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  1. Another potential TD4 slipper adjuster cover arrived today, fingers crossed it works.
  2. to be fair these are probably more useful if you don’t have the hop-up hinge pin mount, seeing as you now only need 2, but it’s a hop-up so may as well eh?
  3. As mentioned earlier, replacing the std ball studs with Hard Hex Head studs in key places for strength reasons, but also for ease of removal. Vaguely remembered Paisen saying something about adding a spacer on one of the Tamiya RC Live streams and turns out they are 1mm shorter than the stock studs. To start with the same geometry as the stock build I’m dropping a 1mm spacer under each stud as I fit them. Stock Hard Hex Head So the Suspension links are now complete and the rear inner camber link has a stronger ball stud .
  4. Big post day, huge. all that I needed to complete the build, and some tyres. tyres first, Schumacher Mezzo rear and Fusion 2 fronts. These are the Astro turf set.
  5. I shimmed my TF quite a bit, details in the build thread
  6. I’ve a 26 in there, FDR of 7.9 with a target of 8 for my 10.5t motor
  7. Its because these axles use the thin integrated hexes so the longer axles takes the place of a thicker hex
  8. Having looked at the diagrams I think so, but can’t say for sure I’m afraid.
  9. fairly sure that you could pick up Schumacher Storm ST front axles too to give a better offset for truck wheels.
  10. Nice! Agreed on the cut lines, suits the body shell better imo
  11. Few interesting pics from Modeler Oyaji ‘s latest vid on the TD4, notably aftermarket db02/td4 steel counter gears, not the best screen shot, but brand appear to be Super Rajikon https://super-rc.co.jp/rc/category/?pcm_cd=01-04-01-66&sort=nw&scend=1&offset=0 Then at the Tamiya Race track, he spys this Avante 2021, which I actually quite like. vid is here:
  12. I think the whole thing is just better balanced, really leans into the Fighter Jet look that the cockpit alludes to
  13. Started looking at the electrics install this evening, one thing was immediately apparent in that it’s very much designed around stick pack batteries. The front bulkhead has a protrusion that holds the stick pack in the centre of the chassis and away from the servo. A shorty lipo is wider, so had to take a mm or so off the protrusion in order for it to fit. In both the above layouts removing the battery isn’t exactly easy, but I don’t have to remove any steering links etc So much better than the stock layout. Having the Rx opposite the servo works for balance aesthetically and also to keep the lipo central.
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