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  1. To put and end to the tale.... E-mailed Timetunnel Models (who I brought the 350 from) explaining the problem, They advised me to return the ESC to them and they would send me a new one, which they duly did. Arrived yesterday, fitted, tested, Ferdi is now a happy bunny again. Thanks to Timetunnel for a speedy and hassle free turn around.
  2. After a bit of testing I think I have the answer.... When I tried a different ESC the problem went..... I then tried plugging the servo's into the original ESC but separately, just steering fine, then just gear change also fine. So it would appear that there is nothing "wrong" with any of the components, it just seems that for some reason they just don't all get on together Anywho it's no good as it is and as the kit is only a couple of months old I will e-mail the company I bought it from and see what they suggest. I'm hoping they will send me a different make ESC which I think will sort the problem....
  3. I'm sure this problem has been there from new - to be honest I hadn't played with it much before the TLT wheels/tyre's went on, but on my few "test" run's I'm sure this problem was there with the stock wheels/tyre's fitted - I put it down to it being a bit over sensitive compared to my Torag.... The ESC fitted is a Acoms FR -4/40 and the servo's fitted are both Acoms RS 16's First gear seem's to select fine, the servo is not struggling in or out of gear. If I select gears manualy and spin the motor over it all feels nice and smooth. The next step is to swap over an ESC, Scruffyg is going to oblige in that (he's a nice chap)..... we'll see
  4. Just completed new build F350 and have come across a gear change problem... I can select all gears ok, but when I am in 1st,after 30 seconds or so it starts trying to either drive of at full speed by its self, or it selects half a gear and just "rev's". All other gears are fine (2nd and 3rd) and if I turn it of and on again it seems to re-set its self. Once re-started if I do not select 1st it will quite happily play fine in 2nd/3rd and you'd never know there was a problem. The ESC and steering/gear change servo's are stock in the box, the only change's I have made are to move the steering servo to the front (as per one of the threads on this forum) and to fit TLT wheels/tyre's. I've tried re-setting the ESC and separating the wire's for the servo's (they were cable tied together for neatness) to no avail... This is my first build (new or otherwise) and I'm struggling to keep my bottom lip in 'cos it's not working properly Anyone got any idea's?
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