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  1. Tizer

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    So much cool stuff in this thread. I need to get some of my wheel collection out to show you guys.
  2. Tizer

    TA03rsTRF shocks

    I always thought they were supposed to be red. The Tamiya red anodizing does fade though over time making it look more pink. Look at some of the TBevo Surikarns, some are a light pink. But you're right. I just checked the Tamiya.com official listing. This is in their spec list. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/58243ta03rs_trf/ta03rs_trf.htm
  3. Would 3D printed versions be acceptable?
  4. Tizer

    TA03rsTRF shocks

    Should be red and blue, Tamiya colours
  5. Tizer

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Haha yes indeed. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any new RC's this month (I bought about 20 in the last 3 months or so Oops!) but I just spotted a nice TB01 full of upgrades.... hmmmmm what to do I'll get some pictures soon.
  6. Tizer

    Newby, sort of.. Calsonic Primera

    The Primera body and FF01 chassis have long been discontinued. Tamiya has rereleased a whole bunch of bodyshells from that time, but never the Primera. Finding a replacement will be difficult and/or expensive as they are rare and sought after. There are plenty of other nice FF shells you could use (or even something 4WD or RWD if you don't mind) that will fit your FF01 chassis. Tamiya rereleased the Honda Accord and Civic, Toyota Levin and Corona, Renault Clio, HKS Vectra and many more FF01 replacement parts are both easy and very difficult depending on which part. It shares most of it's DNA with the Tamiya TA02 that has been rereleased countless of times so parts are very easy to find. The main chassis, all of the suspension and most of the gears are the same. If you need something FF01 specific it's more difficult, but there's plenty of collectors on the forum here or on Facebook you can get parts from.
  7. Tizer

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Just discovered this topic Recently I've been getting into TB chassis, while before I used to dislike them. I had a TB02R which was alright but had the tendency to wear out bevel gears. I also used to work on the TBevo4 and TBevo5's of friends to help them with setting up the diffs and gear mesh as they also broke gear after gear. My favourite thing to collect is odd coloured Tamiya parts such as all the fluorescent TA01/2 parts but also the unique aluminium parts. I bought a TBevo3 Surikarn a long time ago and wanted to start cleaning it up a few months ago. I discovered it was not in the best state and in my search for replacement parts I ended up buying another complete Surikarn in nice condition along with a bunch of NIP parts, a Square carbon conversion and best of all a rare Kai / K's Factory carbon conversion. I'll be starting the build of the Surikarns really soon and will post some progress here on the forum. And then there's the rare green TBevo4 which I'm working on collecting. Should hopefully be coming together really soon
  8. Did you know you can dye the models black yourself too? Just get some RIT fabric dye like the racers used to use for nylon wheels and stuff. It works very well. Nice to see your getting the PA12 to work for your models in terms of accuraccy. I didn't have good experience with it. Any tricks you use for the fitment (such as fixed orientation, tolerances etc.) that you can share?
  9. Tizer

    New Project

    What are your plans?
  10. Tizer

    Wanted : Tamiya chassis

    Yep, all you need is the rear lower and top arms to change the wheelbase. I didn't have any left in my stock so I left it as I got it, short wheelbase.
  11. Tizer

    Boxes - FOR SALE

    How much for the TA03FS Corolla box shipped to the Netherlands?
  12. Tizer

    Wanted : Tamiya chassis

    I've got a TA02SW with red gearboxes that can go cheap
  13. Tizer

    Feedback on my 3D Printed Stuff, please. :)

    It will If you order Versatile Plastic in any other colour than white it's dyed as well
  14. The NSX is sold! Ferrari still here, and I also have an unpainted Kyosho MG-B body for sale if anyone's interested.