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  1. I know! Good of the 2wd crowd to catch on finally id never say never, but at least we’ve not seen a big manufacturer use a common platform for a 2wd and 4wd. Kind of excited to see if they go this route.
  2. They seem to be finding ways for the TT02/DF03 shocks to fit these new biggies based on what we know about the TD4, so I’d say that yes yellow shocks can be done
  3. Interesting pic here where they seem to have edited it to show more of the bodywork Big Squid rc
  4. This is fair, but also doesn’t feel right, even from that teaser vid you can see that the design cues are very similar, same shock tower, inboard front suspension, same wing (and probably mounts). As a mid ship transverse motor car the TD4 was on trend for 2wd set up anyway and the front bulkhead construction makes it easy to see how a few new parts can be made to remove the gear box but keep the same chassis pan/arms/hubs etc. it may be cheaper, but I’d be surprised if the RRP over here wasn’t in the £300+ range tbh, with it dipping under that marks at most webshops.
  5. but it's likely to be mostly the same thing, just 2wd and the same price.......so i'm super interested why as a 4wd it inspires marmite style hatred, yet as a 2wd we all seem to be into it at the moment. apart from @Gazzalene obvs
  6. If by seems to you mean actually says astute, then yes.
  7. sheesh, what a downer. way to spoil the buzz.
  8. amazed at how the fenders and body style, which lets face it are both basically the Avante with a few tweaks are getting less hate for this version......... maybe we're all just used to this look now.
  9. So far the major ports are okay here, the issues are delays leaving the port though so it will get worse as container traffic picks up toward the end of the year
  10. Anyone heard any news on a U.K. date? it was 21st, but it’s all gone quiet
  11. Once again I’ve fell foul of the service stock issue with a local website, I want to buy from the U.K. but it’s so frustrating when it shows as instock and then you get an email saying it will be months away…. in the meantime another PJ package arrived with Hard hex head balls and a DF03 spring set, so I thought I’d finish off the dampers.
  12. Looks like first round of hop-ups a month later as well…
  13. Last I checked modelsport still listed 21/10/21
  14. Used set of Pink DF03 4wd wheels K Block Tyres, used but plenty of life left, 12mm hex drive £20 posted
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