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  1. could you use the 3 racing ones sold by stella?. They are orange not yellow but have the same plug as the ones on the MFC-01. http://www.stellamodels.com.hk/3rac-nld03or-normal-light-orange-p-3937.html You just have to watch what ones you buy as there are normal led's and the flashing ones. Normal orange 3mm led code is 3RAC-NLD03/ORColin
  2. Many thanks GregM. I asked as i noticed Stella selling WR-02 wheels in gold and they looked like monster beetle ones!. Colin.
  3. As the title says, are WR-02 Wild Willy 2 rims the same size as monster beetle rims?. I think they are smaller but just need someone to confirm this for me. Cheers Colin.
  4. I dont think it matters as all parcels pass through customs. Its just pot luck what gets caught for charges. Colin
  5. Be very careful with de solv it, i bought some to do a lexan beetle shell and it went cloudy. The stuff i use now is Tamiya polycarbonate body cleaner 87118. There is a thread on it on here, search polycarbonate body cleaner. Colin
  6. Well i got my scorcher on friday and the charges were £18.96. Stella had marked the parcel "toy car kit" with a value of $27! . Glad the charges came to less than £20 and i finally got a scorcher . Colin.
  7. Just phoned Parcelforce to pay my charges and told that it was £18.96 to pay . I dont know how they came to that charge as i never asked Stella to mark my scorcher down in price, i was expecting to pay about £50. One happy chappy here, and hopefully get it for my birthday tomorrow!!!!!. Colin.
  8. Looks like i'm gonna take a hit, but at least its on its way! 13-02-2013 02.27 International Hub Received from Customs - charges to be paid
  9. My thoughts exactly, still waiting on mine from 3rd feb
  10. Still waiting here too, the status hasn't changed since the 3rd (Pending).
  11. My kit from Stella is still with customs from the 3rd Feb. The wait is agonising, if i'm gonna get hit i want to pay asap not wait days .
  12. Just ordered a Ansmann Deuce nitro buggy kit from Modelsport for £79. The kit alone usually sells for £190!. This will be my first foray into nitro cars, so i hope i have done the right thing!. I couldn't pass up the kit at that price, will need to get an engine and radio, servo's, and fuel etc, but that can wait for now. This will probably be my only runner, as i still collect Tamiya rc, but dont tend to run them when ive got them built!. Colin.
  13. I wonder if this is the real life counterpart!. Sorry dont know how to post the pic. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bug-Box-Weiden/187259324625531?sk=photos_stream#!/photo.php?fbid=531149060236554&set=pb.187259324625531.-2207520000.1356197736&type=3&theater Colin.
  14. I do most of my work in the spare bedroom. As it is a very small room it only has room for bunk beds. The bottom bunk has a sheet of chipboard over it for my work space, and the top bunk has boxes of bodyshells, cars and parts boxes!!!. Colin.
  15. Loving all the detail in this build, especially the exhaust. I see the vw's changed hands again (3 times in this thread!!!). Keep up the good work, you inspire all of us!. Colin
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