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  1. Thanks Mate, not a patch on your stuff though. The brown was for adding weathering to the driver and his clothes. The decals are ok but def not mint but - and it’s a big but - they are all I could find. I don’t know if anyone else does them. But hey we can get too carried away with this stuff sometimes :-)
  2. Well finally finished the body work. Still have not tested the gearbox and motor but will leave that for a rainy day. For now its done. I too was not sold on the idea of all the decals and indeed they are not box art as I prefer the yellow spot covers but the rest are as per the manual. However I trusted in Tamiya that they would recommend something that looked good and in my mind the more decals I put on the better it got, very happy with the end result. Its been a fair amount of paint... 3 x TAMIYA TS-8 GLOSS ITALIAN RED 2 x TAMIYA SURFACE PRIMER GREY 180ML SPRAY TAMIYA TS-69 FLAT LINOLEUM DECK BROWN TAMIYA TS-29 SEMI GLOSS BLACK TAMIYA TS-27 MATT WHITE TAMIYA TS-83 METALIC SILVER TAMIYA TS-13 CLEAR TAMIYA XF15 FLAT FLESH TAMIYA X6 ORANGE TAMIYA X18 SEMI GLOSS BLACK TAMIYA X7 RED TAMIYA X9 BROWN TAMIYA XF 10 FLAT BROWN TAMIYA XF 57 BUFF TAMIYA XF8 FLAT BLUE TAMIYA XF2 FLAT WHITE TAMIYA PANEL LINE ACCENT BLACK TAMIYA PANEL LINE ACCENT BROWN The decals are from MCI and they very kindly replaced a set once I let them know there was a printing error. Its not in any way perfect but its a nice job and looks nice on the shelf. You can see more shots in my showroom below.
  3. Unfortunately they don’t fit, c’est la vie. Going to go back to the plastic diffs but shim them even tighter. Such a shame.
  4. Sitting in my hands patiently waiting for the replacement decals to arrive from Canada. Not sure if they have replaced the whole sheet or just the decal I raised with them. Spotted two other minor print errors since so hope it’s the sheer. i think it’s looking pretty good now :-)
  5. Not seen anything like this lately. Seems the Bruiser re re mirrors are ok but still hard to find.
  6. Thanks Mate Good news is It’s not like it’s gone far and tbh I’ve been into RC cars since I was a kid so doubt I’ll be leaving anytime soon. I am sure others have had similar experiences, a while ago I sold a Rough Rider and a few weeks later found it all broken up on eBay. It was the first time this had happened and I was a bit sad. I know that overall it will have all gone to good homes and produced many RR but in my mind I thought the person who bought it would finish it off and shelf it. But your all good here :-)
  7. I will keep these brief and do some "proper" photos later once I've decaled the truck. Since starting this model some 2 months ago barely a day has gone past when I have not dome something to it whether the building or painting. I fully believe that a real modeller could probably spend the same time re-doing all my work, buffing the various components and re-spraying. But for me this is about as good as i can do it for now. The rear mirror or side mirror is missing and while monitoring ebay almost daily except for a $400 NOS one from Switzerland I have not seen one turn up yet. The rear bumper was and still is a bit of a mess but at least its straight and I've re-inforced it with a tab of aluminium. Apart from that the rest is in excellent condition. Anyway Ill do a proper set of photos once its been stickered
  8. When I first got the truck I could not dind any decals so when I found MCI that was that. Interested to hear if you remember the alternatives.
  9. Phew, success, It’s fixed. Not going to add any more to it no clear coat nothing. It’s as good as I can get it, not perfect but I am very pleased with the result. Looking to start on the decals, Monday.
  10. Well I got around 30 runs out of the gearboxes before the new metal drive pinions shaved the tops off the plastic teethed diffs they meet with. I found these while searching for 1/16th stuff. Not for my car but they look really really similar in design so I will take a punt. It will mean metal to metal, although I still think I need to remove slop from both the diff gear itself and the drive pinion. They are for a ZD Racing RAPTORS BX-16 which looks just like another clone of this car, although to be fair I am not sure who the original is Raptors BX-16, Wind Hobby or Meteor. Or perhaps they are all clones of the Acme NB16, or all clones of the old hard to even google Losi Nitro?? Fingers crossed this solves the gear stripping drive issues.
  11. Hope so Kev, I can see the fix in the door because I know where it is but I doubt most would see it. These two on the other hand are much less damaged and so I hope once sanded they will disappear under a cloud or two of TS-8. just going to wait another day for the clear layer to harden before sanding and masking.
  12. Last Saturday I woke up ready to strip and repaint the cab. Been using a magnifying glass to paint the logo, had the paint brush all loaded up with silver and dropped it. It was a perfect streak all down the side. Don’t ask me why but in the next instant I grabbed some thinners soaked a rag and wiped the streak off - along with a section of main colour. With some careful sanding and masking I was able to use the last of my PS8 paint to make it good - well acceptable. So on I pushed and it’s finished, well except I have that can of clear coat… should I use it… man I wish I hadn’t. Stupidly when putting the cab back on its resting supports I still had the can in my hand and duffed the front!!! Well I am all out of paint. I’ve ordered more and will wait for that to arrive before hoping beyond hope I can sand the issue out and successfully respray it. Stupid stupid stupid… grrrr - My shrink says getting it out is half the road to recovery.
  13. How bad do you want it and what’s your situation. That’s all you’ve got to work out what anyone else does fits their situation. To some a limit if 100k per year is, well limiting (search the main site for user Hong Kong) to others $1000 a year is dream money. Don’t starve the kids, lose the house or upset the significant other and your in the ballpark.
  14. If you'll never find out I think we can say it handles like a champ, corners like its on rails, floats over bumps and wheelies on demand
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