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  1. Hi try your local B&Q store they sell alloy the same as the rails in diffrent sizes you will have to drill the hole & tap the threads etc but not that hard todo. also try dan here http://www.rcroadvehicles.co.uk/oranda.html hope it helps cad
  2. Thanks again nic p/order on route today rec/del for radio etc let me know when its on way cheers regards cad EDIT... nic if you took p-pal you could have had payment yesterday but as you wanted p/o or cheque as it was under 50.00 i had no option to send p/o payment should be there thursday or friday bud, if i say im having it bud i will, im not one to go back on a deal you should know that from the hilux i got off you only 2wks ago
  3. Thanks nic yota arrived today thanks for next day post mates well happy with it
  4. Thanks nic funds sent & replys regards c
  5. Hi nic pm replyed to payment ready cheers c
  6. I take it you didnt want to take the £185 posted for this yesterday then as the add said 185 posted? i see the add now says 200 posted if you still want 185 posted i have p-pal waiting if not no worrys Also is the gear box good as you have been running a fireball in it ? & also some upto date pics may help as the showroom ones are old
  7. Hi all as above selling my axial scx10's new built with hilux body http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp...03&id=20284 PROJECT SCX10 SOLD thanks for looking for more info pm me thanks c
  8. Yep i say 55t is about right i run all my trucks on 55t , axial sell a 55t for as little as 12.00 from apex models only downside you carnt change the brushes but good for the money. or novaks 55t are good to around 30.00 max of feepay c.
  9. Count me in still james. dont know what andy or the others are doing but know doubt they will be intouch. frog looks great . look fowards to this best get my frog stripped & rebuilt its had a hard week on the beach lol. c.
  10. Thats a tamiya TL-01 its missing both the battary holders but these are easy to come by or make. regards c
  11. Well they cracked password some how then hacked the account listed random **** on my account & stole the motorbike listing i had and listed that on theres and thats all i know, ebay have reset my account but i carnt re-list the bike or any other items for 24hrs incase it happens again so im told , my pay-pal is safe because soon as i got the emails i changed every account pasword i have. so lucky i kept my account as i just was not going to open a new one , im happy that the ebay online chat works great but thats about all scumbags c.
  12. Well the security just gets better, ive had my accounts hacked tonight i carnt even log in using the lost password as they tell you to. atlest they not getting any fees from me for 60 days till i can start selling again thats if i get my account back email say i may need to open a new account i think i'll give it a pass its my old account back or non for me. happy days c.
  13. Hi mark try your local instore for one of the pajero clones, if you have not seen them have a look in my showroom @ them, worth the 6.00 odd if you have no joy on here. regards c.
  14. Well i only got one to the new axial scx10 yippeeeeeeee @ long last, so what did you get. c.
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