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  1. Hi all, Are the Bruiser tires supposed to have the same compound as the Mounty tires? Reason I'm asking is because I checked the tires on my Bruiser and Mounty. Those on the Mounty feels just a bit softer. I mean not much difference, but I can definitely feel it. I know this could probably be due to age and different storage conditions, etc. (I acquired the two trucks separately from different sources) Just wondering if my Mounty tires are original, because I've read that the Blackfoot tires that look the same as the Bruiser, are also softer. Is it much difference? Thanks, jas
  2. The 1/18 Dirt Hawgs are perfect fit?
  3. Looking for a NIB 58158 Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Ship to US. Thanks.
  4. Link to the website, has more pictures http://pmmc.hp.infoseek.co.jp/frog/frog1.html
  5. So it's basically a silver can with built-in caps and replaceable brushes? Has it got ball bearings? Can you cut the comm too?
  6. I looked at some pictures of the Wild Willy M38 boxes. I found there is an English version and a Japanese version. Internally, the tires of Japanese version appear to be blister packed, while the English version only wrapped with a plastic bag. Does anyone know if the box art or manual was also changed along with the introduction of the LWB chassis?
  7. Hi all, Can anyone fill me in on what is the current price range for a NIB 58035 Wild Willy M38? I searched eBay for completed listings but only returned one result which has a BIN price of close to a grand. I don't think that is realistic. Thanks in advance. jas
  8. NIB Fast Attack Vehicle Box Art Jigsaw Puzzle on eBay. Thanks for looking! FAV Jigsaw Puzzle
  9. TB-02R?? There is already a TB-02R. I guess he meant TB-02D, D for Drift.
  10. Is there a reason why Tamiya can't make the alloy casts again? Are the re-re Frog/Brat front up-rights produced from the original cast?
  11. The body set come in a box. And there is an adapter set sold separately to fit the high-lift chassis.
  12. Including the front steering uprights for the Frog re-re?
  13. Is there large acrylic case for 1/10 cars too? Been pondering on how to display my bruiser and mounty. Leaving them exposed is out of the question, 'coz you know the humidity here will get to the metal parts in no time. jas
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