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  1. I'm in for the standard class, just picked up a Sand Rover from Radshape for the event, never raced before so will be in the slow section!
  2. I had a few emails from members tipping me off, thanks to all that did, great to see everyone keeping an eye out, the better side of the hobby beating the dark side
  3. A couple of the Blazer and Vintage Hilux pics were mine, both trucks still belong to me and are going no where
  4. Have 3 cars for sale 306 Maxi Brushless Dark Impact Blitzer Beetle details are listed on ebay link attached will deal direct for less money http://www.ebay.co.u...=p2047675.l2562 Andy
  5. Have the above for sale details here http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=102855 Thanks Andy
  6. I had one of these a couple of years ago with the same driver in, it made me chuckle a little as it looked like he was wearing a welding mask rather than a helmet!
  7. No problems, all remaining cars now listed on ebay
  8. The car is totally standard built no bearings, I bought it as new built but the seller had driven it, it has very light scratches to the underside and the front bumper has curbing marks. Don't really want to split it too much but would do it without wheels or shell for £50 posted to the UK. LMK Andy
  9. Decided its time clear out and move on, So another batch of cars has to go, all inc UK Postage, Paypal as a gift prefered or split the costs 50/50. Collection from nr Leicester welcome. Will add new cars as they sell so check back! 1) HPI Firestorm with 9t EZRun Brushless system. RTR with 27mhz radio. Just add batteries and charger, Comes with Manual for Car, Box Manual and Program Card for EZ Run. Shell only has the lightest of scuffs chassis is almost like new £110 posted. SOLD 2) TA02 Calibra with HPI Evo 6 Shell in Branded livery. Chassis has been run once or twice at most has light scratching underneath front bumper is the worst part. Has full Acoms Radio Gear no Handset. Built standard only fault are the tyres show signs of cracking. Has Manual £75 posted 3) Losi Micros. a) Losi Micro SCT run 3 times indoors totally standard, very light signs of use just needs batteries to run. £60 posted Losi Micro DT with 10250kv brushless system and 300mah lipo all genuine losi parts, 3racing alloy uprights on the rear and full bearings. Has OE parts too (except battery) just needs batteries and charger to run £65 posted BOTH SOLD 4) Bush Devil with original Ford Ranger Shell, Shell has had the bottom corners repaired, the screen is just lexan rear window is there but painted black. Chassis is ball raced, has 12v esc, standard motor, good tyres, cva's plus spare brat runner body has receiver but no handset looking for £80 posted 5) Original Boomerang, New shell and Tyres, full bearings, full acoms radio gear (untested) Drive train feels a little Notchy £75 SOLD 6) Original Manta Ray - RTR, No Handset, Tamiya ESC, Chassis and Shell are in good condition £50 posted SOLD Pics in my trade room http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=97050 Please contact me through there as I can't check the forum too often
  10. Thanks, pictures added now, was being a bit of a numpty attaching them
  11. These are mine, Ive painted the shells but chassis are all original
  12. yeah, get one! 2wds are bullet proof and 4x4's are bullet retardant! I have 3, just can't get enough of them!
  13. Cheers! Replied to! (still some items left!)
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