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  1. I wonder if it is possible to use steering rods from Blitzer Beetle or Stadium Thunder. I guess they are based upon the same chassis.
  2. I guess the DF-03-wheels do roughly have the same diameter as the original wheels. You won't need to change gearing because of that.
  3. The higher the number of turns, the lower power, the lower the RPM. Usually they say that the silver-can has 27? 29? turns... There are 2 different types of brushless-motors: Star-wound and Delta-wound motors. Typically a 9,5T (brushless star-wound-motor) matches for a 17T Standard-DC motor.
  4. No, the DF-03-shocks do not include shock-mounts. If you need new plastic shock-mounts search for Tamiya 9005333 (black). There is a "red version" of the b-parts too (Tamiya 9005504).
  5. From my point of view the original steering rods (BD10 & BD11) are too short. I have "upgraded" to those from the XTM X-Cellerator (L/R-turnbuckles + short adjusters Tamiya 50797). Alu-Wheel-Hubs (e.g. Tamiya 53569) are useful too.
  6. It should be easy to get the rims of the StadiumThunder (part number 9335228). The only difference is the color. If you have a motor strong enough you could try the MadBull wheels (9805562 & 9805563).
  7. Definition of "Budget": It is something you always want, but you typically do not have.
  8. I would not recommend the plastic hubs. As soon as you tighten the wheel nut too much, the whole wheel is locked. Have a look at Tamiya - 53569 (deluxe version) or Tamiya - 53056.
  9. Isn't the "Metric 48dp" usually refered as M0,5? Like used in the DF-03?
  10. These pinions are metric. So they do not have a "pitch"... Pinions for the DF-02 have a "module" of 0,6mm (as well as TA-01). conversion: pd = 25,4 / m = 25,4 / 0,6 = 42,33dp
  11. Ugly chassis? Tamiya Sonic Fighter? Edit: No - it isn't...
  12. I would "repair" it from outside (e.g. little hole at the end of crack + decal sticker) and paint it from inside...
  13. Those "ReRes" have a limited lifetime anyway (e.g. ThunderShot, FireDragon, Frog, Grasshopper). Since Tamiya introduced the TT-01E some time ago, I have a feeling they have "given up" the TT-01 (in standard configuration). ?
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