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  1. Maybe i should mention that the Icon is always there, but i cannot see the newer messages that i sent. I only see elder messages ( conversations) where people have responded. I assume it has to do how i contact: when i contact a member directly by a forum post, it works, but when i browse a member by "find a member" and "contact" then, seems it doesn't.
  2. Somehow I seem to have the same problem: I've contacted a few members recently, but I'm not getting a response. I click on the blue "Contact" icon of the member, send my message (a confirmation that the message was sent appears), but then I can't find my own personal messages anymore. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Strange what I read here: I've been using all kinds of Tamiya sprays for years and never had any problems with it. And if there were problems, the mistake was always to be found with myself. Actually, in my opinion there are just a few things to consider: The paint / can must be warm. I always leave my spray cans in hot water ( from the tap, not boiling;-) for at least 5 minutes. The room / environment must also be at least 20°, better even warmer. (All attempts to spray outside, especially in the colder season, are doomed to failure from the outset! Shake the can well before use. When you think, you're done - shake it again for another minute The only thing I can accuse Tamiya colors of is that the color of the lid often does not match the final result. There are partly considerable differences. But otherwise Tamiya spray paints are still a reference for me, which no other manufacturer has reached so far. Of course these are only my personal experiences...
  4. Possible this is Barry Chan Kam Lung from HK you mention? Obvious similarities namewise or coincidence? If were talking of same person here, i have had 2 deals with him lately. Absolutely trustworthy person, and I would do business with him right now.
  5. Of course it looks like a toy - because these are all toys here. Where's the problem?
  6. I remember that i used to take part at a 2h fun endurance racing event. We used a Futaba voltage telemetry sensor that helped us a lot to find the perfect timeslot for the battery changes. I also found it very usefull then.
  7. I can confirm that 100%. The supply voltage is not really a problem for a modern receiver. You should be more careful when choosing the servos. Especially when powerful servos are used, I would take a close look at the performance of the BEC's, because most standard ESC only provide up to about 2A BEC current. A powerful servo quickly gets into this range during operation.
  8. Regarding the 49400 30th Anniversary I can only partly agree. The effort that Tamiya put into the really great body and chassis doesn't go all the way to the wheels. To look at an 911 Porsche without having to look at wider rear wheels hurts my eye deeply and I cannot tolerate this in any way, especially with a 1000$ kit. Strangely enough, this was consistently implemented in every other cheap 911. Of course this is an issue that can be easily fixed, but i don't see the need to buy an extra set of wheels when i spend this amount of money for a kit. just my 2 Cents Oh- by the way - your 40 anny looks killer. That's the wheels i would have liked to see on the 49400
  9. To be honest - apart from the two original old ones - none of them. The topic 934 Porsche has been so sucked out by Tamiya that I can't see any of them anymore. Even a 30th Anniversary has become so annoying that I don't even click on it anymore when one is for sale.
  10. Hi Adam

    May i ask you about the scan of the Clarion GT-R body instructions again? 
    I want to make the body correctly boxart, that's why i'd really appreciate to have a look in it.

    Many thanks in advance



  11. I used to have that exact model. It's all metal Chassis, Was a very interesting layout, with electric starter to get the engine running. Though, i always thought it looks like Chitty Bang Bang that's why i sold it some time ago
  12. Thanks a lot for that. However, I have slight doubts about the correctness. I tend to prefer PS-33 Cherry Red myself, but I'm not sure. The colour has to fit for sure, because the pink also appears in the decals - looks pretty crappy if the colour doesn't match.
  13. Just wanted to ask if anybody could help me out with a scan of the Body instructions of 44003 . (Seems that there never was a seperate manual for the 44003, they all had the chassis manual 44002 included). Or - at least- could someone let me know the correct paint codes needed to paint this body (boxart)? Many thanks in advance
  14. Apart from the bad quality of the decals as you say, I notice 2 details which are faulty (at least that's my assumption - of course I don't know how the decals should be in the original): Powerd by Mugen should be called Powered. The "O" at the big "Sport" looks to me like turned by 90°. Anyway, it looks somehow funny...
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