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  1. I spotted the 210mm wheelbase Jugg chassis rails on the Shapeways marketplace. Now I know what they are for Cool!
  2. Nice work! Maybe the body has been left in the sun for a long time fading the colour that was on it? Before I switched to airbrush paints I always used the PS on the wing and mirrors Works just fine and with some clear coat over it you can match the gloss of the lexan too. For the mirrors have a look at some of the SuperGT / JGTC bodies as they have very similar (Craft Square) mirrors. Some of the Yokomo drift bodies have them too, for which you can buy the accesoires sets separate. Or 3D print some, that would be cool
  3. Would love to see this with all black cables cut to length. I think that would really help the upgrades on the chassis stand out.
  4. I like this plan! I always thought the later cars looked better anyway (lower, more agressive)
  5. I forgot about the white belts for the TRF415! It makes it look so much better
  6. They still show up in Japan quite often if you really want one
  7. Now onto the body. The big benefit of this livery is that the entire body is just black. Super easy to paint! Can do the windowtrims and body colour all in one go, so I only had to mask the inner part of the windows + all the lights. The HKS version unfortunately does not come with the lightbuckets from the street version, so I ordered those separately. Because I will have the lightbuckets, the lights needed masking too. With the street version the little indicator light inbetween the two circular tail lights is just a sticker, but I decided to mask this as well. I measured the decals and cut some masking stickers on my plotter to make sure I have perfect circles. I will later probably do some extra masking to get some detail in the tail light lenses that I can't easily do by using 3D lens decals from WrapUp Next or Pandora. The front will be easier hopefully. Quick spray with the airbrush with black (and a backing clearcoat) and the paintjob is almost done. As I mentioned before, my goal is to make the body look as realistic and correct to the real car as possible. Luckilly there is tons of reference material available. Based on the dimensions of the decals and a lot of the reference pictures I was able to 3D design the bonnet pins, boot latches, emercency switch and extinguisher pull, airjacks, tow hooks and fuel fillers. All of them I printed at work in resin for the highest detail and it being easy to paint. Here's a picture of some of the printed parts after painting them silver. I will add a black wash to the silver bits to give it a bit more depth. Some of the excellent reference photo's by Larry Chen that came in handy when drawing the parts. The side mirrors included in all of the R32 Group A kits that Tamiya released are from the street version originally on the TA01. Unfortunately they are incorrect for all the Group A cars, as they used a smaller and more aerodynamic (Ganador style) mirror. I opted for a set of Blade Racing mirrors I often use on my drift builds. The real car also has a slightly more rounded shape on the bottom of the sides of the spoiler. I rounded the edges of the Tamiya spoiler with some sandpaper and will add a thin spacer underneath to get the same look. That's all for now. Hopefully soon some more updates. I still need to finish the spoiler and sidemirrors, add a matte coating to the window trims on the outside and start printing some more of the detail parts. I would like to have all the accesoires finished before I start stickering the body.
  8. Thought I would share one of my recent projects here since it's a bit of a Tamiya classic. A couple of months I decided I wanted to start collecting some more of the HKS liveried cars since I already had a few and I really like the colour scheme. The easiest one to get quickly was the re-release R32 Skyline, but it seems I was just a little bit too late to the party since it's sold out everywhere. I stumbled upon 1 still in stock at a local hobbyshop so I bought it. Most expensive TT01 I've every bought haha The plan for this car is to keep the chassis stock, but to make the body as realistic as possible. There is a LOT of reference material available for the Gr.A R32's and also specifically the HKS one. I'm trying to develop some 3D printed detail parts that I will make available for everyone to upgrade their own R32 too. So far that process is going well. Around christmas I decided to already build the chassis. I remember the TT01 as being a quick, simple but fun build and this one was the same. I swapped out all the screws for stainless M3 hardware. I build it using the stock plastic bushings but might replace them with bearings eventually. I added some aluminium hexes because I happened to have them laying nearby The standard wheels really do not cut it for realism. I have used Molotov chrome paint to paint the rims and the edge of the faces to mimic the real 3 piece look, and painted the centers white to avoid them yellowing over time. The center of the wheel behind the faces is painted in a flat black. Blue/red wheelnuts added too, but I found the real car uses a grey nut instead of blue so I might swap them later on.
  9. Love the TOM'S Levin body! It's sad not a lot of people seem to like it compared to the Primera or others.
  10. Still up for sale. I'm open to offers if anyone's interested. Very rare and cool bodyshell!
  11. Together with two TamTechs this turned up this week Excited!
  12. You're right. They came on the later TA05's, TRF415's and early TRF416's if I remember correctly. The TA05's jumped from a 35 to 36 tooth pulley and the 36's were like this. Man, this thread is bringing back so many memories from back when I had my TRF415MSX as a drift chassis (VERY early times in the RC drifting world haha ) . I recently bought another which I still have to pull apart to clean and rebuild. Love the attention to detail trying to use all the correct spacers etc. By the way, those tiny bearings in the front knuckles really were a pain. They wore out so fast!
  13. The transponder holder is cool! Usually you see the older Mylaps style transponder mounts (Tamiya even included them with much newer cars) but this is for the more modern personal transponders.
  14. A super rare Tamiya body for sale as I have too many of them by now (Hoarder much?) This is a Tamiya Mercedes CLK body with the HKS livery as seen in the Japan-only TA04R kit. It is new in back and unpainted/uncut with all the decals, wing and extra lexan bits included. It's a complete body set. Price: 150 Euro's + shipping. I can ship Worldwide at cost. Once painted it will look like this:
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