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  1. I have a new F103LM-TRF chassis kit with NIB Toyota GT-One TS020 bodyset for sale on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Tamiya-1-10-RC-F103LM-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. Does anyone have one they want to sell? Looking for a NIB. thank you
  3. Hi all, Does anybody have a new Hotshot I decal sheet they are looking to part with or anybody now where I can find one? Thanks a ton for your help. []
  4. Help me out on this one... I bought some striker wheels off of ebay. In looking at the manual for the striker here on tamiya club it looks like the hub the wheels mount on is unique to only the striker/sonic fighter. I want to put these on a super hornet chassis. I don't have the wheels yet, but how can I mount them? Does anyone have any clues or suggestions on these? thanks everybody, Chris
  5. Here you go everybody! Straight from the Tamiya Japan page: http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/58336hornet/index.htm Enjoy!
  6. Thanks Mastermind and tamiyamc. Those look killer.
  7. great advice... thanks for the help guys. I did that and it seems to be fine. Just one of those things you are kinda unsure about and don't want to break! []
  8. Have any of you mounted a Jugg 2 body on the TXT-1? Will it work/look ok? I assume the Jugg 2 body has no mounting holes on the hood and bed and so they will have to be drilled. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? thanks everybody
  9. Its good to hear that is normal for it to twist. When I am driving it, it seems to sound ok. It doesn't sound like anything is restrictive at all and I assume it is hitting full speed. I imagined that is was just the properties of the bulkiness of the gears and having the twin motors. I certainly don't want to tear anything up. I guess that would be pretty difficult to do with this truck?
  10. Hi all, I just built a TXT-1. Everything seems to have gone together well. I have run the truck a couple of times and I think it is running fine. However, I have noticed a couple of things. Have any of you fellow TXT owners had the same tweak or twist of the chassis during takeoff and reverse...almost a tilt? Also, When I have the truck off and just attempting to push it on the ground it almost catches occasionally. It just seems like it kinda binds breifly and then is loose. Is this kinda typical because of the bulkiness of the gears or resistance of two motors? The differentials spin freeely with no problems. I think the gear mesh is fine. I don't want to take it all apart to check. I just wanted to see if these habits where normal for this truck? Any feedback would be appreiated. Thanks all and take care
  11. I wondered the same... The Gravel Hound is RTR so it should be numbered differently than the kits versions... WE will have to see
  12. Has anyone noticed Tamiya's next releases? 58326 Off Road Light Armored Vehicle *** looks like the hummer/TA01-2 type chassis 58327 Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II AMG *** TT01 Same as the original body? Kit #108? There are several more on the Tamiya home page... go to the Shizuoka page for a listing. No pictures yet. take care everybody[]
  13. Thanks guys for the feedback. I sent an e-mail saying I have attempted to contact him several times and that I will be forced to file a complaint with ebay if payment is not recieved ASAP. I got payment via paypal tonight. I am not trying to be harsh, but I mean come on? Am I the only one that is waiting to see if I one and sends payment as soon as I find out I win an item? At least freakin respond to the emails ya know? One week post winning an item, you should at least say hey, I will pay you tomorrow or I am working on payment or something... Do you all agree? I just think it is a good way of doing business. take care everybody.
  14. Hi all, Any tips on what seems like a non payer? I have auctioned off about 14 things on ebay with no problems in the past. I recently auctioned off a NIB KYOSHO KX-ONE. It has been one week and no response from the buyer? He has all positive feedback. Do you all have any tips? suggestions? Is this unusual? How long should I wait before I give up and relist it? thanks for all of your input. Chris
  15. I'm sure this has been asked before... But what do you all think is the better kit out of the box, making no mods? Clodbuster or Jugg 2? thanks
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