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  1. replacing the battered old mini body, and was wondering has anyone fit an ABC Hobby CRX to the M03 chassis. ABC's site it does not fit, but that is also what they said about the Sunny Coupe, and that fit fine... Just wondering before I spend the coin.
  2. Nice looking paint job. I took my M03 RWD conversion out for the first time, and it hauls. I needs alot more front bite , or I need to work on driving style.
  3. Does any know the size of the tires and wheels for the old Monogram Lighning? I wanted to mount a set up to a Hopper, but don't want to layout the cash if they wont fit.
  4. If its not a Slash Truck, my LHS probably does not have it. Before they moved to a smaller store it housed a decent carpet track, that even ran a Mini series. and still my parts needs were unmet.
  5. I resolve to get to the track at least once this indoor season.
  6. Thanks - I think I'll pick up a set.
  7. I have been bouncing around ideas for new wheels for my Grasshopper Shelby Mustang project. I bought a set of QDs off of eBay, and the fronts file like a glove. The rear are obviously not made for this application. HPI has some Rims that are close, and I may just get them to make a a roadable car. Today however I noticed that the front wheels of the F104 chassis look like they will fit on GH uprights, the bearings being 1050, instead of the 1150 of the GH. Has anyone tried this? Are the rears a 12mm hex format?
  8. I second this - I still run a Hornet that is nearly 25 years old. I have replaced a counter gear or two, other than that they seem to last forever. My Frog, and Brat seem to chew up their gear boxes every summer. A bit of searching will reveal several interesting ways to get articulation out of the Hornets rear end.
  9. I'm curious about those front rims - do they run on the 8.5mm bearing? with the stock Hopper upright?
  10. Short Course trucks have turned my local tracks into ghost towns for anyone wanting to run Minis. I want to get one but just don't have the coin right now. I have been reduced to sportsman class, but I will be lobbying to get my Rover Mini, and RWD M03 into VTA this year.
  11. macallister racing makes a 80's style Trans Am http://www.mcallisterracing.com/racing/page8.html
  12. I am looking to get some HPI MX60 wheels for my Datsun project, and was wondering do the stock Mini wheels have any offset? Im an inclined to say no from the looks of them, but was wondering if there is a definitive answer in the group knowledge base.
  13. Finally got my Datsun Sunny Coupe shell, after nearly a month in shipping. I got it mounted. Went to the my LHS today for some paint, and I found out they have dropped the Mini Racing class. Maybe I can appeal to the "Track Masters" and get my Datsun into Vintage Trans Am. The Sunny did compete, so did the Mini - but it was in a 2.0L and under class. Nearly complete - but no where to race.
  14. I would have thought there was one floating around the community.
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