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  1. scoobybooster

    Wanted Schumacher cat 2000 se, ec, wc or cat 98

    Think i have what you're looking for Need to take some pics then i'll come back to you
  2. scoobybooster

    What is This?

    Definately a Schumacher CAT, either an XLS or even a Short Wheel Base T400. Would need a body- off shot to confirm. It looks pretty complete and original (except for the rear damper stay). If it's a SWB ,then congrats- you have the Daddy of them all (First Schumacher Buggy ever) Have you tried to find out about a former RC Driver Tomita? This car looks like it has some serious racing history to me.
  3. scoobybooster

    What's going on with vintage NIB prices

    I rather have the feeling that the price level has been completely distorted for some time now. I have been observing a few "collectors" for quite some time now, who are always setting up the same kits at completely exaggerated prices over and over again. Pay attention to the sellers, they are always the same. As soon as a NIB Hilux appears somewhere on the net, a few more will join them within a few days - as if you just want to say: "Hey, look, I've got one, too ! " I personally don't take such "offers" any more - I find it rather annoying when people see sales platforms as just a "showroom" for their personal collection.
  4. Thanks for pointing this out. Question in General: Do these guys usually ship worldwide? (Haven't ever tried to buy from a jap. auction yet)
  5. scoobybooster

    49460 Tamiya TNX 5.2r Champagne Gold Restoration

    Nice resto ! Agree These are not to be seen often. Are the new wheels you have really gold plated? Looks more chrome to me.. Do you know btw if These came with an extra Manual 49460? I have only the Manual from the 43530 with it.
  6. I'm probably not the first and only one here with this idea: How about we have an extra section for Nitro Cars here? I notice that the interest for nitro cars has become more and more important among collectors and fans. It often happens to me that I read an interesting article, which is difficult to find again later because I can't remember in which section (Vintage, General) it was posted. Many nitros are actually older, but not really vintage yet - so it would be good if we could summarize all this under "Tamiya Nitro" for example? Just one idea...(Sorry if this has already been chewed through 15 times) Mike
  7. scoobybooster

    Let's play name that car

    Difficult to judge from that unsharp Little picture but My guess would be Hotbodies HB Cyclone D4
  8. scoobybooster

    Problems uploading pics

    Same here I constantly have a error message saying pics are too big (although they're not). But reduce size at about 2Mb sorts this out. Reducing size of pics is easy: just open them in a image editing Programm, then reduce the size and save them again before you upload here.
  9. scoobybooster

    FS_Tamiya R/C AMG Mercedes-Benz C-Class DTM D2

    Nice car, but agree on the Chassis , this is a TA-03. Is it only me or do I also spot the bigger 1:8 Merc AMG rims from the TGX series car ? Nice touch though, these look perfect on the smaller car
  10. scoobybooster

    Preserving Our Vintage Tires

    I simply spray them with silicone, let it soak a couple of minutes, then slightly whipe it off again. The effect is a shiny look that lasts for long, but makes tires also a bit slippery - so i can recommend only for display purposes.
  11. Hi just saw your post about the Schumacher Spares. 

    I have tons of vintage Schumacher parts, also a project CAT 2000 EC / boxed that i might let go. Just let me know in case you're interessed.



  12. scoobybooster


    Are there any 1:8 parts / bodies for TGX / TGR amongst?
  13. scoobybooster

    Full List of 1:8 Tamiya Nitro Bodies?

    I'd be interessed in that indeed, but i assume that shipping from the US ( I'm from switzerland) would make this deal quite uneconomical