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  1. Hello, Shift Gates For F350, Hilux High Lift, & Tractor Trucks. I am currently making Titanium shift gates for the Futaba 4EX / 4VWD & Hitec Laser 4 & 6 tx for 9 and 1 postage if anyone is interested. They are cut using a CNC water cutter and have all the sharp edges removed using needle files. The surface is also lightly polished to give a better finish. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Tamiya-Stick-Shift-G...1QQcmdZViewItem Contact me at: samturner1983@hotmail.com for details. I will also be making theses for the Acoms Techniplus 4 in a few weeks. I can make to order for other tx such as spectrum, jr etc but i will need the dimensions. Sam
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