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  1. just passed my test a week or so ago and am currently driving my hilux Has got a 2" lift, 33" bgf m/t's, tjm winch bumper, snorkel and alot more to list, does fantastic offroad happily taking us where we need to go and not to shabby on road too lol
  2. yep thats me lol small world, that was a good day that was, 1st ever trip to woodlands , although frozen by the end of the day , do you still go to woodlands? thats a sweet looking bike but a bit extreme for me which is a shame, just need something for nipping to the shops and the odd jaunt round the park
  3. yeah, i'm going down with the hpoc (hilux pick up club) there should be landy clubs, stalls etc so it should be good
  4. lol how not to winch, seemed like a good idea but spot where it all goes down hill
  5. just wondering anyone going to abingdon 4x4 festival and taking along a few of their cars?, would be nice to put a few faces to names ill be down there with my ax10 d90 and fullsize hilux 4door
  6. well coming back from work the other day i saw this awsome peice of improvising
  7. im having my dads when i pass my test its a 97, 4 door pick up, i have very expensive plans for it mainly being a lift, 35"s, 5.29 gears & lockers this is as it stands now but should be quite a bit higher soon
  8. i know there is is pirate4x4 but they seem quite harsh there, have you tried yotatech? only had a quick browse through but they seem like a nice bunch and may i say nice yota, i getting a hilux as my 1st car soon
  9. i'd say with the uprated shaft it should be fine to remove the plastic guide, also unfortunatly you have to dissconnect one side of the steering rod to adjust the length Hope this helps Jack
  10. haha so true, last time i was in there we were transfered 4 times between 2 tills till they could get one to work
  11. you would be greatly suprised i find racing very boring, for me there is only so many times you can drive fast on something but offroading you can go anywhere do anything, a bit of mudding, some rock crawling, ford some streams and then do it all over again
  12. yep well that was easy lol to believe this thing is just rotting in a field
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