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  1. You're just pumping out one awesome project after another. So cool!
  2. Without reading the rest of the thread, I have to say I do this too. I have SO MANY unfinished projects because I get hung up on the details. I want all of the builds to be perfect and I want so much from it that it always gets stuck on the last 5%. The build then takes too much time and I move on to something else where I can make fast progess... to ultimately get stuck again If anyone has tips on how to deal with this I'm happy to try them haha
  3. Cool, I didn't know the Dyna stock was the suggested hop up motor for this chassis. I think I have one kicking about somewhere too. Might be nice for my silver 414M too. Can you get replacement decals for it?
  4. Back to the HPI FF01 project, I FINALLY installed the longer bodyposts mounts to hopefully fix the body fitment issue I've had before. It's better, but still not great unfortunately. I think it needs to be another mm or 2 or 3 pushed forward. You can tell a little bit by the factory drilled holes. The body is pushed backwards a bit too much still. Good thing the chassis itself still looks amazing! I need to start ordering some bits to complete it (more blue screws, pins with e-clips and electronics)
  5. One of the latest additions to my FWD club is this Big Wave FF01 conversion. There's more pictures in my FF01 build thread
  6. The Big Wave FF01 arrived a while ago and took some time to take pictures of it. It had a few upgrades, but the plastics in front are smashed as always. Shocktower cracked and the bumper messed up. I do like the lightweight kingpins and universal shafts that it came with. The body is also in really good condition, so after painting the wing and mirrors I'm thinking of making this into a Zexel livery body? Anyway, here's the pictures of the Big Wave chassis.
  7. I'm really missing some Toyota action in those pictures
  8. I am planning on building a TA02 to match this car, as I have the feeling the TA02 might be a better handling car. Tamiya made the weight distribution changes for a reason of course
  9. I'm a bit sad that the design now doesn't have the long rear trailing arms like the YRF2 has. It's visually such a unique design, but it might be a bit outdated by now Either way the progress looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing this go into prototype/production phase.
  10. The Border RC in the Netherlands still has the bodyset in stock
  11. Holy thread revival! This TA01 has been an ongoing project for years, being upgraded VERY slowly and occasionally driven on track. It's a lot of fun to drive as is, but when I saw some new TA01/2 parts on the Shapeways shop I figured I would upgrade it a bit more. The car has a lot of bodyroll, partially on purpose because of the soft springs, but it slowed the response in the corners a bit too much. I ordered the parts from the MS-Racing shop on Shapeways to add a TB03 foambumper and a TRF418 anti-roll bar set. The bumper goes straight on, but the bars are meant to go on a TA02 with stock suspension. Mine is a TA01 with my custom long arm suspension so it's slightly different, but the set still worked out. I will update the rear arm design a bit to make the rear bars fit better. Here's a couple of pictures of the car in it's current state. And yes... I scratched up the original TA01 carbon decks ...
  12. Woo, this will be an amazing build! Any chance you would want to make a couple extra?
  13. There's a really cool set that uses TRF418 stabilizer bars available on Shapeways. I just installed the set on my TA02 last week. You get front&rear with 3 option bars each.
  14. The second car is indeed a Thunder Shot or any of it's cousins
  15. Not anymore. That's a pretty outdated concept. About 10 years ago, when drift cars were still 4WD and without any overdrive gears that used to be a trick to reduce understeer and get the car to rotate around the front wheels. The trend currently is actually read-mid or rear motor layouts, and in some cases with the motor mounted up high too. Have a quick google for Kashagari-Style and you'll be amazed by the chassis layouts. This is all in the pursuit of weight transfer and realistic body roll and suspension movement.
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