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  1. Used a drain cleaner, sodium hydroxide was the main ingredient. tried it on some parts of an old associated car, some of the blue did not come off, so it won’t always work it seems. (At that strength of drain cleaner anyway)
  2. Yup, you have to position the tabs in a certain way to get clearance, the CompetionX build video shows this quite well.
  3. Yeah do it. The club I go to runs the trucks with the alloy center shaft as the only allowed hop up, although we are gonna play with Schumacher rally blocks for tyres and mixed surfaces…
  4. But the bouncy shocks are so much fun!
  5. Bump as full set of Ceramic Diff balls in the correct sizes for the TD4 added
  6. I know, sad times indeed
  7. The best one of the bunch is missing imo, the Des-T-Tute, inspired me to create the Madcap 2.0 from my old Sand Viper.
  8. If anyone ever sees this up for sale, let me know, i regret that I had to sell it.
  9. Of all the cars I had to sell, I regret that one the most….sigh
  10. this post. Shows how the Cougar KR parts fit fine.
  11. Aye some dremel work was needed. I think the KR knuckles must be thinner as there was no need to finesse it. It’s should be all on the thread, and or my Aqroshot thread iirc
  12. I did, the TRF 201, but the standard would have for as well with the right spacers
  13. There is a full conversion kit front and rear hex with all the bearings and hubs. https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/hex-wheel-conversions-12mm-f-r-cougar-47843?gclid=Cj0KCQiAhMOMBhDhARIsAPVml-GTSVaRBsdHKXJxSGyisE3-Xw1HbfgiuXX_EgKkqVlxsvxyAqI0yQsaAi9DEALw_wcB
  14. Ease of fit. The Schumacher knuckles just needs the hole reaming to 3mm and a couple of spacers, whereas the 3racing part needs more work.
  15. So was I, I’m getting used to it this year, as soon as I get a buggy/truck I need the cash again. Sigh.
  16. So I’d collected some Hop-Ups ahead of the TD4 release, and the unfortunate combination of long delays and life changes mean that the pre-order has been cancelled and the hop-ups are no longer needed. UK based, all prices include postage 4wd Star Dish where’s in white. as new, a pay it forward from @Superluminal so they will be the same. Free to a good home. (Gone to @Kol__) TRF 4wd Buggy Dish Wheels + Dual Block K tyres Great condition, tonnes of life in the tyres, would look amazing on the TD4. £25 - SOLD 53969 5x8mm Hard Hex Head Ball 54747 Low Friction Resin 5mm Suspension Ball As recommended by MS himself on the Tamiya RCLive video for smooth suspension 53969 2 sets £7.50 each - SOLD 54747 £5 (sold to @svenb) TRF Sticker Set C Look good and go fast. £5 (sold to @Superluminal DF03 Aluminium Damper set The title undersells these, built but never used and upgraded to silly spec. Tamiya Blue stripped for a custom look and includes; 53926 DF03 Aluminium Oil Damper 53927 DF03 Setting Spring Set 53576 TRF Damper oil seal 42214 TRF Damper X-Rings 53918 TRF Low Friction V Parts 42274 TRF Damper Tapered Piston 3x1mm £65 Ceramic diff ball set steel balls are not round enough and entirely too metally, equip your TD4 with super round ceramic balls! 2x15 3/32 diff balls and 12 1/16 thrust balls. £20 (sold)
  17. Imo best option is the Schumacher Cougar KR hex kit.
  18. Life issues will put this on hold for a while, so I won’t be getting one of first drop of kits.
  19. Remarkably this temp and the touch method are pretty well aligned, the issues being those outliers who have a very high temp tolerance and those with calloused finger tips, even then it can be trained. Ive worked in Coffee for the past 20 years and whilst training I would gets the trainees to used their palms to judge temp and whilst steaming milk, once you can barely hold your palm on the side for 1-2 secs it’s 55-60 deg. Tested this with a lot of people and it was remarkably reliable.
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