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  1. If you dont want to get a whole new set of dampers, get the DF03 damper parts bag. Its comes with the better red o-rings, harder springs and rod that allow you to fit the plastic pistons.
  2. A lot of the shops over here offer the kits without the ESC and then sell the ESC at a lower price than the officially boxed one.
  3. So Tonys Tamiya just messaged me as I asked about a pre-order VQS £335 with no ESC
  4. I raced micros with machine tapes screws for years, never had any issues with any coming loose.
  5. Hey 👋 yeah it’s me, actually waiting for cml to get delivery of my new micro as the scene is starting up again, hoping to have nationals in a year or two. i found that the thread lock was fine, enough help lock it in place, but super glue would be stronger
  6. the TA03 diffs are a definite upgrade and do have the hardened drives afaik, i used ag threadock to stick the outdrives in an had no issues. i'd also recommend sanding the diff plates as it's the only give you have in the drivetrain so you want them working 100%
  7. Brand new, arrived after getting stuck in the post after I’d sold the car and waaaaay after the replacements I bought. £15 posted each.
  8. medium, they just do sizes. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/kimbrough-mid-size-servo-saver-holes/rc-car-products/427791 Tamiya Number is 54396 for the shock pins.
  9. for a servo saver Kimbrough all the way, simply the best you can get imo. schumacher ones are the same, but rebranded and often cheaper.... i have a set of the hop-up lower shock attachement pins i think if you need em?
  10. Excellent work, although I disagree
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