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  1. Honestly? I wish Kyosho, AE and Yokomo would take a break and give us all a break here. I mean - the amount of reissues, tribute cars and anniversary specials that have been thrown at us in the last few weeks is unprecedented. I have no idea whether I should buy an RC10, a Yok or a Kyosho 60th kit. I only know one thing - there's no way I can afford all of them together. So please let us all take a deep breath first.
  2. Tamiya is quick ! First impressions of it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW7nQbbl7WA
  3. This is a nice euphemism for tail- heaviness. Anyway, that was exactly my first impression when I saw the chassis. Of course, weight on the drive axle is always good for traction, but rear-heavy handling is not what I really like. I hope Tamiya proves me wrong with this...
  4. I absolutely second that. To be honest ,i am a little disappointed that they did not change the color of the body, or the decals. It does not even show "EVO", they even kept the "Anytime Baby" due to saving cost ( or laziness?) Well, i should not moan to much - at least they did not let the same designers (un-)do the body who were responsible for the TD-2 /TD-4
  5. Seems more details being out now: https://www.facebook.com/teamyokomo
  6. Just to throw this into the discussion: the turning circle of the TT-02TR is a joke. I assume the GF-01TR is more manoeuvrable due to it's shorter wheelbase.
  7. Just saw that Tamico has listed the Graphite kit for pre-order again. Available around August. I'm curious to see if this is really the case. I can imagine that there are currently a few heated phone calls between AE and Fan RC in the background. It's hard to imagine that this will simply continue for Fan RC. Especially as Fan RC is a small, family-run company and is unlikely to get involved in a confrontation with AE. Both are U.S. companies, and experience has shown that the issue of copyright and licensing is not as relaxed as elsewhere.
  8. This adresses Fan RC for sure. AE is not amused- this was to be expected
  9. To be honest, I can't quite understand AE's strategy: First comes the RC10 Classic, far too hesitant, too few units to even come close to covering the success in the market for it. Then the Worlds is pushed forward, probably in 5 times the quantity, in the hope of doing everything right now. Unfortunately, the success is not nearly as great as with the Classic, the Worlds is downright sold off. Then nothing for ages. Now, for the 60th anniversary, they're making a big splash. One model after the other is churned out, the customer barely has time to recover financially from the purchase before the next model is produced. Don't get me wrong here- i'am as happy as most of you to see all these cars back again ! But i am not sure this is a good idea how AE is proceeding here. In my opinion is is evident to leave a certain gap of time before releasing the next product if you want to succeed on the market. Flooding the market is a killer.
  10. i wonder if Tamiya would take this idea up and bring us a new model. We have seen several "Hawk's" before, so why not the "Hawk Tuah"
  11. I've been checking the internet up and down, the craze for RC10's is eye-watering at the moment, some people listing their classic kits for silly xxxx$ !! Even Team Car kits are to be found for 4-digit amounts. Cheez, i sold mine 2 years ago for 250, now it is "worth" 3 times more. However, as for a RC10T, seems that getting this kit is almost impossible if you're outside U.S. I have spoken to a friend of mine who runs a large RC Shop in my country, he managed to get hold of a couple of kits , so i should get one myself now.
  12. Sure- There was the 501, followed by the 511 as well as their 2WD Variants 201, 211 if i'm not mistaking Maybe there were some more i cannot remember at the moment
  13. Do you think this is credible? Wasn't this rumoured a couple of years ago?
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