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  1. Quality of this should be good, Carisma make good parts and OEM for many of the bigger names, inc Losi.
  2. Grab some 1mm spacers and go for it. It will make a difference in areas like the ackerman angle for the steering, so by using these you're adding in extra tuning options!
  3. matisse

    Project Zexel

    Stunning Work!
  4. literally a thread on all the mods for the TD chassis cars
  5. Rebound, is a good tuning tool for shocks, and it’s important to set/match both sides of a pair. Set the pair of pistons to the same length, body to eyelet, and then you can use a combination of spring cups to set various rebound rates by setting how far the piston is into the body when you build. I like more rebound on the front than the rear, allowed a little extra tuning for understeer iirc. Adam Drake’s video is very good on this subject This vid is the reason I ran the Aeration buggy shocks with bladders and foam inserts and the option for vented caps.
  6. Wow, just wow. this is truly magnificent work, bravo.
  7. The AGC-RZ low profile i fitted to my TD was great, little more costly than the etronix but higher specs and not as much wedge as a savox. Looking forward to the end result
  8. matisse

    Project Zexel

    Looking forward to the end result of this.
  9. matisse

    wtcc5's TT-02BR

    Excellnt work! I’d looked at the TRF arms for mine too, but ultimately decided against.
  10. matisse

    wtcc5's TT-02BR

    Delightful. its a much better looking car with the TRF/DB01 front hubs isnt it? what arms did you use?
  11. Andersen was the Brand who did OEM work for Duratrax and LRP amongst other brands.
  12. Well, once again we’ve reached the end of the road, and this seems like a fitting swan song for this period of builds. A turbulent time in my life has sapped the desire to take on a new project and that after the impetus to race or run had already left me. im sure I’ll be back, this time I’m not selling my tools, greases and shims etc, so you’ll see me building again at somepoint. in the meantime I’ll be lurking here and trying to stay in contact with the hobby. Fin
  13. Thanks @GeeWings @Ferruz pics in the build thread below
  14. Finished my last project for a while.
  15. Cut and Painted. slight variation on my usual scheme, to accommodate and compliment the white Madcap decals i picked up from RC decals. And done.
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