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  1. Hey Mods! My new theads need moderation, how long does this take? And what happens to them if they disappear? I have content I want to upload but don’t want to start again if I don’t need to.
  2. Turnbuckles are a must, I don’t think they will fit through the upper arm at this width. I used the carbon damper stays and had to space the front inner ball out by 1mm and then move the rear link to the back of the hub. Worked fine, but for a better racing a set up I’d like shorter front shocks. deets on my Aqroshot thread
  3. Took these off my DT03 (some mods needed to run) as they were great for ground clearance (being a little long) but not idea for race set up. 14mm bore shock bodies, rebuilt with polished shafts Two sets of spare front springs included as well as alloy caps and a tiny hex driver for the bleed screws measure 100mm rear and 83mm at the front, so probs be okay for a Top Force/DF01 £30 posted
  4. What bore are these? I’m looking for a std bore set for my DT03
  5. So plans for this are for to become an actual race truck, gonna go mess things up amongst the T6.2’s and Schumacher Storms, should be fun. Yes it would be cheaper to just buy a more race orientated truck, but frankly I’ll have more fun with this, than I would with the same truck everyone else has, also they have far too many set-up options for someone of my level. Talking of setup, the servo is fine, but I’ll be putting a 10.5t brushless in, so I should at least not get lapped too many times. To help with that power, a ball diff is on the way, I’m amazed that is basically still the Top Force diff design, intact the DT-02 one appears to be the TA-03 without the extra gears. Also changing out all the bearings for ABEC 5 sealed units . I’ve grabbed the reinforced M-Parts tree for some stiffer damper stays, cos I will crash at some point. Lastly I need to switch out the dampers, these Durango Big Bores are good, but I'm not convinced on the adjustments to the camber links, plus the front dampers are too long, measuring almost 90mm, which hugely effects the ride height. I’ll probably grab some DF03/aeration shocks
  6. Currently have soft white foams in front and rear, but probs gonna pick up some harder grey foams for the front. Can’t remember if I drilled holes or not, I’ll have to check.
  7. In my experience Modelsport, Makeitbuildit, MB Models and Wheelspin are the only reliable sites for stock levels. Most others will need a little checking. went with Fusion as they are really nice people and for the TC discount, which makes sense on a bigger order
  8. Tbf a light up mini-4wd track would be pretty cool
  9. Litterally just had an email from them about a DT02 ball diff, which they think will be mid-late May. Of course they are just reacting to stock updates from Tamiya U.K., so it’s not really their fault. I still find it annoying that shops show it as in stock when I fact they will order it for you from the distributor, but I get it. Not gonna cancel or order form abroad (even though it will orbs be fast to get from Plaza et al), our local shops do need our support if we don’t want to lose more of them.
  10. A lot has slipped to the 10th of May it seems, which means it’s probably landed at port already or is due to i the next day or so. Delays at port in the U.K. had been quite minimal for a while now, but hearing rumblings that they may be heading back up again, we’ll see. What’s for sure true is that shipping costs have gone up dramatically, so if we not seen it yet I’d expect price rises in the future.
  11. Back in the fold as of yesterday, looks like it was hardly run the past year.
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