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  1. Here's a quick look at a few of my FF's. I have a couple more but no good pictures. FF01 with HPI tub, white arms and some other upgrades M03 with transparant clear chassis and lots of Tech Racing options M05 with blue plated chassis and plenty of Tamiya options Next to that I have two more FF01's (one stock and another with HPI carbon fibre decks), a M03 for racing, two M01's (one with green chassis, other with Tech Racing bulkheads) and a 3Racing Sakura D3 converted to FWD racer.
  2. Nice! Both will perform well for sure.
  3. You should check out the Streetjam and Scale Dynamics wheels. They have a small diameter rim look just like the HPI's, but with part of the sidewall part of the actual rim (so black plastic) and it looks really good when used with the correct tires. Streetjam and Yokomo also did a 17" look wheel where it has just a tiny black edge to the rim to make the wheel look just a little bit smaller.
  4. The adjustable ones you mean? They usually have either a USB dongle or a programcard you can plug into it. One of my servo's actually has an NFC connection so I can use my phone to set it up from an app. Pretty cool stuff! It's a bit lesser known in the racing world, mostly from drifting, but I really like RC OMG servo's. They are well priced and very good quality/speed. Other good options include KoPropo, Highest and SRT. PowerHD has also come a long way since the days of cheap ebay china spec servo's and make really good stuff now. I'm not a fan of Savox, I've had way too many issues with multiple of their models. Trackstar stuff is also not great even though it's tempting because it's cheap(er).
  5. Wow!!! This is absolutely crazy. What a beautiful creation. I would love to see what you could do with an FF01 while keeping it sort-of period correct.
  6. What's the budget and what are you looking for? Do you want it to be fully adjustable (by PC or programcard)?
  7. Knuckles for sure, C-hubs I'm not sure. I would think so, but I'm not too familiar with the CC01. Knuckles and shafts are just TA02 items on all of those chassis (FF01, CC01, TA03)
  8. Amazing work with the prints so far! Any chance you will be making the designs available anywhere for other people to use/buy? Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, Shapeways etc.?
  9. Stop it! Now I want to start on mine haha Just got a third (? I think) FF01 a few weeks ago and have plenty of parts laying around.
  10. Me too! I have another set somewhere and a donor M01 with some upgrades that will make a nice future build. In the next box will be another M01 or M02 (can't remember) with even more upgrades. The green parts keep following me haha. I wish Tamiya did a white or clear version too.
  11. I made a video unboxing what the postman brought me a couple of days ago. There's good stuff in it, including a FF01 Civic, green M01 parts and much more Another box of this size should be arriving in the next two weeks so I'm super excited about that!
  12. Haha yeah I remember your nickname and builds from that time. It's been a while! 10 years ago I was in the UK for the first time to drive the D1RC Worlds. Too bad the quality isn't all that, but it still does look very cool. I like it when someone thinks out of the box and builds an alternative livery. Box-art is boring
  13. New video on my channel with the latest box full of goodies from Japan Including my favorite of all time Tamiya bodyshell!
  14. Nice project! I'm the complete opposite.. I never understood the love for TA03's, even when they were THE chassis to get in the early days of drifting (Groovy, DRCC etc. forums), yet the TA01 and TA02 have always been my favorite and still are. What's the sticker set on the black Porsche? Custom or a kit? Love the Playstation graphics. It's so 90's!
  15. Cool project! Retromod TRF415 without changing the looks (much).
  16. Love the little touch with the chrome paint on the edge of the rim. Makes it looks much more realistic! Will remember it for my own 2-piece MST's.
  17. 3D printed front bumper is already available actually Either on Shapeways or on Thingiverse. Just put the printed one on to smash into things while saving the original in your spare parts box.
  18. So happy I stumbled upon this thread. I love the look of your both FF01's, but the runner specially. It looks super clean but still purpose build. It makes me want to build one of my FF01's as a runner. Did you solder new black wires to the Tamiya ESC? Looks great!
  19. Love the work you've done so far with the 4-gear (I even boxed up the last bits send to you from Shapeways haha ) and it's making me want to build another FF03. So much fun to drive!
  20. Looks like MST wheels. Regular 26mm rubber tires should fit just fine, but the lip of the wheel might stick out a bit. That's how they are designed to look, to give the 'stretched sidewall' look.
  21. Have you tried sprue-ing 4 wheels together? That often helps a lot with the price
  22. Hey, 210mm wheelbase is actually the easiest to get bodyshells for. Not only does Tamiya make a whole bunch of different ones, but since it's the most common size pretty much all ABC Hobby, HPI Racing, RCon, Colt and many others are for 210mm too. From Tamiya you can get for example the Alpine A110, Honda S800, classic Mini Cooper, Renault 5, VW Golf mk1, Nissan 280ZX and probably more. You can also convert the chassis to mid and long wheelbase, which opens up a lot more possible bodyshell combo's.
  23. Time for another update before this topic completely dissappears into the archives I spent a little bit of time figuring out the electronics for the chassis. I got a KO servo and 302F carbonfibre print receiver from a friend to use for this build. I have the Surikarn motor in it and a TRF2002 ESC. Now I just need to solder everything in place. I also replaced the ltd. black wheels with the even nicer carbonfibre reinforced Tamiya dish wheels When searching for other things I came across my red TRF damper parts NIP, so I opened the packages and installed the red spring retainers and top mounts And here's the TRF2002 looking nice in the chassis Lastly I scored an original manual from Japan to complete the car a little bit more. Now I just need a box.
  24. I've been using the YR universals in my TopForce for a few years already. They seem to hold up just fine
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