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  1. i better start saving then must have one
  2. i do indeed right then wheres that spare one gone !!!cheers !!! this is it running silver can lol
  3. is it ok running a sport tuned in a buggy champ ?i know its quickish as is but want a little more speed ?
  4. more fun this time with a 1983 brat !! coming soon 2009 buggy champ
  5. posting a link to youtube of me giving my poor old frog/scorcher a bashing lol its the first time ive really givin it a really hard time driving it stood up well to it
  6. hi i need help on this one are the front drive shafts the same on the supershot as the hotshot 1 re re ?one of mine has snapped and i need to replace it asap all i can find on ebay is a supershot set grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr HELPPPPPPPPPPP lol thanks !!!
  7. lol oh dear there goes the kids xmas prezzies just got a bc so got to dont i ?
  8. bath model center has been in the same place since the end of ww2.i got my 1st car there back in about 1987 a hornet i still get all my new cars there now the last 1 was the hotshot re re as i work around the corner from it i go in a few times a week to have a look round .
  9. my frog/baja bug i built it i smash it i rebuild it ahh the fun its even got stolen on the number plates http://www.tamiya101.com/member_photo.asp?id=1656
  10. will i need to gear a hotshot down if i run a super stock tz in it?
  11. rear end it sits a little high up so it wont rub the wheel arches look here to see more of it http://www.tamiya101.com/member_photos.asp?id=984
  12. theres a bmx track in bath at odd down its ok if i can remeber and i think a woody boggy area
  13. try as i might i just cant kill my tt01. jumps, rallying,puddles the lot it just keeps on going it takes the abuse that i wont put my other cars though
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