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  1. I'm a production department team lead at a well known 3D printing company
  2. And since the TA02 has now been re-released on a big scale it's super easy (and cheap) to get a new plastic tub and driveshaft.
  3. I might be biased of course, but the quality of the print itself won't be an issue. There is a difference from one designer to another in terms of tolerances put in the design and it can mean that some parts work really well and others don't fit even close to how it should be.
  4. Alclad also has a special clearcoat for these metallic and chrome finishes which is great. All other clearcoats will dull the finish. The Alclad clearcoat also works on the Molotow paint markers (or if you airbrush using the refill for Molotow pens).
  5. The TL01 (Or WR02/GF01) and TL01B (Or Wild Dagger) arms will also fit the M05 and M06. For the M07 and M08 I'm not sure as I haven't had any of them myself.
  6. Luckilly there's no chassis as easy to play around with wheelbase as the TA01. There are many options by combining different rear arms and/or the TA02 chassis tub. Are you using the Tamiya MF01X body on the TA01? In that case you also have to adjust the thread width most likely as the TA01 wider than the MF01X. To get the correct wheelbase for the Tamiya body all you need is a TA02 chassis tub. The TA02 tub with TA01 rear arms is about 238mm wheelbase, which is very close to a long wheelbase M-chassis like the MF01X or M06L this body comes on.
  7. Never knew that was sold as a complete set with the mounts, brace and arms together. Need to keep an eye out for another, that's cool.
  8. Didn't see those yet! I'll check it out I don't care who makes them, as long as they work haha
  9. Cool! Same as one of mine. I'm going for the reinforced tub with SSG upper, shocktowers and batteryholders + most of the silver upgrades. I think the tub adds character It's how it was originally designed and if I want carbon I'm better off with my TRF414's.
  10. Will you be adding the C-hubs to your Shapeways shop? Would like to get a set
  11. Are you going to keep it a tub chassis or go carbon? Both would be best haha!
  12. Looking forward to the result! I've gone off the deep end with my TA04's recently too. Hoarding parts now from Japan. Such cool cars You'll need a couple of plastic bits to be able to fit the carbon upperdeck mostly. The belt tentioner is different and you need some bushings above the steering wipers. If you can't find them original I've drawn them up for 3D printing. They are not available on my shop but I can put them there if you'd be interested.
  13. HPI Racing carbon reinforced tub chassis, cool! The body does need to go a bit lower though
  14. On the pink car they are old Kawada wheels, and on the blue car they're GM Racing wheels.
  15. This is great! Specially in a time with lockdowns and what not a home track is perfect. I have the space in the backyard, but not sure if all of my neighbours in the flat would let me build a track Looking forward to seeing the improved version with the pipes and chicane!
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