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  1. My guess is that Aston Martin has secured the rights to the Vanquish name and that's why the thing is called VQS? But that's just my guess...
  2. I can assure you that the price of the Swiss distributor is correct at least from a Swiss point of view, but a comparison to the price of the Avante is completely meaningless. Firstly, because every importer has a free hand in pricing, and secondly, I would consider the following: the Avante appears in the felt 13th reissue while the Vanquish is reissued for the first time. So every importer can decide for himself if he wants to create an introductory promotion or a special price or whatever.
  3. You nailed it ! ...plus pink tires from the JW Hornet and a extra kumamon driving figure
  4. Thx for that. Will have a look in the evening when back from work,ok?
  5. I also have a NIB Cougar 2000, and a used Fireblade (taken to bits right now). and a almost done Topcat (orginal) Just to let you know in case you change your mind.
  6. Edit: the Losi is an LXT, not XXT (have the Manual also) The RC10T has also Manual & couple of spares ( including the missing rear tires). Let me know if interessed. Bye
  7. Considering Stadium Trucks as well? I have a RC10T and a Losi XXT(if not mistaking) that i could let go. Cheers Mike
  8. Nice work so far. The Superten is a lovely series of highly detailed cars ! I have also a few of these, not startet the restaurations though. Oh- btw- you should swap the rear right and left front tire to match the rotating directions ;-)
  9. The 959 is without a doubt a wonderfully successful and technically sophisticated model from Tamiya. Its only fault - you already mentioned it - is its "wrong" scale. But above all - and this is now my personal opinion - the 959 is one of the most overrated models among collectors. The prices which are called for a good specimen are mostly beyond good and bad. Especially since the 959 is anything but rare. I sometimes have the feeling that everybody - really everybody - has another one of these things stashed somewhere in the cellar. (By the way, just like Wild Willy's). Secondly, the chassis is an absolute ulcer, so complicated and crippled in its construction that I don't really understand the hype. But just - somehow it's good manners to own such a thing, and that's how long the prices are paid which are called here. To each his own. It's not my thing anyway.
  10. Does it need to be working? Or just for display purpose? NIP or used? I might have a look through my stuff, possilble i have a used one..
  11. Don't mix up the two different shops: Kalfakis is a Greek shop ( former tamiya Distributor ) while the tread here leads to an italian hobbyshop in Palermo !
  12. Vintage Hirobo. Though don't remember correct type or name but i assume that's the same as here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=13956&id=126
  13. As in the title, I am looking for such a body set. Article 50863 Toyota GT One TS020. Meant is the 1/8th scale nitro version for the TGR chassis, not the smaller 1/10th scale. Please offer only NIP, or as good as new goods without significant traces of use or even holes. I have PayPal or equivalent goods (div.TGX Bodies and more) to offer in exchange. Also thankful for any hints or links on auction sites. Thanks in advance
  14. Not the best example as there are some really hard to find stuff here. For example that O.S 26 Surpass motor is a highly sought after collectors item. Not quite worth what he's asking though but therefore he accepts offers as well
  15. Well- I guess they have come to realize that the rest of the world is now buying supplies in Japan after the domestic spring has dried up. Word travels fast and they are certainly not stupid.) So why not raise prices? I'd probably do the same thing...
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