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  1. I’ve always found this interesting, I tried to go all Lotus and have the lightest car I could when I started racing, but than realised that pretty much every one makes their car heavier in places so it’s more stable.
  2. I feel like the slipper clutch And transmission of the SA is definitely going to help , so I’d probably say that i the the hands of the same driver it will be the better car.
  3. just built the TA03 diffs, no mention on that build of how tight to adjust them. did use some of the ag to glue the outdrives in.
  4. Boiling also works. its not as effective but involves less chemicals.
  5. Trying in vain to avoid building up too many odds sods as I get back into RC so the clearout starts early... Spektrum DX2e Active radio set: tx is brand new, never used two rx’s an SR310 and SR201, both used includes bind plug. £45 posted Top Force CVA Dampers from the ReRe kit, never used, not even built. £25 posted Top Force Tie Rods full art of tie rods and ends, never used or built £10 posted TA03 0.4 mod spur and counter Gears from the ball diff hop up set, never used 2 sets, Free to a good home. pics when I can figure out how to not make them turn sideways, or message me
  6. @Mad Ax of all the cars I sold i miss that the most
  7. i used to run a lot of 18th scale, so this was my wheel house. Losi have released the Mini-T 2 so shocks will be easy to find. The GTB14 shocks are great it you can find them, but bigger bore, more like M chassis shocks.
  8. Look for shocks for the losi mini-t or the RC18t 3 racing make some and they are okay, but best are the Losi shocks. Other thah that the shocks from the carisma gt14b are very good.
  9. Do anyone elses pictures always display incorrcetly? the aignment is never correct When i upload them, is it an aspect ratio issue?
  10. Opened a thread in the wrong channel. Is it possible to move it?
  11. They also came as standard with the thrust ball races , which i was going to buy anyway. This way i get the races ans have two spare ball diffs.
  12. TA03 ball diffs built, not built a diff in 8/9 years but its like riding a bike, you never forget it seems. Documented the process but finished they look pretty good tbh. I'd upload a photo but for the life of me I can't figure this out, they always, always display 90deg rotated, Whats that all about then?
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