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  1. Maybe that means I should not use the paint killer again 🥹. I hope I find a way to bring it back to clearness. If anyone else would like to share their experience it would be very much appreciated.
  2. Hi guys I wanted to share and ask if anyone has any further suggestions. i recently bought a Kyosho 1:9 Toyota 4 runner (the one with the ccvt gearbox) and it came with a badly painted Lexan body shell. In the past I had good experiences with the Tamiya Lexan cleaner to remove old paint and respray so I went ahead and started removing the paint. This time it was really difficult so I decided to also try the Carson paint killer. It worked about the same as the Tamiya product and it took me days to remove all the paint. However in order to have any progress I had to use a lot of the paint killer and at the end the lexan body was quite cloudy and milky. I was not too worried because I had this before with other bodies and after painting it magically disappeared. This time it was different I started painting with one of the colours (bright gun metal) and it looked awful. The cloudyness was was still visible and it looked really bad. I decided to remove the paint again and polish the Lexan with a dremel and some car paint polish. After hours and hours it seemed like the bad clouds disappeared. It was weird sometimes it felt that the heat from polishing helped to make the clouds disappear. Joyfully I went ahead and washed the body from the inside with some soap water to prepare for masking and painting again. Now it happened that the body started clouding up again :(. I was really suprised. It’s now at the stage that the body looks perfectly clear if I wipe it with Tamiya polycarbonat cleaner but after seconds it starts fogging up again :-(. I’m running out of ideas I really don’t want to paint from the outside and the body is also very rare to find. I spent dozens of hours and really hope to finish it somewhat nice. Any ideas or experience from you guys would be welcomed. Thx a lot Steve
  3. I think this was released in 1996 so it is likely it is supposed to replicate a 1995 F1 car. I actually don’t know any other generic F1 body Mist are called M type or F type and so on and represent a real car just it comes without the decals cause I think they did not have the rights.
  4. No those wings and body shape of the Reynard look completely different to me. Plus the Reynard came out later.
  5. Hi there, can anybody help me what F1 car this bodyset actually represents ? I thought a Williams FW18 without decals but it is confusing because the wings are definetly different. I can’t figure it out. Greetings Steve
  6. Any chance anyone has this manual for me as well ? My email is steewax@hotmail.com thx guys :-)
  7. We had here in the Forum a link to a PDF where somebody shows how to paint a F350 very professional.... can anybody help where i can find this PDF? greetings Steve
  8. Hi there i have a new white mesh wheel set and a pair of new front sponge tires here. If you want to know what they are looking like it's like them: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...85&id=17868 but new if youre interested mail to steewax@hotmail.com greetings steve
  9. Hey guys i'm glad that you gave me answers so there is light in sight after all this waiting. It is really so that you have to register a credit card at german paypal to become a subscriber directly. At the paypal site you can read" only credit card accepted". But the problem seems to be solved i pay the 15 pounds to twinset and he will set me up . I know chris said i will get the account for free but i can't wait much longer..... Yeah i'm really happy that i soon will be a real member. Thanks again for your replys. I should have been writing in the forum much earlier. greetings Steve
  10. Hey fellas i'm really sad about this so i want to share my story with you. I wanted to get a full membership of tamiyaclub for a long time but the problem is i don't have a credit card(i'm just a student) so i thought i write to the mail adress of tamiyaclub and ask if i just could send the 15 pounds via paypal to some mail adress to one of the Tamiyaclub founders. Some minutes later a mail came back from chris alridge and he told me it wouldnt be a problem it just could take some hours to enable my real account. So i sent him the money in hope to be in about 1 or 2 days a full member. But it didn't happen. This was 2 months ago. After a lot of mails (the most he didn't answer) he sent me the money at christmas back and told me that he apologizes for this and if i want i could get a free membership if i want because of the delay. Since then i wrote him again about 4 mails but he did still not answer .... Maybe he has lot of work and much stress but i can't understand what is so complicated to set me up for a full membership! I'm really really sad about this because i'm a Tamiya fan like all of you and i want to share my nice F1 collection with you (showroom) and want to sell,buy and trade stuff with other Tamiya lovers ..... i hope chris maybe reads this post and can finally give me this account.....i'm waiting for over 2 months now so maybe someone of you can help me maybe someone who knows chris . greetings Steve :-)
  11. Yes i think youre right. This is simply crazy do you have the possibillity to scan these 2 pages for me? I've added the japanese version of the page for everyone. greetings and thanks steve
  12. Hi guys, i'm about to restore the old Ralt F2 car. The problem is the manual that we have in the database is just in japanese so i don't understand what colors they mean. In the instruction it looks like some kind of 2 tone look maybe blue and yellow or blue and white. The crazy thing is on the boxart there ist the car just completely blue. And the next crazy thing is that in the manual there is another version of the car with the number 5 on it with parmalat decals. But these stickers wont be delivered with the car as much as i know. Does anyone know who drove this version with number 5? I heard maybe mansell drove such a Ralt for some races but im absolutely not sure...... If somebody could help me i would be very pleased......maybe someone who understands japanese language.... if you want to take a look at the manual its the car: 58018 page: 14,15 thanks a lot
  13. Pease make offers . I'm also interested in old F1 Cars and F2 Cars......if you have something just write to steewax@hotmail.com. Maybe would swap and pay something extra if the deal is good. greetings Steve
  14. Hello do you still have the Lotus F1 and the Williams F1 posters in stock? greetings steve
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