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  1. New parts arrived from RCmart + my new print from Shapeways to try and fix the front shocktower/wheelbase issue. Got some extra turnbuckles for a possible second car, like a runner TA02. Here's the new front shocktower support Cy designed for me, but as he already thought the carbon tower now was too close to the gearbox to fit a screw for the upperarm inbetween. Luckilly he already suggested another fix by moving only the bodyposts (and perhaps dampers) forward and keeping the tower itself where it sits. I think that will be the winner, and will get the parts printed up soon. For now I just moved on with the original mount so I could at least get the car together. I added the big bore dampers (which come with a full spring set which is great!), aluminium hexes, the new adjustable turnbuckles and a bunch of TRF blue screws I got in an auction a while ago. Also found a set of blue servo mounts in my spare FF01 box. Here's the result so far And next to it's white/silver HPI FF01 brother
  2. I absolutely love M-chassis and I've collected a lot of them over the years. Most I never even took a picture off, some I posted a lot. I have a bunch of Tamiya but also a lot from other brands like Xpress, ABC Hobby, Robbe, HPI and more. This is my latest one, a brand new build M01 with pretty much all Tamiya upgrades installed. Really happy with it I have some Tech Racing options aswell as multiple Moss Green chassis sets and I might put some of it on this car, but I have two other donors so I'm not sure yet. This is so perfect I don't really want to mess with it. My favorite M-chassis are still my transparent M03 and my racer ABC Hobby Gambado Naked.
  3. @svenb That's pretty cool! Don't want a stick pack in it though, but red cells could be great Is that your Surikarn?
  4. Nice car! I too have a love/hate relationship with the TA03(F). My first TA03F was a drift car for me, about 15 years ago, when I didn't have the money (or knowledge) to maintain it well. It would always break and wasn't very good to drive. I got rid of it in favor of a TB02 which was much better at the time and have hated the TA03F since. But I absolutely love all other cars in the TA0x series and would one day love to have a TA03 in full Tech Racing options. Maybe this thread will convince me to finally get another.
  5. Couple months have passed, but I've been collecting bits for on and next to this car. While I'm waiting for the FF01 parts to come in, here's a little update on the TB evo 3. I finally found a red TRF tool set a couple months ago and it arrived last week from Japan (and an extra TRF2002 ESC). In the meantime since the last post I've also scored an original Surikarn box locally and there's another box + manual + stickers on the way from Japan. This called for a photoshoot in my new photobooth. Unfortunately I couldn't find my red setup board for the picture, but I'll get it in next time. What do you think? Apparently there's also a red chassis stand I had never seen before. A friend has offered his to me, so I'm considering buying it from him soon. Need to make the collection complete. Red turnbuckles and front bodyposts next?
  6. This only works for sensorless motors by the way. If it's sensored, the sensor won't pick up the signal properly and it won't work. There are ways to reverse some cables in the sensor, but you are better off just reversing it through the programming.
  7. One long upperdeck going from the gearbox to the rear shocktower would be cool. It will look less like a FF01 and more like a modern frontie, but it does give you a lot more room for all the components.
  8. Haha! Well it already looks the part I'll see what I can do about the scans. I'm waiting now for parts to come in from RCmart so I might be able to pull the FF01 apart next time I'm at my workshop. I'll also scan the tub chassis FRP bits. There's a small FRP plate to hold the servo in place too by the way. Not sure if you can see it well in my pictures. Are you planning on creating a more modern version of it too? I'd love something that looks vintage, but actually works well with shorty lipo's and brushless.
  9. Any tracks in that area? My family is from there (Kuhardt, Germersheim) and it would be cool to bring a car next time I visit
  10. Ooh boy I need to keep my eyes open for those parts coming by then Love to have a sneak peak at these kinds of projects
  11. That's so typical German indeed All of the secondhand cars I used to buy locally had the same kind of electronics too.
  12. Here we go! Quickly testfitted all the printed parts to the carbon fibre. I already noticed I need some more screw options as I dont have the correct lenghts for it all. I'll put in an order to re-stock my stainless screw supply Last week one of my collected orders from Yahoo Auctions came in and included was this Eagle Racing aluminium rear suspension mount. The front one + motor guard is included in the next box that should arrive this week. It was quick and easy to assemble the rear bulkheads too I did notice the upper plate wasn't sitting level. I played around with flipping the rear mount upside down, but that also didn't sit level. It could be because I'm using a non-Tamiya chassis that the sizes are just slightly off, so I'll just add some small shims to fix it later on. Does look good though! On to the front! As clearly mentioned in the product description for this front tower, the original fixed upper arms do not fit. I'll need to order myself some ballends and turnbuckles for this chassis. Next problem however was that when I put the Civic body back on (with factory drilled holes) it didn't sit right. The body was pushed backwards in relation to the chassis. I then figured the Eagle Racing mount might be off, as I have had bad experiences with newer Eagle Racing stuff in the past. I swapped it out for the original plastic mount. It didn't change anything, so I fitted the body to my other FF01 which has stock towers and suspension to see if it was sitting right. It was. Also noticed my other FF01 has the stereotypical FF01 front shocktower issue... A cracked damper mount. And it was even sitting off the floor and still cracked. Sad times! But I have a carbon tower for this one too in the future so no worries. After some careful measuring and comparing stock parts vs. the newly fitted parts I found the new front shocktower moved the mounting points for the upperarms, dampers and bodyposts ~3mm backwards. Luckilly it's designed in such a way that one can fit spacers between the printed mount and the carbon tower, so I did. I added 3mm thick spacers and tested the fitment again. It worked! It's sitting much better now. The body is not sitting level in the pictures, but with the rear end a bit to low. When sitting level the wheels sit in the center of the wheelwells though. I didn't touch the rear end at all, it was all in the front tower it seems. As a bonus, when flipped around the front upperarms now do fit as well. So here it is, the FF01 as it's sits at the moment. Waiting for the correct screws and some other bits and pieces to make adjustable upper arms. Bonus pictures! This is my third FF01 that's disassembled. It's brand new and never used and includes some upgrades as you can see. There's also a cool Tekin ESC that I might put in something else sometime. Let's see. And this Cross Racing (?) delrin suspension for TA02 also came in together with the Eagle Racing rear mount. I might put this on the FF01. Not sure yet. It's a very cool rare upgrade though! Now I have a 3mm bigger mount already being printed at Shapeways and the option of only moving the bodyposts forward (not the rest of the tower) thanks to @ThunderDragonCy who has been so kind to alter his designs slightly for me to perfect this build. Stay tuned for that!
  13. Got my Fibrelyte bits aswell as my Tamico order today Fibrelyte carbon bits for the CTE FF01 conversion. More in the builds section of the forum. And now from Tamico the following: Tamiya NSX body for racing my TA04, TRF414 or something else.. we'll see! Protoform Spec6 body again for racing on one of my (vintage) touringcars. I have a Kawada Sigma II that could be great with this body Tamiya Esso Ultraflo Supra body. It's slightly different than the re-release TOM'S 2000 Supra and I need this particular one for an AMS decalset I have Bunch of TA01/2 bits for restorations and a new runner for racing to compare against my TA01 runner. It will get 3D printed M's Racing from Shapeways parts to install the TB03 front bumper and TRF418 rollbars onto the TA01/2 chassis
  14. Finally got my Fibrelyte parts after they've send them to the wrong address in the first place. Two full sets of the CTE carbon bits. Will keep one set of the rear parts as spares because of the already installed aluminium rear end on the white car.
  15. Love the Cross shocktowers and anti roll bars. Such a good upgrade! Need to get my hands on a set sometime.
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