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  1. Lot one, anyone have a single spare?
  2. Oh that shows what I know (such a noob!) Yes please
  3. I have a set of CV shocks that I think are for the TL01 chassis (they came with one in the box) with two missing their retainer caps. I bought a set of 50598 V-parts but the shocks end caps are different to the ones I have. The 50598 has the screw on link recessed in the end cap (see 1st photo) but mine have them butting up sitting flush (see 2nd photo). Can anyone advise which part I need? 50598 part 1/2 is recessed inside the end cap (the square bit of the screw on part not visible as recessed) My CVA shocks have the part 1 from above sitting totally proud of the non recessed endcap.
  4. I happened to buy a TGX recently without an engine and having seen your electric conversion I am very much considering going down that route myself
  5. That's fair enough. The other being the electric one?
  6. https://www.emodels.co.uk/tamiya-1-10-rc-porsche-911-gt2-racing-ta02sw-47321.html Shows it in one photo as having: FRP chassis FRP damper stay full bull bearings aluminium motor mount stainless steel propshaft cc-01 driveshafts (what's the advantage?) Are these all included or just potential ugrades? I've not seen any built or box opened!
  7. thanks for help, Turns out they're Integy High Mass Type 1.9 Wheel/Tire
  8. I bought them for a cc01 Unimog that i'm now not building and can't remember what make/model they are
  9. No nothing at all How does one know how much timing it has? I was wondering if its a Tamiya dynarun or similar missing label
  10. Think these are the ones, cheers everyone!
  11. I'm not sure if it's Tamiya or not but figured someone on here might know what it is. Fairly basic silver can but has replaceable brushes, presumably label is removed?
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