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  1. Ahh OK ill keep a look out for that part then, yeah people do call em ugly but I have a soft spot for them haha
  2. Cheers for that mate! Doubt I'll drill the chassis but the rest I'll buy 100%
  3. I'm currently working on a striker but before I build it I'd like to add some hop ups to it but want too know what hop ups are available? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  4. Just received one now mate but thanks 👍🏻
  5. I love em mate! I used to race them as a kid and want to have one back again lol
  6. Anybody else got a sonic fighter or striker?
  7. Can you email me? I'm interested in this
  8. Looking for a sonic fighter or striker I believe they are similar? Condition isn't really important and doesn't have to be complete however must be UK based 👍🏻
  9. Got it all sorted now thanks ! delete or close thread please
  10. I made a new thread now with better pictures, coz its got a graphite chassis and 4 shocks on the rear i dont think its a nt, not seen that on any xxx nt on goggle etc
  11. well yet again i need some id on a car please ! i was told that this might be a xxx nt however ther rear set up just dont look the same as the nt , but i guess you guys will know more than me thanks
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