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  1. Myth #15: Every limited Edition is indeed limited and when sold out will never be rebatched again.
  2. Hi Adam I will PM you this evening. Think i have lots of NIP parts i can let go.
  3. Not sure if there is a guide for this, but i know a guy instead. Ask TC mod acprc here. I'm sure he can help you with anything Tamiya Nitro related.
  4. For me definately the Avante Just because the complex but highly attractive and interesting construction is rewarded at the end with one of the best looking buggies ever made.
  5. Are you sure these are hard to get? I have ordered a new original Nitro Force (factory finished) body from Tamiya lately for my NDF cars. ( Item# is 18084172 )To be honest i was wondering that they' were still available. I also have 2 NIP Nitro Thunder bodysets (item#51181) bought lately, seem they are still available or maybe i was just lucky?
  6. This is maybe the rarest i own. It's a King Model AKM777 Leopard. Almost none informations to be found in the net, i have only seen a guy on RC10 talk who has one, too. I'm currently about to restore the body, clear from layers of paint which is very tricky without destroying the original decals on the outside. I guess the brand AKM was only very short on the market and this is one of their first models that came out.
  7. #49352 is very high on my "unwish-list" for some obvious reasons. I mean, how could they do that to a scooby? Looks like a monster truck with 36 inch rims
  8. Have a look at these ! New DL Series has been unveiled a couple of days Awesome Dually Scale Truck from CEN Racing.
  9. Hi I've got a few of these, I'm sure I'd sell you one. However, I'm afraid shipping to the UK might make it a bit uneconomical. ( I reckon with about 30 Euro for the postage alone ). Just let me know if you want to bite the bullet;-) https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=124972&id=20032
  10. My guess is that Aston Martin has secured the rights to the Vanquish name and that's why the thing is called VQS? But that's just my guess...
  11. I can assure you that the price of the Swiss distributor is correct at least from a Swiss point of view, but a comparison to the price of the Avante is completely meaningless. Firstly, because every importer has a free hand in pricing, and secondly, I would consider the following: the Avante appears in the felt 13th reissue while the Vanquish is reissued for the first time. So every importer can decide for himself if he wants to create an introductory promotion or a special price or whatever.
  12. You nailed it ! ...plus pink tires from the JW Hornet and a extra kumamon driving figure
  13. Thx for that. Will have a look in the evening when back from work,ok?
  14. I also have a NIB Cougar 2000, and a used Fireblade (taken to bits right now). and a almost done Topcat (orginal) Just to let you know in case you change your mind.
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