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  1. When choosing the right fuel, there is another point to consider: There is extra fuel for aircraft models and car models - just as there are aircraft and car engines. The application as well as the fuel is specially tailored to the different operating conditions. While an aircraft engine (especially helicopter engine) usually runs at full speed with few load changes, a car engine is exposed to constant load changes (and speeds). The thermal and mechanical stresses are therefore completely different. In the same way the fuel is different: Rapicon is specially designed for flight/heli and therefore has a relatively high nitro and oil content. I wouldn't use this fuel in a car engine. Neither in the opposite case.
  2. You're right with both cars: XL/ XLS on top, followed by a Procat. At first sight, both look rather complete and original. Except for the black motor plates on the Procat ( These are either aftermarket hopups or simply been given a black coat of paint ?). As for the bodies i have no experience with Penguins but i use some Team Blue Grooves on mine- they are a perfect fit and quality.
  3. Not quite - Street Rover rims are shiny chrome while the ones from Dyna Blaster and TR15T are matte silver painted.
  4. In general I have the impression that chassis parts like suspension, gearbox and other sprues are still reasonably well available. Of course there are one or the other part, which is already sold very expensive. But what strikes me (especially with the 1:8) is that all bodys, bodyparts and rims of Japanese models (Toyota, Skyline, Subaru etc) are much rarer than the German Mercedes, Porsche, Opel, Alfa etc). For example a TS020 body for the TGR can hardly be found anymore.
  5. Great idea to have a seperate Nitro section. it's been a long time since these great models have been appreciated.
  6. I think the whole thing is a lot easier than we all imagine: As some of you have already noticed, I work for a Tamiya importer. As such, we regularly receive stock lists with stock from Japan (and Philippines). You'd be surprised to see that Tamiya doesn't have an insanely large stock - so don't stock thousands of kits of every item. Rather they sell out, and after a certain amount of time and demand they produce again. Sometimes we also get special offers on kits with obvious excess stock, but this is not the big mass. At least that's today-how it was handled in the beginning (70's/ 80's), I don't know, of course.
  7. Thanks for the info, Mokei. I should have mentioned that I only know (and meant) the offroad (electric) scene of that time. Obviously the handling was different in the on-road races.
  8. I still remember the times when almost every kit contained a driver figure. Funnily enough, even in competition- oriented kits there was often a driver figure. However, I also remember that it was considered frowned upon on the race track at that time to use it - therefore the driver was simply omitted (officially to save a few grams, in fact not to embarrass himself).
  9. I've come upon a cd "full version" lately. It was a really cheap buy. Though i don't get it running, Getting a message "can' t get an internet Connection" . I think it's not compatible with newer Microsoft Stuff as the game states from 2006 if correct ( i have Windows). Any ideas how to get it fixed?
  10. Oh wow- i still have a couple of these around - my three-year-old daughter looks them up and down. Maybe I can persuade her to make money out of them - she'll get a new doll and I'll buy 2 NIB Blazing Blazers with the rest.LOL
  11. These are the only off-body shots i have for the moment. In case you need a Special Detail picture, just let me know.
  12. Wow, stunning result ! Hardly a difference to a new never run example:-)
  13. Think i have what you're looking for Need to take some pics then i'll come back to you
  14. Definately a Schumacher CAT, either an XLS or even a Short Wheel Base T400. Would need a body- off shot to confirm. It looks pretty complete and original (except for the rear damper stay). If it's a SWB ,then congrats- you have the Daddy of them all (First Schumacher Buggy ever) Have you tried to find out about a former RC Driver Tomita? This car looks like it has some serious racing history to me.
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