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  1. Yeah the re-re’s certainly were a big surprise when they started. I’ve been out of touch for a while but do remember that there where folks on here who seemed to have an inside track.
  2. It’s been a decade since the first Re-Re has anyone heard any rumors that Tamiya are planning to Re-Re the Re-Re?
  3. As the title I am after an Original 58028 Toyota Hilux Door Mirror. Does not need to be NIP but needs to be original. No repro please. Many Thanks Paul
  4. Let me know if there is any interest. Sold the car so these are no longer needed.
  5. Very nice, any plans to run it? I never did with mine but I’ve seen a few go for it.
  6. Condolences to his family. The title is good, he was an RC legend. Rest in peace.
  7. Here is an ebay link to an active one TAMIYA 41059 Oil Catcher - Tgs 'clr' Disc - RC Car Spares 638499001194 | eBay If you dont want to click the link just search ebay for item eBay item number: 401630785986 Never used one myself but been interested in it for my TGS.
  8. Yup that looks nice, thanks had an old rough rider lexan shell painted camel, thought that looked smart. The black really stands out on camel as well.
  9. Its a lovely little thing, its like a watch... but its also a pain. Currently the metal drive gear stripped the plastic main diff gear! Quite common when addressing an issue you simply push the fault down stream to th next weakest link. However I have recently received a set of shims that are the perfect size to sit between the drive gear and sit on the ballrace race face. This will allow me to tighten the drive shaft to the drive cup without friction. The net effect should be a more stable slop free drive gear coupling to the plastic diff gear. Hope to test in the next few weeks.
  10. I am sure you’ll get good advice from Kev. The stock configuration does not allow for a pull start, there is not enough clearance between the back plate of the motor and the radio box. However you could remove the radio box and reorganise the steering servo to give you the clearance for a generic pull start. It would take some thought and a little effort. Me personally I just use a bump box. Before all that I would check the engine is stil ok. If it’s been sat with nitro or old after run oil for the past 30odd years it may not be possible to start. The issues would be…. if the piston was left at top dead center and is seized then you won’t get compression. If nitro fuel was left in the engine it attracts water and hence the bearings may be rusted to bits which on start will immediately kill the engine. Additional rust issues for the same reason can cause irreparable damage such as the con rod rusted to the piston pin. Good luck and ask any/all questions. ###### IMO nitro vs electric. Nitro is about owning and maintaining an engine in addition to the car/heli/plane/boat. Electric is just about maintaining the car/heli/plane/boat.
  11. Thanks Zappto. The other project is .... Scalextric... will see how long it last. As for Tamiya or RC in general, i'm playing with what I have for a while. This particular car was on my mind for months and months but as it stands nothing is currently calling to me.
  12. Thanks Mate, not a patch on your stuff though. The brown was for adding weathering to the driver and his clothes. The decals are ok but def not mint but - and it’s a big but - they are all I could find. I don’t know if anyone else does them. But hey we can get too carried away with this stuff sometimes :-)
  13. Well finally finished the body work. Still have not tested the gearbox and motor but will leave that for a rainy day. For now its done. I too was not sold on the idea of all the decals and indeed they are not box art as I prefer the yellow spot covers but the rest are as per the manual. However I trusted in Tamiya that they would recommend something that looked good and in my mind the more decals I put on the better it got, very happy with the end result. Its been a fair amount of paint... 3 x TAMIYA TS-8 GLOSS ITALIAN RED 2 x TAMIYA SURFACE PRIMER GREY 180ML SPRAY TAMIYA TS-69 FLAT LINOLEUM DECK BROWN TAMIYA TS-29 SEMI GLOSS BLACK TAMIYA TS-27 MATT WHITE TAMIYA TS-83 METALIC SILVER TAMIYA TS-13 CLEAR TAMIYA XF15 FLAT FLESH TAMIYA X6 ORANGE TAMIYA X18 SEMI GLOSS BLACK TAMIYA X7 RED TAMIYA X9 BROWN TAMIYA XF 10 FLAT BROWN TAMIYA XF 57 BUFF TAMIYA XF8 FLAT BLUE TAMIYA XF2 FLAT WHITE TAMIYA PANEL LINE ACCENT BLACK TAMIYA PANEL LINE ACCENT BROWN The decals are from MCI and they very kindly replaced a set once I let them know there was a printing error. Its not in any way perfect but its a nice job and looks nice on the shelf. You can see more shots in my showroom below.
  14. Unfortunately they don’t fit, c’est la vie. Going to go back to the plastic diffs but shim them even tighter. Such a shame.
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