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  1. Tearing it down was a matter of about 15 minutes. It's become routine after building so many FF01's and TA01/2's Now for a deep clean and rebuild with some new parts.
  2. Recently in another buying spree on Yahoo Auctions I bought a Tamiya Toyota HKS Altezza body in the carbon print, as that was still missing from my collection of HKS bodies. I kindoff forgot what chassis came with it, so when it finally arrived a few months later I was surprised to find a decent looking stock FF01 under it on drifting tires. Not sure what was going on there, but of course that doesn't make any sense Since I already have plenty of cool FF01's I don't really need this one, so I decided to clean it up so I can perhaps sell it on. It arrived pretty dirty and dusty, but in what seemed like good condition. No obvious cracks in all the common places. Now it's time to pull it apart, see what's missing or broken, clean it all up and replace what needs to be replaced. It should end up being a tidy looking stock FF01 for someone else to enjoy racing/building.
  3. Wow this is incredibly cool!! I didn't know a kit for the TF2 existed. I have one for the TA02 just like it Thanks for sharing the build and pictures!
  4. The colour came out really well! Amazing what a good clear coat can do (and hide )
  5. Nice work on restoring the old electrics Ampro would be @Pintopower on here
  6. Would be cool to see the Sok livery. Haven't seen one before
  7. I'm not sure if there's already a thread about this, but over the past decade or so I've been collecting rare Tamiya wheels. One of my favorite types are the carbon reinforced plastic wheels Tamiya has done in multiple designs. I think this started somewhere in the late 90's with the M-chassis minilite wheels and the racing 5 spokes that came with the TA02's, but there has since been many more. I think I'm getting close to having all of the different ones, but maybe some of you know of more? Please let me know I received a set of Carrera GT wheels in the reinforced version last week from Japan + some more sets of carbon dish wheels. After taking this picture I realised I forgot about 4 sets I have So far I have the following sets: One-Piece Spoke Wheels (5-spokes) in 3 different packaging styles M-chassis 8-spoke Wheels 24mm Medium Narrow Dish Wheel (+0 Offset) in 3 different packaging styles Medium Narrow 5-spoke Wheels (Carrera GT) Medium Narrow 18-spoke Wheels Porsche Boxster wheels Speedway Pal 37R wheels (not Tamiya) It's super interesting to see all the different types of packaging Tamiya has used over the years. For example the One-Piece Spoke wheels you see in the above group picture with the modern Tamiya tags on them, I also have in the oldschool 90's packaging and a dark-green non branded packaging. The non branded stuff might be event only sales maybe? The 90's one was the coolest, as the pattern printed on it always sortoff matched the style or theme of the wheels. This one for example had a 'carbon fibre weave' style going on. And here's also more of the dish wheels, again in a non-branded packaging I've seen many times with oddball colour Tamiya wheels. I think again they might be event only limited edition packages. I've seen neon colours and (colour)chrome plated wheels with the same white label before. Anyone else into collecting wheels like this? I have a big pile of transparent wheels too, and I know there were limited edition chrome and gold plated versions of wheels as well that some of the TC members have collected.
  8. There's quite a few Tamiya repro and upgrade parts for sale on Shapeways too
  9. Those are the ones, yes. On the TA02S Lancia those are also already included. To complete the line-up of alternative TA02's, the TA02W (that came with the 300ZX and Tom's Supra) has the wide rear wheels, but also TA01 front knuckles and longer shafts in the front to widen the front trackwidth. It's the only one where the chassis was changed to widen it compared to a normal TA02.
  10. Don't know if anybody already answered your question from the original post, but the only difference between the TA02S Lancia and the TA02SW is the wheels. The wheels make the W (wide) part of the SW. The wheelbase on both is the same which is achieved by using TA01 rear wishbones.
  11. That's the same one indeed. They are all made by Team C.
  12. Finally took some pictures of the new Chevron Monster Mini body I build for my ABC Gambado. Not a lot of Tamiya in sight, but it's still one of my favorite cars Still want to add a few details on the body like an exhaust and panellines, but I've already been driving it like this As a fun excercise I painted the head and taillights instead of stickers. The rest of the logo's are still (DIY) stickers though.
  13. I see Tamico still has it. Great!
  14. Cool project I'm also still looking for an unpainted GTO body for my GT01. Did you consider using different tires (or even GT01 wheels) to change the stance a bit? There's quite some variation in sidewall and overall diameter between different brands of '55mm' M-chassis tires.
  15. Tizer

    wtcc5's TT-02BR

    Cool! I can't figure out why, but I too was captured by the look of this chassis when it was announced. Will this be receiving a similar treatment as your roadgoing TT02? What body will you go for?
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