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  1. Nice job I bought one of these aswell, only $125 USD form Banzai - couldnt go past it for that price. I agree the sheel is so thin, which is a surprise as teh re-re R91 shell is about 3 times as thick and very solid. Therubber tyres you used, are they for an F103 normally, if you get the chance can you take a pic as I would like to run mine aswell and handling like a slot car sounds like fun
  2. Well I decided to try it and I'm happy with the results. I sprayed over the decals aswell. It looks really good and seems to be pretty strong.
  3. Re-Re R91 - Started this Sat night and almost finished it tonight, still have to do the cockpit and the wheels were from a previous R91. It's fitted with a Sport tuned motor that came in the kit + a futaba MC230, should be fun. When that dies I'll put a Brushless combo in. I went for a Matt Black finish, pretty happy with it, not sure about the red around the lower windshield I used Tamiya PS-55 to give it the Matt finish. Edit: Thanks Guys appreciate the comments!
  4. I've never been interested in this kit but after seeing the box/ video on TamiyaUSA, I think I might have to get one **** this thread is infectious!
  5. Thanks for the info guys, appreciate it
  6. 8 x Nissan R91CP (4 original/4 re-re) 3 x Toyota Tom 84 (RM-01) 3 x Ferrari F60 2 x Toyota TS020 As you can see I have a thing for the R19CP
  7. I'm thinking of painting my R91Cp flat black and was going to use the PS-55 Flat Clear to turn it matt. Has anyone used this? Apparently you paint the outside of the body, is it durable? I would have thought you would paint the inside with it first, then paint over it.
  8. Cut out my re-re Toyota TS020 shell and then cut out my re-re Nissan R91CP shell. I've never owned a TS020 before but the shell is very thin, at the oppostite end of the scale my R91CP shell is really solid, more solid than the original. Where as I think the TS020 shell will implode if hits anything, the R91 will destroy anything it hits lol. Nice work on the bolt heads Skottoman! You have a steady hand, it took me ages to do my first set of wheels Can't wait to get both of these running, am thinking of going Matt Black on the R91 - think it will look very cool and now that bodyshells will be available I can experiment
  9. I'm looking in Australian Dollars I forgot most people look in US dollars
  10. I was going to build my Exotek F1R (based on the F104 chassis) but decided to build my NIB Porsche 956........brought back a lot of good memories And was playing around on EBay and bought a NIB Tamiya Rahal-Hogan Motorola Lola T94/00 Honda
  11. If it hasnt already been posted...tamiyablog have some pics up from the fair Edit: should have known it would have already been posted
  12. Bump for a great seller Recieved the Lola, thanks for the easy transaction
  13. No different chassis, GT-One uses an extended f103 chassis. If you look up the R91Cp and Toyota in the reference section you'll see the different chassis
  14. Stella is showing back in stock. Also picked up the toyota GT-One TS020 from Banzai Hobby for approx $130 USD.
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