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  1. I dont believe this guys, that seller is now a non registered ebay user!! ****. After almost two weeks of no contact with plenty of emails which he finally respond at the end of last month and he claimed that his computer had problems during that period etc. he finally agreed to shipment of the car after payment - that's the beginning of this month and before he become non registered. Now that he is not an ebay user and i've paid through paypal, what should i do? seems he is not going to respond the mails anyway....[:@]
  2. Sorry to bother you guys but this seems to be my last resort. I have brought this monster beetle from a guy goes by the name of "gazrobinson" from Leicester, which in the item's description claims to be owned previously by a tc member. All seemed to be working out smoothly up until after a mail that he claimed he will find out the postage total for my payment and he just totally vanished without a trace. I have since mailed him on numerous occasions but at no avail. Review from his feedback shown that he wasn't an irresponsible person so i just wonder perhaps some of you have dealt with him or may be happens to know him or know what's going on with him in anyway.... [:^)]Any info will be much appreciated as i am still giving the benefit of the doubt in taking further actions. Many thanks guys.[^o)] Here is the listing concerned: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 Will
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