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  1. Scorchio

    remembering the 80s

    Is that a US Maxell ad? In the UK we had Pete Murphy of Bauhaus Bauhaus playing a huge part in my eighties too
  2. Scorchio

    interesting Rough Rider rear susp. mod

    Wow I'd complete forgotten, but yes your right. Those trailing arms were knocking around on ebay a while back too. DOH!!
  3. Scorchio

    interesting Rough Rider rear susp. mod

    I've been thinking about this kind of mod for a while, I never ran my MIP trailing arm setup and often wondered how it handled. Then I saw these....... Not sure if the dimensions would work out though.
  4. Scorchio

    New Scale bodies for Tamiya kits

    Seriously CUTE!!! The 5 stud steels side in the video really suit it. Top work.
  5. Scorchio

    New Scale bodies for Tamiya kits

    Fair play James, I'd not seen that shape before so all is good and looks like you've nailed it, and understand the 'so many versions' thing too. My 3ds Sand Rover model has not been opened up for over a year now, so I've really lost momentum on it. Hmmmmm nice colour that one Kokuzu posted up!
  6. Scorchio

    New Scale bodies for Tamiya kits

    Candy Apple Red, Metal Flake, every time . The one to the left Percymons top pic nails it. Just an observation, the line from the outer front wing top side, it swoops down along side panel to meet rear seat surround. Is that right? If you look at Percymons top pic, it starts as hard edge at the front wing then softens and swoops upto rear wing (not quite as hard) outer edge. Sand Rover does the same, although not quite as Manx does. Just an observation, but on the whole looking mighty fine.
  7. Scorchio

    New Scale bodies for Tamiya kits

    As ever, just simply AMAZING Mr Toykid!!Oh by the way, I know its well late in the process but if you want any of my 3D meshes just let me know.
  8. Scorchio

    Re Re Sand Rover

    Oh so much better narrowed do you have a side on shot?
  9. Scorchio

    An SRB design debate

    @ Bromers65: Ah! Did try it but I must trawl harder it would seem Cheers mate. @ Wolfdogstinkus: SRB Is pseudo torsen, so to get the effect shave some of the stopper off the top swing arms (if slamming really low) and bend the spring in on itself, then put shorter shocks (SRB rear shocks) on the front as you would with 1:1. Sway aways clamp and rotate the torsens inside the beam so doing that to SRB swing arm pins would just lock up the suspension.
  10. Scorchio

    Sandrover wheelbase

    This is interesting, Re re SR is 260mm & Original is 256. (think thats 4mm shy but not splitting hairs ) Now, the Sand Rover is a long wheelbase Manx (nearest 1:1 equivalent) which requires no shortening of VW chassis (AFAIK) so the wheel base should be 250 mm as SS & RR are, I personally think the 250 wheelbase looks better on SR, its noticeable when you know its there. But I think the problem with the Re re is in its design, which was done by a tamiya employee clearing out an old parts cupboard. With an armful of car bits, he fell down the stairs and an old SR body became impaled on a Sand Viper chassis......BADLY! Eureka! design process complete.
  11. Scorchio

    My new purchase

    Nice acquisition! Not sure the 'Noel Gallagher' driver figure suits it though
  12. Scorchio

    An SRB design debate

    @ Bromers65, nice post! may I ask where you got those diagrams? I could do with some for rear end if available . Personally with the SRB thing I think its clear tamiya had a specific car in mind when they developed the Rough Rider based on the Belray Bullet, which is actually a a Funco S2 sand rail. Thanks BB. So then they've got this chassis which is also scale correct for a Baja, no one has found EXACT historical pics of what the Scorcher was based on but it follows the general trend the class 5s did of that time. The front shock towers have always been massively oversized on the SRBs in terms of scale but I think thats entirely down to strength and durability, as exact scale shocks would not last a minute. This would possibly explain the single swing arm rears in terms of ease of manufacture and strength ect. To conclude I'd say their priority was towards scale RC rather than racing as such.
  13. I just received a set of 3Racing alu shocks, for the Holiday Buggy I decided 'NOT' to buy before they arrived (wallet leapt ahead of brain again). I've discovered a whole load of unfinished projects in my basement so its no time for new kits. So if anyone in UK wants these and has a set of coil overs suitable for an SRB new or used I'd be happy to swap.
  14. Theres a possibility that the cage and nerf could be an ARS variation. The cage is different but the nerfs definitely look ARS to me. The ARS also had threaded holes for sway bar. EDIT: Scratch all that! Just looked at two together and its definitely NOT ARS. ARS nerfs much wider (and they stuffed the handling as a result). But anyway, if I remember rightly front shock tower extenders were also made by RCH as they don't fit on standard towers or MIP. They require 2 fixing points. HANG ON A MINIUTE!!! Spot the difference. The ARS was NIP when I got it and the scan is from the same packet for the cage on the car ??????
  15. OUCH! Wondered where TC Decals went, ho hum. Something else I've missed then. Cheers Dan for link and PM, but will check out Stickerbods's panels. As you can probably guess I'm bottling out of a paint job here, was hoping for this with old decals. Oh well Thanks Chaps.