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  1. Not sure but i think i have seen some pics here of a Kyosho Fantom with a 956 Tamiya body a couple of days ago.
  2. I can imagine that the effort for the Classic was relatively large for AE and the success rather lagged behind the expectations. Presumably, molds and tools are still in the drawer and the effort is kept within relatively risk-free limits for AE to postpone the Crystal to gloss over the expense side for the Classic from back then. I bet it sells like hot cakes, no matter whether it's meant for driving or just to put on the shelf.
  3. For my understanding "corse" is only plural of "corsa". but that's just me
  4. By the way, you have mounted the shock absorbers upside down. I doubt this should be a problem though...
  5. I also like the Jugg1 very much, the story behind it with the car being one of the biggest mishaps in the history of the company. This all make it very special to me. I also have a new built Jugg1 , one of the very first ( it was a former expedition car for Tamiya distributors when released). I also have the original conversion kit that was handed out to dealers after the recall. This is very rare to find in unopened condition.
  6. My rules are rather simple: 1. consider whether and how many of them I need 2. check whether I can afford it. 3. Go ahead and buy I must admit, however, that point 1 and point 3 are often used in reverse order as well.
  7. 58719 is available from late June, so it should be in stores early July. This is not a secret, you can check at (m)any distributors pages , such as Tamiya.de etc..
  8. Just saw the new product video of the BB-01. I am somehow a little disappointed, not by the car, but by the video. How the heck can you get the idea to present a beach buggy in a forest? Or is it somebodies granny backgarden they were allowed to shoot this vid? How cool would it have been instead, Tamiya had also shown a little more nostalgia in the video, and would have shot in good old fashion, a slo-mo video on a beach, or at least on sand in a cool location?
  9. Oposite for me_ one of the most underrated cars, especially from the suspension point of view. When I think of the front suspension of Frog and consorts from that time, the Falcon was much better. From this I can well imagine that the front suspension on the BBX should perform quite well. Based on the video that has circulated so far, it does not look bad.
  10. Think i agree with the most opinions here... And like otthers mentioned already, the best looking Buggy from T. for ages. Only thing i don't like are the chrome wheels, gives it a bit of a toyish look. I bet this thing looks way better with matte white rims..And i would have preferred that the rears are wider than the fronts. but maybe it's just me
  11. 200% agree with this. As a 5th, i would add that the time gap when T announced the 2WD version was waaay to short ! They should have waited for at least half a year before they released the TD2. Like this it only killed sales and interest in the new TD4.
  12. If only I had known back then that 40 years later, some weirdo will come along, willing to put xx$ on the table for the old junk Tamiya car that I just threw away in the trash can
  13. Unfortunately it is a Japan re-release only
  14. Myth #15: Every limited Edition is indeed limited and when sold out will never be rebatched again.
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