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  1. Looks like its all been covered alrerady. drain cleaner and autosol are my products of choice
  2. The BBX is gonna have to be good to stop me buying this…….
  3. I’m more and more leaning towards a Madcap being my next project. Feel like it would be fun with DT02/DF03 arms and hubs
  4. Clear silicone grease for the diff balls, anything high temp will do. something with inclusions, a molybdenum grease for example, for the thrust race. Associated Black is **** good.
  5. Yeah, i got this for one of my DT03 builds. The dark grey colour polishes off a treat.
  6. No worries! Have fun with your build!
  7. Same….the slipper caught my eye when it was first released. The plated wheels still scream hobby buggy or beach buggy, but still, im very interested
  8. This is where my heart is leaning. If the BB01 is lack lustre, then grab a DB01
  9. Tempting but im a buggy guy, and for sure it will be modified in some way. All my builds are.
  10. practically i derived a lot of pleasure from problem solving issues with the TD4 and pushing the limits of what the DT02 could be. But in reality it was allowing myself to go through the cycle of build and sell, build and sell….. without guilt or regret. The grace i gave myself to accept it as part of my coping with a difficult year was meaningful. For 2023 I want to build what I want, when I want, If i want. With no end goal or pressure, to simply build for the enjoyment of it and for the good it does me. I wish the same for you all.
  11. I was hoping that tamiya would let us know soon….
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