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  1. Pfft. Who needs 8 cores when you can have 4 cores and 3 videocards in SLI? http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/01/08/ces...way_sli_crysis/ In all seriousness though, if you want to buy a new videocard, the safest bets would be the ati 3850 which is much more performing than the nvidia 8600 in the same price range (170) or the 8800GT which performs as well as an 8800GTX for only 240.
  2. Love that armor you've got there. And the bigwater liquid cooling is sweet, too. It's a shame- those components were great before but now are sadly out-dated
  3. Thats some amazing service. Although, if you were going to get a PC, just build it yourself. You'll save hundreds of dollars
  4. Depends on your batteries. It will make a large difference in speed if you have cheapo batteries and high capicity high quality batteries. When I used my nicad 2300mah batteries I used a 19 turn and it was fine, but with my 3700 vapex packs my 23 turn is much faster. Id go with the Superstock TZ
  5. I've just revived my grasshopper II into a fully-functioning grassy once more, but it did take a re-issue chassis, rear gearbox and mounts. However, I still have the original gh2 rims and my rear tires are balder than Donald Trump without a combover. Do other Tamiya models use the same tires? Im having trouble finding them. Because the Hornet, Frog and Re-issue grassy use a different type of rim that come apart in 3 pieces to screw together inside the tire; and I can't fit the gh2 rim inside. Help pleaseee Oh and another thing. I broke 2 of my 4 CVDs for my dark impact already from 3racing. Is there a different..TAMIYA brand I can buy?
  6. Buying the kit is the cheapest part. Its all the upgrades after... Now, being winter, and being unable to run the cars, I hit myself over the head for all the money I wasted.
  7. It must be different, because my zonda packs 1200horsepower and can wheelie for 1300feet
  8. Hey, I have need for speed: pro street for PC. I use the Zonda for drag roughly 6.5 seconds to the quarter mile(maxed out) I use another Zonda for speed runs(maxed out) I use the skyline for grip runs (maxed out) and I use the Silvia for drift runs(maxed out)
  9. Rig update Core2Duo E6700 2.66ghz 2gb of kingston 667mhz ram in dual channel Western digital raptor harddrive 10,000RPM asus 7600gt vid card(POOP~ changing to 8800gt soon) crappy asrock motherboard 585watt psu thermaltake armor jr case Peripherals: Samsung widescreen Logitech g5 2000dpi mouse Everglide monstermat DKT mousepad Icemat 'Steelseries' Siberia headphones Cruddy black keyboard- considering eclipse II
  10. Put it that way It makes sense. I like seeing all the engineering inside stuff too =X I probably would hang some from the wall if I could afford it =P
  11. Why have RCs that wont run? If youre just gonna display get die-cast and save money o-o. Or if you enjoy the build, just sell it after...
  12. Sounds like esc is fine, maybe a motor lead is unplugged or loose
  13. I am a geek in more ways than tamiya...=) My gamer pc... and for those who are wondering, Core 2 duo e6700 2.9ghz, 2gb of ram in dual channel, geforce 7600GT, Raptor 10,000RPM hard drive My two Rcs. Dark impact and Grasshopper with scorcher body and dampers (not those pogo stick shocks) and my collection of 150+ books edit: gonna have to retake that last picture =/
  14. Go for the dark impact, 130 delivered on the bay.
  15. Rctvlive called Tamiya and its pranounced Tam-eee-yah I still say TAM-YA
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