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  1. Evening, I tried this and could not get it to fit myself. Neither the ball diff in the Blitzer case or the FXT gear case to the blitzer chassis. If I manage to get my photos to display I can show you. Still thinking about this one there must be a way of getting the ball diff in. Thanks Rich
  2. Hello, for sale is my Tamiya Stadium Blitzer re re, it is a rolling chassis with motor, servo, Tamiya ESC, genuine Tamiya bearings all round, Tamiya DF-02 Hop up arms and ball cups. It is not painted. Comes also with box, decals, instructions. All in un run condition. £89 posted in the UK. Photos are available in my showroom. Thanks, Rich
  3. Hello, I have a Manta Ray Ball Diff set that I no longer need. It is NIP. £15.00 posted in the UK. Thanks Richard.
  4. Hello, I am selling my shrink wrapped Sherman 56005. Price is £260-00 including UK postage to cover value of the Sherman. Payment by paypal. If are interested please let me know and I can send some photographs. Thanks, Richard
  5. Thats great to know thank you
  6. Hello, I have an new unused Msonik 4 Super E-truck 14.4v ESC which I would like to put in a Wild Dagger. It came supplied with a Schottky diode soldered between the Motor -ve and the Battery +v. Can someone tell me why this is? Does this stop the ESC using reverse? Or is it there to protect the ESC? Any advice would be great. Thanks Rich
  7. Hello, There are turnbuckles and CVDs that you can add. There is a thread in rere discussions forum if you search for blitzer there you will see some information on these parts. The Tamiya ball bearings set for the TT-01 I believe includes 12 1150 bearings (plus four others of a different size) , I am using this pack to add Tamiya bearings to by Blitzer. There are many other sellers of third party bearings you can use who may be cheaper. Rich
  8. Will do. Once i have the fxt diff cases i will post some more info. Rich
  9. Hello, Yes I had intended to fit these FXT parts to the Stadium Blitzer gear casing....but...it would seem that FXT counter gear may just rub the inside of the Blitzer gear case, but only just. It may need the smallest shaving of plastic to make it fit. I was missing a bearing to fit in the counter gear so I dont know for sure. I have bought an fxt gearbox case as well because if the FXT parts dont fit the Blitzer casing then I will see if I can mount an FXT gearbox case to the Blitzer. I would be interested in seeing if the handling characteristics change between the ball and gear diff rear ends! Rich
  10. Hello, I have a Futaba FXT ball diff and was wondering if anyone recognised the parts that make it up. I understand from Saito that the Futaba FXT used alot of Blitzer parts but not the diff. The balls, springs, bolt and one of the plates of the FXT look like the Tamiya Top Force / Manta Ray ball diff parts. The two other ball diff plates are the same except for longer splines. Does anyone know if these are from another Tamiya rc? I was thinking they could be as it must have been easier for the two companies to use existing parts. Finally the plastic ball diff gear is different to the Top Force / Manta Ray ball diff, does anyone recognise it? It is stamped, "ITEM 95802" The counter gear looks the same as Tamiya Blitzer. I have included a photo of the parts too. Thanks Rich.
  11. Hello, sounds great. Which shocks have you gone for? I am looking at getting some different shocks for my build. Thanks Rich
  12. rbmjmw

    Futaba FXT

    Hello, Can anyone help please? I am looking for a manual for the FXT. In particular I would like to know what parts make up the diff. Thanks, Rich
  13. Bear Hawk and Pajero now sold all other parts still available. Thanks Rich
  14. Hello I have the following items for sale, pictures are available in my showroom. If want to make an offer just let me know, the worst thing that can happen is I say no! Postage abroad will be at cost so ask me if you would like to know how much it is. Payment by Paypal gift. Thanks for looking. Complete Tamiya vehicles: SOLD SOLD Mitsubishi Pajero CC01 New Built unpainted. One of the three screws in the rear gear does not grip, may need a new housing) £100 + £9 UK P+P see traderoom for details SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Bear Hawk Runner with rough box and all electrics except battery and charger £40.00 + £4.90 UK P+P see traderoom for details SOLD SOLD Tamiya parts (see trade room for details): Egress / Vanquish incomplete gear parts £3.5 + £1.20 UK P+P Avante 2001 top plate £3 + £1.20 UK P+P Super Astute Screw bag F £3 inc UK P+P Super Astute Rear Bulk Head £8 inc UK P+P Astute and Madcap mongrel front end from Parts £9.00 + £2 UK P+P Astute front wheels and tyres well used £2.5 + £1.50 UK P+P Astute Screw bag E £3.25 inc UK P+P Astute Screw bag D £3.5 inc UK P+P Astute Screw bag C £3.5 inc UK P+P Astute Screw bag B £4 inc UK P+P Super Astute Motor mount plate NIP £3 inc UK P+P 23T pinion (originally from Madcap) £2.5 inc UK P+P Madcap B Parts x2 £7.5 each inc UK P+P Madcap Wheels NIP 53057,53058 £12.5 inc UK P+P Bear hawk rear hub carriers £3 inc UK P+P Porsche 959 Celica Gr.B gearbox joint short £2.5 inc UK P+P Avante 2001 QD rolling chassis £15 inc UK P+P Thundershot / Thunder Dragon Screwbag B £4.50 inc UK P+P Tamiya Star dish front wheels New £5 inc UK P+P Tamiya front spike tires 53092 NIP £7 inc UK P+P F-1 Super King Pin Set £3 inc UK P+P RD Special King pin set 53119 £3 inc UK P+P F-1 Spoke Wheel Sticker Set 50846 NIP £4 inc UK P+P M-Chassis turnbuckle steering NIP 53246 £12.5 inc UK P+P Misc parts: HPI RS4 MT A705 Rear shock mount NIP Rare £20 inc UK P+P HPI RS4 MT A700 Front Chassis Brace Rare £20 inc UK P+P Some mini 4wd 1/32 bits £4 inc UK P+P Pair of 2.2 Losi silver spot rear tyres £4 inc UK P+P Le Mans type lexan body £12.50 + £4.90 UK P+P each (two available) 5 mm adjuster x4 £1.5 inc UK P+P Parma Cyclone II TQ 13 Double £15 inc + £2.90 UK P+P Parmer Cyclone II £15 + £2.90 UK P+P Pictures in my traderoom. Let me know if you need any more information, thanks Rich
  15. I found the Tamiya F201 alloy shocks worked very well on the front of a frog (Using the CRP mounts), I had the CRP ones but I did not consider them to be as good.
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