyline is a true beauty!! /Tim
  8. Hello fellow members! I have sticked to tamiya for 20 years now. I now have Porsche 959 4x4, Lunch Box, Thundershot and DF-03. For this spring I'm planning to try some drifting and right now I'm tempted by the TT-01 series. Was thinking about upgrading with ball bearings, Yokomo or ABS drift tires, Intellect 4600 mah and a Tamiya Super Stock TZ. Would this make an ok drifter? Or should I go for other kits from Yokomo, Xray or another brand? However, I don't really need top notch equipment.. Would really appreciate to get some advice on this one! /Tim
  9. What hop ups are most necessary for the DF-03 chassis? I've decided to run it with a Super Stock TZ as it gives enough speed for me, so the ESC + motor part is sorted out.. Would be great to get some inputs!
  10. It might sound like a constant high pitched kind of buzzing sound, but I can't hear it when the speed increases. After holding the car up to my ears it seems more likely that the sound comes from the motor. Hard to say if I should call it a beep or a high pitched hum though. I guess I'll settle with this beeing a harmless, bit annoying sound.. I followed your instructions for the grub screw and tightened it real good, so I hope it will stay on this time. Thanks a lot for your replies! /Tim
  11. I just build my re re Grasshopper with full ball bearings and Super Stock TZ (assembeled with 18 T Hornet pinion gear). It turned out to be very fast! Then the two problems: 1. The ESC is making a beep when I use the speed throttle. The connection from my transmitter (Futaba Megatech 2PL) seems to work excellent. The response is perfect. Is this beep normal?? 2. I tightened the grub screw with a matching hex wrench, but after some running the grub screw loosend and the pinion gear fell off. Am I doing something wrong?? Desperate for guidance!! I really want to run my hopper again soon! /Tim
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. One more question; Do I need to find a new pinion gear (18 tooth) to fit the super stock in the Grasshopper?
  13. TZ sounds right. However, what is the approx max speed difference in mph or kmh compared to the RZ?
  14. Hello everybody! I've been adviced to get a Super Stock for my re-re Grasshopper with ESC TEU-101BK. I guess I'll mainly use the Grasshopper for light off-road tracks, hard sand, short grass and asphalt.. Metal shielded bearings will be ordered. Should I get RZ or BZ? BTW, my modified Thundershot has the Technigold 540. Would a super stock be faster?
  15. ok. I'll check Dinball. Is the Super Stock BZ faster than the 540 Technigold that I have in my Thundershot?
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