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  1. If you're set on getting a TL01LA suspension set, just buy a complete car. I really struggled selling my brand new build TL01LA Mercedes CLK-DTM. I sold it this week finally after being up for sale for about a year on multiple channels. It went for 100 euro's, less than what a suspensionset would go for and you get a body, wheels, chassis bits etc. I've seen multiple go this cheap. Look for the DC5 Honda Integra, the Mercedes CLK-DTM AMG 2002 and the TL01Ra Subaru Impreza. They come with the LA suspension on it. If anyone would be interest I'm sure I can replicate the suspension so you can buy it 3D printed? All you'd have to source is the kingpins and bearings. I designed a long arm suspension for my TA01 already too
  2. Re-anodising always messes with the tolerances a bit unfortunately. Luckilly this chassis will just sit on the shelf, or if it ever gets run I can easily swap the shocks. I just want to build it to look like a display piece that an old shop might've had to promote all the exotic upgrades. It's very possible that it might have been Tech or Square with the shockbodies. I've seen multiple before too. @svenb The TRF2002 is not new, it's been used. But I found it very cheap and it looks to be in good condition. I also got myself the KO/TRF Volac, a KO VFS-2, a KO VFS-2000 and a Keyence Flash recently to finally get some nice period correct electronics for my touringcars.
  3. I have the M03, TL01 and TA03F in clear. I can confirm that they are indeed very fragile! The TA03F unfortunately has a broken corner on the back and a broken shocktower. The clear plastic is much more brittle, specially after being in the sun for years.
  4. Good news! I aquired electronics for this chassis I managed to find a very nice condition Peak Vantage Surikarn Edition motor and also a Tamiya/KoPropo TRF2002 ESC. I think that combination will look killer on the TB Evo 3. I will post some pictures soon. The motor is installed, but the ESC is still on it's way from Japan and will probably be delivered in the coming few weeks along with some nicer rims. I got the carbon fibre reinforced Tamiya dish wheels, which will match a little better in colour I think. I think I'm closing in on the end of my TB Evo 3 build. Maybe a few parts left to do such as HEROS carbon fibre stabilizer holders and getting some RC926 red aluminium front and rear hubs. Any other suggestions maybe?
  5. Hi Max, I've tried to send you a PM but I'm getting an error saying you can't receive PM's. I would like to have some parts anodized but have a hard time finding a place that is willing to do it for me.
  6. Have a look at the 3DRC cooling fan ducts for modern touringcars. They make a big difference in air temps. They force the air around the motor more than just blowing wind to one side of the motor. I think the Nimrod airduct might do something similar.
  7. Ohh I envy you for that haha! I've been meaning to go there since they opened a few years ago. They are all good friends of mine who I see a couple of times a year, but I haven't found anyone willing to travel with me there to make it affordable. They were maybe planning to do a big event this month, but it fell through unfortunately. I'll get there some day!
  8. As mentioned before, the TT02 RWD kit will not be great. You're better off getting a basic MST RMX2.0 or Yokomo YD2. Both have great performance out of the box and are very affordable. The gyro on a RWD drift car actually mimics the self-steering a real car does. It's not really a helper, but more to make it look realistic. There's more advanced gyro's now too that have extra adjustabilities that let you delay the self-centering of the steering servo to make the feeling even more realistic. I see you are from Denmark. I'm not sure if it would be very close to where you live, but check out RCboss.com and their rc drift track Cookies Driftlounge. It's one of the best tracks and shops in Europe (maybe even Worldwide) and the staff is very knowledgable. They have been in the game for a long time and all compete at world championship level too. You can get all the good stuff there
  9. Thanks for posting the progress here! I really enjoy following your builds It's a better overview here than on Instagram
  10. I bought from RC-Art a couple of times already Good experience so far
  11. Tizer

    TB-02R rebuild

    If I spot another in Japan I'll let you know. I often buy my stuff from Yahoo Auctions
  12. Quick update on this car. I've finally made a descision and went for the all-red dampers. It's less original to the car, but it just looks better. I took the dampers apart and gave them a wash in the ultrasonic. I reassembled them with only a bit of oil as I won't be driving the car anyway. I still need to dig up my red spring retainers for this chassis The one thing I still really want to fix is the front bumper. Unfortunately both of my donor chassis have a scratched up bumper and a normal TBevo3 bumper is slightly different. I had a TRF414 bumper brand new, but that's ones different too Recently while I was ordering some other really rare TB evo bits (you'll see those later I'm sure) I also got some wheels I figured would be perfect for the Surikarn. They are a limited edition set of dish wheels in black. Not sure what's so special about them as they are just black, but it's a cool detail All put together it now looks like this. Still needs electronics, not sure which ones yet, and maybe some extra red bits and rear bodyposts.
  13. Tizer

    TB-02R rebuild

    Cool project! You should keep an eye out for the blue lightweight propshaft from Tamiya. It was a hopup for the TB evo 3 and TB02 and it will suit the look of your build really well.
  14. That longer TA02 chassis is interesting. Where can you buy it?
  15. Uploaded all of my runs from the D1:10 World Championship in June I ended up making it into final day on sunday in 46st place. Not the best result ever, but better than last year and best Dutch driver which is cool.
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