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  1. Although, I have a feeling it may be one of the On-Road chassis’s.
  2. Aaaaaaand were off! I’ll be tapping the holes for steel hex head screws, Standard practice for my builds, can’t stand the self tappers. That done it seemed a sensible time to see about adding some weight to the front end, squeezed 25g of sticky weights into the space forward of the servo, it might need more but we’ll see. Had to be carful to get the positions right to make sure it went together okay. But once the lower shock mounts went on the front closed up nicely. Servo next, Alturn Low Profile Metal Gear with a Kimbrough Servo Saver, no messing around. Black Ed comes with the adjustable turnbuckles, so a dab of grease in each ball cup to aid adjustment and were down for the night. Set them to 49.5mm. Which will hopefully give me a tad of toe out. Front arms next, I have the Stainless Steel hinge pin Hop-Up, use them at the front to stock with the U-Shaped rod?
  3. Selling BNIP bits from the DT03 Racing Fighter Black Ed kit roll cover the costs of buying the parts to make it an Aqroshot (don’t ask, it’s a long story) anyway, many bargains, all without postage but happy to post anywhere at cost. Racing Fighter Decals: £10 Racing Fighter Body: £15 SOLD Racing Fighter Red Wheels (2wd): £10 SOLD SOLD 2wd Rib front/Spike Rear tyres: £10 SOLD SOLD Torque Tuned 540 motor: £10 SOLD SOLD DT03/02 Black edition Front wheel axles: £5 SOLD SOLD TBLE-02S Brushed/Brushless ESC: £10 SOLD Payment by PayPal please!
  4. 2 pages in and we might finally get some actual building going on.....
  5. The Saga continues, still not in.... also my HK order arrived but got a customs fee, now delivered on monday, great day all round.
  6. Snap!!!! But im going for an aqroshot build
  7. A kit, Finally!!!! only it’s next door and they’ve gone out for the night.....
  8. You’ll need a 17 or a 19t, Steel pinion https://www.modelsport.co.uk/tamiya-0-8-module-steel-pinion-17t/rc-car-products/390718 Red o-rings https://www.modelsport.co.uk/tamiya-damper-o-ring-red-x-10/rc-car-products/2138 chances are though that you will need to look on eBay etc as most shops will be out of stock. If you want to get the o-rings and shock shafts so you can use proper pistons at the same time, look for the DF03 damper parts bag https://rover.ebay.co.uk/rover/0/0/99?loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fp%2F14020225195%3Fiid%3D312558828674
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