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  1. Blacque Jacque

    H P I Stratos Shell

    Hmmmm, good thinking Batman !. If I remember, I'll measure up my L3 tonight. Only really suitable for indoor use though
  2. Blacque Jacque

    Brushless setup advice for (gasp) a drift TA03F

    I will second the 9t/35A EZRun. I have a TA03F drifter with one of these & it works a treat. Just over half throttle will keep it sliding all day & should you find it starting to grip a bit too much, just punch the throttle again & off you go. If you prefer a sensored system, then go for the XERun, but as you're not using it with slow motors / crawlers then the potential cogging shouldn't be any issue with the cheaper unsensored ones.
  3. Blacque Jacque

    Charger & Battery Help Requested

    Bananas.......Really ?
  4. Blacque Jacque

    Which M chassis?

    Having raced both recently, my advice would be to go for an M05. Not that the M03 is a bad chassis, far from it, but the 05 is better. The 05 corners flatter, allowing you to carry a little more corner speed & get the power on earlier. It also doesn't suffer from the bump steer or excess negative camber of the 03 when the suspension is compressed. It does suffer from a left side weight bias, but the 03 has that too. It can be corrected with a little ingenuity. A ball bearing kit for it is a must, unless you buy the M05 Pro version (which also comes with oil shocks). Kit shocks in the standard M05 are pretty poor, basically the same friction shocks as with the TT01. A set of super mini CVA's will be an improvement. Tyre choice depends on club rules, running surface etc etc. Find out what the majority use at the club & go with those, if they work for everyone else, they'll work for you.
  5. Blacque Jacque

    chassis suggestions for this sweetness... say it will if you build it 225mm wheelbase; M06 First Look Please don't put it on an M05, a fwd Z would be a travesty
  6. Blacque Jacque

    chassis suggestions for this sweetness...

    Your Datsun shell *will* fit on an M06, so all is not lost, you just need a strategic rethink
  7. Blacque Jacque

    chassis suggestions for this sweetness...

    It's already been proven that the Stratos shell won't fit on an M06 cleanly, see's post in this thread The M06 front end barely clears the 911 RSR shell, there's no way it will squeeze under the Stratos
  8. Blacque Jacque

    Another M Chassis project

    Absolutely nothing in terms of performance. In the newer M05, they make the gearbox run smoother & quieter, purely because they are a slightly tighter fit inside the bearings & the gearbox halves.
  9. Blacque Jacque

    M05 Pro steering servo

    I race my M05 Pro with a Hitec HS635 which is a similar spec to your Futaba S3010, good torque & speed, but not metal gears (Hitec "Karbonite" gears) & it works really well. The M05 doesn't need a hugely fast servo, but the extra torque over a standard servo does seem to help the steering. We race in an area just 10m x 12m with a 2m wide track, very tight & twisty, laps around 9s with silver cans or Sport Tuned. Any of those servos will do the job, but I personally would choose the S3010.
  10. Blacque Jacque

    Painting on-road suspension springs

    A light coat of PS spray would probably work.
  11. Blacque Jacque

    Gary Moore is dead!

    Perhaps not his most famous, but how about Black Rose ? I was blown away by the lead work on this track all those years ago & it still sounds just as good.
  12. Blacque Jacque

    Web site using images with out consent

    I think you're right. The trouble is, it's almost impossible to police it & it's so easy to just lift the image anyway, even images from Flash players can be got with a little detective work.
  13. Blacque Jacque

    Web site using images with out consent

    If you enlarge the Modelsport pic, it does say "Used with kind permission...", so either they asked or lied. I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt.
  14. Is it related to the fact that the main site requires your email address & the forum requires a username ? Firefox will happily remember both logins, but it doesn't know which one to use for each site as they are both For example; If it were FF could differentiate.
  15. Blacque Jacque

    Gary Moore is dead!

    Another rock legend gone. One of the guitar heroes that inspired me to learn all those years ago. RIP fella.