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  1. Hey guys, I realize this is a very old thread, but I came across one of Dale's resin engine kits (the high-detail units in the last pics) in my project stashes. I'm never going to get to this thing. Is anybody interested in one of these? Let me know. thanks
  2. Anybody have any idea if it's possible, and what parts would be involved to convert this rerelease optima to a Javelin?
  3. Thanks for the info guys! Looks like the QD controller is a contender, hopefully I could maybe find just a controller somewhere. (I've already got the vehicle for him, on order at least so don't need the QD vehicle.)
  4. Any thoughts on a 2-ch controller for my little guy? He'll be just over 3 yrs. old and want to get him something he'll actually be able to hold in order to drive a car I'll buy/build for him. Not looking for super high-tech, AM would do even - it's more about the size. Thanks!
  5. Just gloating I scored a good deal on one of these through Towerhobbies and a christmas coupon code the other day. It was even slightly better than the normal Super Saver club coupons. I wasn't even going to buy one of these but that was too good to turn down. $185 USD for the Scorpion... nice
  6. Sounds like the relationship needs some work. No understanding at all, or respect for that matter. Granted we all here are essentially "playing with toy cars" but that doesn't matter. It could be a pet rock collection (as previously posted, made me chuckle) The point is it is important to him, is an outlet of some kind and he enjoys it. She blatantly has no regard for any of this, and this is a huge red flag in my book. My fiance has a a good understanding of my hobbies, she may not support all of them but does understand their importance to me. Therefore our new house has a room that is all mine and I'll put as many cars, robots, and keyboards in it as I want. (Not to mention I'll have a workshop in the basement... and what woman rightfully wants anything to do with the garage either? ) Nonetheless she understands and respects my hobbies, as I do hers. I think your friend needs to explains his new hobby to his wife. Since she obviously can't handle some toy cars... how does drinking at the bar every night talking to loose women sound?
  7. I've been checking tamiyaclub mobile version for months now. I believe initially simply browsing to tamiyaclub.com on my iphone would forward to the /m version and all is good. It's GREAT for checking the GALLERIES Not so good for reading the forums. What's the possibility of installing a TAPATALK plugin for the forum side?
  8. I've used Spaz Stix air brushed onto lexan (inside as usual) and results are always awesome. Almost doesn't matter what it's backed with with this formula, but it is translucent so you want to be careful if spraying other colors around, definitely back with something that fortifies your chrome's intentions. I recall when the first and only option was AlClad II chrome. I've used that too, on static models (not lexan, so painting on the outside) and I always found the best results to set up a black basecoat in gloss. I think they even recommended enamel, but this was static models, with no need for flex. Point is though, I think you want as smooth a surface as possible for the backing coat so the tiny metal chrome bits that are suspended in the solvent can align properly while setting. The aforementioned advice to use a flat coat backer seemed odd to me... I found this on FAQ at the Spaz Stix site: Question: How good does the mirror chrome look on an 'exterior' applications (Any mirror effect)? Answer: Yes, ti will give you a mirror effect depending on how smooth your surface is that you are beginning with. You will want your surface to be as smooth as glass for best results
  9. Looks great. The preshading is really tasty.
  10. If you have ever received one of these emails (and I'd bet 99% of us have) you ABSOLUTELY NEED to read this page... seriously, don't disregard, just click and read. http://www.ebolamonkeyman.com/
  11. Has no one mentioned perhaps it's a 959? Not huge in the physical sense, but significant no?
  12. I 2nd the Iwata, they're absolutely great airbrushes (still using my HP-C) - however you might want to consider getting the compressor outside of a "package" In my experience, hobby/airbrush compressors can often be small and underpowered, with no reservoir tank (essential unless you like the constant sound of bees) You can get a tank-style air compressor from a hardware shop, or online retailer like Harborfreight.com that will easily power your airbrush as well as provide other duties like filling car/bike tires, sports equipment, using air tools (great for cleaning R/Cs), etc. It just strikes me that you might want to consider getting a more versatile unit rather than one specific for only airbrushing... if you're spending the money anyway. Something like this would prove infinitely more useful than a hobby specific airbrush compressor and will easily do the same job. http://www.harborfreight.com/air-tools/air...ssor-97080.html - I use a very similar air compressor from Campbell Hausfeld purchased at a local Walmart years ago. I've used it for so many other things in addition to air-brushing and it even cost less than an airbrush specific compressor. Food for though. Oops, I see the OP already has the compressor. Well, if looking for quieter units, a tank-style compressor will only turn on when you need it, vs. non tank style humming along the whole time. You can also put a compressor in another room, or build a box to house it in to keep the noise down.
  13. CA glue. hobby-grade, gap-filling viscosity. Works well on polystyrene bodies. I used it all the time in my mecha building days. Also very cool to mix CA with talcum powder to get varying thicknesses of "putties" to fill holes, gaps, cracks, etc. Search google for SGT (super-glue talcum powder) for some info on the techniques. It's really cool stuff, dries fast, easily sand-able to a smooth finish. And cheap as all get out. I never had great luck with modeling putties.
  14. The spy shots look pretty cool. Might be my first Axial yet. 8)
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