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  1. I'm not a fan of nitro's, but you seem to pick the most interesting models every time for a build. I'm following all your restorations closely! The progress from the before and after pictures is just so satisfying to watch.
  2. What brand is this hop-up? The GPM hop-up has bushings and a step screw, not like this. On mine I've replaced the bar with a turnbuckle so I can adjust the ackermann a little bit. Seems to work just fine, although I have the carbonfibre chassis of the Top Force on my car. I think I have another with a similar set of aluminium steering links. Let me have a look at home to see how that one is set up.
  3. Get yourself one of those TT01 or TT02's in a bag from Germany. They are stripped kits and go for about 50 euro's. Cheapest display chassis
  4. On the plastic too? What grit? The parts indeed look so much better now than the 'before'
  5. Thanks! I'll give that a try. Hopefully modern glue won't withstand the heat
  6. How did you get the tires off? I have a set of tires I need saved from a set of way to modern rims.
  7. Tizer

    TB evo IV MS

    Love the rear suspension! I was thinking of putting my set on my TRF414 for fun You should really upgrade the wiring though. Such a nice chassis and then a rainbow coloured spaghetti ziptied to the side really lets it down in my opinion These touringcars are at their prettiest with minimal, clean wiring.
  8. Up! Willing to let it go for 200€ for Tamiyaclub members only.
  9. Up! I have some pictures of a similar set installed on my FF01 if you want to see some examples
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for a couple of 302F or other small 27/40mhz KOpropo receivers. They will go in some of my older touringcar chassis to complete the electrics install.
  11. Tizer

    TB evo IV MS

    Maybe it was only used as a size indicator?
  12. Probably if you factor in the heavy screwpin kingpins of the original suspension vs. the thinner and lighter kingpins on the aluminium arms the total weight difference will be less. Also you gain a lot of handling performance from the altered suspension geometry which will be much more than you lose from adding a few grams of weight
  13. That Accord body is a HPI body alright The 98 version, not the older one.
  14. Man, I have so much respect for the lengths you're going to to make sure this replica is as acurate as possible. Most people would be OK with the major components being the same, but to go down to the washers and screws used is mental. Really good work!
  15. Tizer

    TB evo IV MS

    I had the same with the TB03 spool I put in my TBevo4, but when using the TB03 bevelgear too it worked just fine.
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